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Revamp Fall 2008:The House...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Every season as a revamp my wardrobe, I also going to revamp my house. Do some organizing, stocking, and change-of-season decor on a tight budget.... I have this amazing dining room table that was given to me by my great aunt. Even though I use it alot, I'm going to still set it in fall decor.

I got these plates and silverware from work. They had been lowered to 75% off, so the plates and bowls were $.35 a piece and the stemware, $.15 a piece...

The child in the pic, Spencer, was a "buy one get one free" purchase from the Lord.:) lol! And he's doing homework for his 4-year old kindergarten class.

Here's the inspirational pic...I love it.


pic: a Special Edition of Better Homes and Gardens called Budget Decor from 3 yrs ago...

N.OT.D.: CND Limited Edition #388 first burgundy polish of the pre-season!!!Like a football game.:)

The Switch Up...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I think the skin on my face is losing it. No, I think its a snob. It kinda hates the drugstore stuff because if I use a sample of a high end product it just blooms into the clear and gleamy. But, oh if I used a something under $10 it acts all foolish. That's what happened with the Phisoderm Cleanser.All of a sudden, my face looked as if it hadn't been washed after a washed it with the Phisoderm. So switched it up something else I found in a drugstore, in a CVS clearance buggy, that happily appears every blue moon down in these parts...Ambi Even & Clear Foaming Cleanser.

I like that it already foams and its really silky, smells yummy and leaves my face with a clean feeling. But I think the mug is catching on to the act because I have heat bumps around the edge of my hairline and on my forehead. WTF!??? Oh well, this is what tell the face,"Life changes, and we are not same girl we used to be, we are actually BETTER, so let go of the bougieness and get clear!"


Walgreens Mini-Haul...

I stopped by Walgreens today in hopes and dreams of possibly, hoping, praying that the Lancome Hypnose that I saw marked down to 24.99 in the fragrance case was marked down even a little more. Maybe 14.99. Yeah, I'm dreaming. The 24.99 is a steal but I you how I feel about buying perfume...

It was still 24.99. So, I browsed around to not think about it.:)

I picked up:

Revlon Limited Edition Line Fantasy Cream Eyeliner in Plum and Black.( the tag says $5 clearance but the SA put $4 instead)

Sinful Colors in Daddy's Girl and Rich in Heart.I PROMISE no more dark nail polish!

Wet N' Wild Flash Dry in Speed


Did you ROLL yo' hair?....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Something happened between the relaxer the time I put in my hair 6 weeks ago and three years ago( the period of being natural) but when I curl my hair, it holds no curl. I can curl it and it look fab and full but about hour later, it looks flat. I don't like flat hair...that's probably why I most likely will not buy a flat iron.

So asked around and found out that there is roller, Hype Hair Satin Rollers, that are covered in satin so I don't have use roller papers and gives me soft curls.

I found them at Wal-Mart and decided to hold off buying them. But then my Momma said she had some and that she didn't want them. So gave me her pack, the 12-ct pack, minus two of them. She had lost them.

I channeled my dear late Grandma, Mrs. Ida Jane( a women of fine penmanship and Aigner handbags) and my lovely LS, Jocelyn( who is a religious hair roller and lover of Tiffany silver jewelry) and got to rolling. Out came some really pretty soft curls that I loved. I played with them with my hair oil, Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil, and it loosed them up a bit. I felt very going-to-the-sorority-meeting yesterday. And today I still got curls and didn't even roll it back up.:)


N.O.T.D: N.Y.C. Charming Rose Creme...

Hey couzins!

Sorry I've been missing in action. Diva had a stomach virus from hell then, no appetite, now I feel okay physically but being sick at the stomach scared me to death. Am I not eating right?Is there something wrong inside? So a mini depression ensued with all that worrying. I GOT TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT. Damn.( sorry) Just when I started to not give a damn again.

There was nothing pretty about me in the last four days. I did scrounge up some energy for church and the kids wore me out yesterday. But before they got up yesterday morning, I did a quickie mani/pedi in N.Y.C. Charming Rose Creme that I picked up a couple of weeks ago at Rite-Aid. I still call it "Edkerdzzz".

Ready steady for the Fall, I tell ya.


Review: Wet N'Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in Eggplant...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Got this couple weeks ago at Walgreens. And my Walgreens still has a couple, so holla at ya girl it you can't find it in your mix.

Wet N' Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in Eggplant is quite interesting. First, it looks black in the package and you know how WnW wraps their stuff up. You need a hand saw to get in it!

I almost chunked the brush but then it felt good in the my hand so a took a chance.

Here's how it looks. With a flash.

Here's a very close up swatch...

