~Fresh Coat~ Nail Polish Shenanigans: Revlon Midnight Sparkle, Nicole By OPI All Kendall-ed Out, Maybelline Color Show Nail Stickers in Cheetah Chic, and Maybelline Color Show in Sea-Quins....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hey Everyone!

I feel like its been forever since I did a Fresh Coat post. Seriously, its sheer laziness. lol! I always have new polish to post about, so that is not the problem. The problem is am I excited about said polishes. I want to bring y'all excitement!

So lets's see what I've been wearing and taking off.....

 I wore Maybelline Color Show Fashion Prints Nail Stickers in Cheetah Chic with an accent nail in Maybelline Color Show in Sea-Quins.

The Nail Stickers are trash. Yep. They don't lay flat on the nail and even after I shaped the edges, they were still ragged even after sealing them with a top coat. So, the next day the stickers were already peeling. Such a disappointment because the patterns are GORGEOUS but the quality is shoddy. Compared to Sally Hansen or Kiss, Maybelline needs rethink these stickers.

Maybelline Color Show in Sea-Quins is gorgeous too but the longevity is shoddy as well. This is my 2nd Color Show and I got day two chipping. What is up with the quality of these polishes?

 I was over that wild print and glitter, so switched to Nicole by OPI All Kendall-ed Out or Up...something like that. lol. Beautiful pink, I was just blown but this shade! Also, the quality is good. I had no chipping for days.

Last but not least, I finally applied Revlon Midnight Sparkle from the Holiday 2012 collection. I like Revlon's creme/glitter polish mixes. I've only had one that I didn't care for. Midnight Sparkle is a good color/glitter concept, but on my nails, its no to the ma'am! I don't like it. The blue black jelly creme is beautiful but the hexagon and the small glitter is silver. I would have rather it been blue. I guess Revlon was trying make it like a starry night. The application was goopy and bumpy too...and its chipping and I'm on the second day of wear.

The trials of a nail polish addict...:/

Any of you own these shades? Thoughts? Let me know!

Disclosure: Maybelline Color Show products were sent to me for review. I was not paid for this post and all views and opinions are my own.

~Real Glamour~ DIY Lash Extensions .....

Hey Everyone!!

So I did a little experiment over the Thanksgiving holiday and applied some individual lashes. I love lashes, but applying strip lashes everyday is too time consuming for my level of talent of applying them. I watched a video by April of Muffinsismylover2012 applying indies and I surprised that she wore them. I thought those were her lashes! 

I see girls around these parts wearing lashes, some look straight horrible and some look really pretty and natural. I was going for pretty and  natural.:)

My first attempt I bought a combination packet of lashes ( Glam-i in the yellow box) and Ardell Lash Tite Adhesive in Clear. For my second attempt six days later, I bought medium lashes and used some short lashes too.
My First Attempt

The first attempt took almost TWO hours. I was in my bathroom which has bad lighting and I can't really see well in the first place. I also applied some of them on top of the lash line, instead of on the bottom the lash line like April and it took forever.
I'm wearing them in this picture. I lost a couple due to shoddy application. lol! But I loved the look. The ones that stayed on, didn't come off, through makeup remover, face washing, tears...lol! I was impressed!
My Second Attempt

I used my bedroom lighting and that was lot better to see  for application. I also only used only medium  and short lashes to create the look. The long lengths are too much for me.  I applied them April's way to, on the bottom of the lash line and worked perfectly. I already have very wild lashes so adding lashes to wild lashes actually looked natural. Strip lashes sometimes do not adhere to my lash line because of how my natural lashes grow.

I love these lashes!! They also look even better with mascara. Right now, I'm using Maybelline Clump Crusher, which is perfect because the mascara really doesn't clump, on the natural lashes or the extensions.

So, fam...what do you think? I'm such a kitchen beautician. lol! I don't always get it right, but you never know unless you try.