The texture is very gel like and light in the application. It took about three lines on top of lines to get a deep color on my eye. Then it looks wet. But surprise!!! It dries up and still looks uneven in color. Dang( trying to work on my horrible use of profanity). I wasted 3.99. I'm mad. But I'm a girl of second chances...and getting my money's worth... so I MIGHT try it again. Someday.


My Love Affair with Jewelry F.O.T.D. Part V...

This is the last one...because I can not take good pictures of FOTDs. The ones I took were wiggedy wack so I foudn this one in the bunch. Its wack too because I got a whitehead sitting at the top of forehead in the pic. lol!

You know the drill...$1 earrings....

And don't have the list of what I used. lol! I'll be back!

Ulta Mini Haul...

Did I mention that actually got out to Ulta last Friday? I had to go Greenville to meet the kids and the Plaintiff for a dentist visit so afterwards, I decided to have lunch at Brixx with a friend and then I went solo to Ulta...
The first thing I did was take off some wedge sandals a Diva was rocking and put on some flip-flops because I KNEW it would be long visit since I've been in there since LAST SUMMER.
And it was a LONG visit! lol! Almost two hours of unadulterated beauty orgasmic experience. Maybe its because I don't get there often...but I'm starting to warm up to Greenville. I really like it up there:)
Here's what I copped:
OPI Cafe Cuties La Collection De France Fall 2008
Ulta e/s in Plum Noir and Night Sky( they were BOGO free)
Essie n/p in Sassy Satchel( it was clearance).
Total bill ( with a $5 coupon out of the In Style Makeover Fall Mag...)

Need it...Now!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I hope everyone has a great weekend. My weekend was spent cleaning and organizing for the Fall/Winter. Well, actually I've organizing my beauty products for weeks now. I can't stand summer, ready for it be over and excited about Fall beauty. While cleaning my second bathroom I came across a .25 oz size( must have been a Sephora Beauty Insider pick of mine) of Ojon Revitalizing Mist. Since finding it, I've used it everyday before pulling my hair back in a bun or ponytail or curling.It's the perfect styling spray for dry or wet hair. I used alot before curling. And since I saw a big bottle on and at Ulta in Greenville, I must have it!!

I put it on my Sephora b'day wishlist *wink*


Rite Aid Haul: Jessie' s Girl Quads in 432A-2 and 432-4...

Friday, August 15, 2008

I got these Jessie's Girl quads couple days ago.You know how I do $5 a piece with $2 off any purchase over $10. So I got them for $8 all together!
Swatches of the 1st quad... the number on it is 432A-2...
Swatches of the 2nd quad...432A-4....


Coming Soon...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'll be back on Friday...Today was one of those days... Let's list the bad and good!

Bad-Well, you know every 28 days... and I was cold in that store and my manager wouldn't let me put on my hoodie because there were "corporate" peeps down from Salisbury for inventory. Whatev. You let me wear it any other day!! That dang Le Lion!

Bad-Then my appetite is null. Between those 28 days and being on budget., I don't know what to eat!

Bad-Lemming magazines, makeup, Sephora OPI nail polish, Ojon hair stuff, a Ipod but I got bills and two children who are turning 4 on next Monday. So, Boo to me...

Bad-I miss my cable. I turned it off til' I get my budget right. My electric bill is killing me.

Bad-I didn't see my "dimpled sunshine" today. He didn't have to come because of the inventory in the store. *sigh*

The Good- The weather is turning cool. It was 72 degrees today!

Good- God is good!!!

Good-Even though I got mad financial things to take care of I got paid today. So the blessing employment is beautiful.

Good-My aunt Maxine sent me a pair of Nike Shox. I haven't had a real pair of sneakers since 1999. I take pic and ya'll give me some suggestions on what to rock...

Going eating now...:)

picture: Spencer @ 4mths...I think...

Pangea Organics now on HSN!!!...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If you ever used any Pangea Organics products, you'll be craving for more. They once sent me a cleanser and toner that I loved but I've only seen the product in Earth Fare and Whole Foods. But now you can get it online at HSN, too.And you know how the deals roll over there. They have the Pyrenees Lavender and Shower Gel and Soap Set ( which is insane-ly sexy, if you like lavender, like me)for only 12.99!!!

*plotting to put on my birthday list*.

Review:United Colors Of Benetton For Her...

Monday, August 11, 2008

I haven't bought a fragrance all summer...I don't think. Wait!I did bought Calvin Klein IN2U. But that just goes to show my point. As much as a love perfume, its not a great financial decision for me. For example, I buy a $60 scent. I'll wear once or twice then I'm back to what I already have. Then, the season changes and I pack it away with the others. So I feel like I don't get my money's worth if its not something I wear alot. I don't have a signature scent. I change it up too much for that. And that IN2U scent? The last time I wore it was when I blogged on it.

But, I'm always looking for scents for a new season. So, when I ran up on United Colors Of Benetton for Women for $25, I copped it. $25 bones is good and it smells wonderful! The notes are neroli, mandarian, hawthorn, cotton blossom( which must be the top note), white musk, and coconut absolute.

I reminded me of two things:

1)I have an aunt who lives in New York, came down south one winter and brought a huge oversized rainbow colored United Colors Of Benetton sweater with Benetton red straight leg jeans for me as Christmas present.Of course I knew what Benetton was...I had been reading Seventeen and Sassy!

2) I used to date this guy named James AKA "JP" who smelled like Snuggle fabric softener and baby powder. He was delicious.:)
I plan on getting the UCOB Unisex scent too...:)


F.O.T.D Jessie's Girl Palette 432A/3...

Remember I bought the Jessie's Girl Palette(423A/3) with the e/s in Volcanic. Well, I decided not to let it collect dust and use it Sunday...
Love it!! And I going to get the other ones! The pigment in fantasic and the staying power, I still had it on at about 8pm, no creases either.


Beauty Dilemma:What I Should've Done?...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yesterday, I went to Kohl's, just getting a little retail therapy in.I had one of my irritating days at the Le Lion. I was browsing around the cosmetics area and ended up over in the Flirt! near the foundation and lipsticks. There was a sista(African-American woman, lol!) over there with me. She had a little girl in a stroller and she was trying to find a foundation or powder and she kept mumbling to herself or to her little girl about how she didn't know what she was doing.

So, here I am standing there in a Food Lion polo and khakis, not looking like I work there.I looked around and saw that SA was ringing someone up at the register.Although I wanted to, I didn't help the sista. I felt,first, like I would come off as a know-it-all in Food Lion polo shirt. Sistas, well, women overall in the Upstate are kinda standoffish to be southern women. You don't know if to speak or not. You might the cold shoulder or worse!.

Then, of course, I don't work there. So many, many, many times in the past, I have been used for my makeup and fashion capabilities and either been underpaid and not paid at all. Everytime, I would go somewhere with my friends or co-workers I would become the "expert" on everything and got no shopping for myself!! After a while it gets old and you feel like that's the only reason you are there in the mix.And I feel like I have to the experience and knowledge to command to be compensated for what I do. Done with that! (snaps)

So, here come the salesperson, trying to help. I walked away but I felt, little bad. Should I've helped her or did do the right thing and stayed in my lane?


Delicious and Nutritious....

Saturday, August 09, 2008

I must have this!!! Nina Garcia's new book The One Hundred:A Guide To The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own, available August 26, 2008!


My Love Affair with Jewelry F.O.T.D. Part IV...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I was just going to three days worth of the "affair" but I did a F.O.T.D yesterday that I loved...:) These bracelets are from....

You guessed right! This N' That! A $1.25 a piece.

I got hairy arms! lol!

I used the Jessie's Girl Baked e/s in Volcanic I just bought also MAC Pink Bronze and Fairylite pigments.


Tatted up...

I have no tattoos, believe it or not. I never know what I wanted so I didn't get any. I passed up on the trips with my LS "Trev-Dog" and any tattoo-virgin soror that were making a pilgrimage to a tattoo parlor.( I love you Trevie...where ever you "are" lol!) But I finally know what I want so hopefully around my birthday I'll have my first piece. I might even call up Fashion Boy to escort me. He's covered( counted 9 @ the time...)...
But in the meanwhile I'm lusting over the China Glaze Ink Collection. I'm making a birthday wishlist so this will go on it too!

Review:Nivea A Kiss of Flavor tinted Lip Care and A Kiss of Shine Glossy Lip Care...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I picked these up at my Walgreens. First the gloss was 3.99 and the balm was 2.99 then I had a .50 coupon for both, and then the "beauty advisor" had another coupon for the Nivea lip care for a dollar.
with SC taxes for you a$$=5.90 for both.
Ya'll know I don't like lip balm but this Kiss Of Flavor was smooth and not greasy and it didn't look greasy either. I likes... but one negative is if you got pigmented lips( dark lips) skip the tinted ones because it show no color.
The Kiss Of Shine Pink is cool too. It's just your typical lip gloss nothing special but the pink suited my skin tone which gave it a plus from me.

My Love Affair with Jewelry F.O.T.D. Part III...

For this "affair" I stacked all this turquoise and green jewelry on my left hand...
I had on blue earrings too and that sad-ass Le Lion polo of course...

This main element of color I used for this eyes was MAC Blue pigment, which was the first pigment I every got( it was swap item too) and love it to death!!!

New Addition to Rural Glamour...RG Go-fer

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hi yall'!!

Listen I got a great addition I'm going to do for the beauty addicts all over... It's called RG Go-fer!! Here's the scoop!

I know how it is to see something in a magazine or online or on a blog and there is a drugstore product and you want it. Then you go traveling across seven counties and fifteen drugstores and never find it. Well, for some odd reason I live in a area that get these jewels but never sell them . I think of my beauty girls often when I see four CG Amazemint in Happy Hour and my girls are still on the search for it... now you got a "go-fer" in me!!!

What I will do is I will take request on an item that is found in a drugstore or mass-market store Email me at with the request and in 2-3 days I'll have your response!!!

I will charge the amount of the item plus $6( USPS shipping/handling and delivery confirmation)

You will get a email when it will ship as well. Paypal only!!!

Also I'll post different products( such as the Essie Polish and Trade Secret Polish) that I scope out and post about it if anyone is interested in any.

First items up for grabs....Cover Girl Amazemint l/g in Happy Hour and Rimmel Primer!!!


Beautiful Peer Pressure...

As part of the my Fall Revamp, I've started collecting my Fall/Winter nail polishes. I got all the Trade Secret polish you see for .25 a bottle at Green's. The N.Y.C shade is from Rite-Aid for .99 and the City Colors Trio is also from Rite-Aid for 4.99.
I caved in yesterday and picked up a Jessie's Girl Baked e/s in Volcanic and Jessie's Girl Quad. They are both 4.99 but there was a stack of $2 off $10 purchase, so grabbed SEVERAL( for future uses and right in front of the pink haired Asst. Manager...) and used it toward the purchase. lol!
I want to give a special shout out to TypicalGirl1726 whose You-Tube video "empire" sealed the deal...:)

This a swatch of Volcanic( with flash)

Volcanic swatch without flash

I'm going to try to use it also as a blush.

Swatches of the Quad(which has no name?)


My Love Affair with Jewelry F.O.T.D. Part II...

Monday, August 04, 2008

I got this bracelet at This N' That( the $1.25 jewelry store in the 'Burg I'm always talking about) for $1.00

I used the colors from an oldie but goodie palette, The Sephora Mally Palette from 2005, I think.


Beneath The Surface...II

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I learned alot from having natural hair. The better you pamper it, the better it will look. Also, try to be as chemical free as possible. So, when I relaxed my hair for the first time in three years( I think) two weeks ago, I was determined to follow the same natural product principles I did with my natural hair.

I set out to find a sulfate-free shampoo and a paraben- free conditioner. Sulfates are the same chemical you clean your house with and wash your car with. I scooped up Chemistry sulfate-free Daily Shampoo at Walgreens. After one wash my scalp felt super clean. It's great for clarifying the hair.Under the advice of my fabulous Soror Mischo, I did a hot-oil pre shampoo treatment with jojoba oil, then used the Chemistry for a good wash. Look out for a SuperSaver coupon for this so you can get it for $4.99.

After first was with Chemistry, I washed with a moisturizing shampoo. I found 2 oz. sizes of Giovanni Organic Hair Care Smooth As Silk Deep Moisturizing Shampoo. I've only seen Giovanni products at Whole Foods but the Rite Aid across from my job has the whole line. yay!! Love this too and the smell is awesome.
I finished everything up with a Deep conditioning under the dryer. Ya'll know I love the Yes to Carrots line at Walgreens, so the Pampering Hair Mud was an obvious choice. I had wanted it but I waited to another sale on the line came along( that was last week... 25% off). It smells like the lotion I already love and have from the line and left my hair very soft and feeling thick. And it's Paraben/Mineral Oil/Petroleum Oil Free.

I'm just loving the organic/natural selection at the drugstore these days!


The Best Sequel Coming....

Friday, August 01, 2008

When I opened up my new Lucky to see that they have made a sequel to the best style book on the planet( in my opinion...) I had chills! It comes out October 7, but you can pre-order it now@ Amazon.



Spotted: Jesse's Girl Baked Shadows...

Spotted these in Rite-Aid. Anybody used them?

Blue Shine...

You beauty addicts know how it goes. You see this perfect product that you must have in magazine or on a blog or on the girls are talking about it on the MUA and its a drugstore jewel. You must have it by any means...including trekking to every CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, etc til you FINALLY give up.

Well, I had given up on this Cover Girl Amaze Mint Lip Gloss in Happy Hour. It was the only one in the collection that I wanted and no drugstore had it within my area. So, yesterday I went to the CVS on Union St. in the 'Burg looking for that Borghese Perfecto Smudge Smoother that Glam-Ma Tia Williams raved about and happened to scan the Cover Girl and there it was... that blue lipgloss.

It suppose to be Cover Girl's answer to BeneFit's California Kissin'. I saw this when I scooted by Columbiana Mall's BeneFit Counter on my way to Charleston a minute ago and the SA pitched the plan...

"apply over your lipstick or any, any lipgloss and it will make your teeth brighter and the helps you keep you breath fresh too..."

Eh, I wasn't going to part $16 bones for it but thank you Lord for dupes.:)