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Review:Lucy B Stung Lips Fresh Juice Lip Gloss

Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm simply crazy over these new lipglosses sent from Lucy B this weekend!

Lucy B Stung Lips Fresh Juice Lip Gloss in Tigerlily and Hibiscus- On Saturday I paired Tigerlily up with my Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush for a windy trip out the bookstore. It look rosy and bright, almost like the wind caused it! Tigerlily has a alot of pigment and is true to color in the tube. After a Cafe' Au Lait at Cafe Ishi, I applied Hibiscus, and it look just as pretty. I need more colors now especially Coconut Kiss and Glamourama. Please believe what Lucy B tells you,

Designed to create a fuller, smoother pout! You'll be fresh and confident wearing this winning formula infused with Lucy B's magical confidence enhancing Australian Flower essences, Fresh Juice was Nominated for a CEW award in the USA.

I was also was blessed to try Lucy B Stung Lips Tinted Lip Balm in Chocolate and Nudie. I give a review on that later!!

Update: You can purchase Lucy B at Select Victoria's Secret,select Nordstroms,Studio at Fred Segal Santa Monica,select beauty apothecaries, and!


Nouveau Nappyhead Product Rave and Review!!

I received Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner sample a couple a months ago. I love the smell of yummy bananas and softness It leaves my hair but it didn't give me the definition I wanted. I think when my hair gets longer it will work better.

I received the Knot Today and the Curling Custard from, Kinky-Curly in the mail not too long ago. I'll admit the first time I used the products, it was a disaster! I was instructed to put the Knot Today on first and then the Curling Custard on very wet hair, no towel dry. my hair was wet all day long! It never dried! So the next time, I towel dried it a bit then applied as instructed again. It gave me great curl definition,just like a texturizer but I think I wait til my hair is longer on this one as well. It might just be I need another inch, so that my hair will look like a want it to.

Weekend Rantings and Ravings...

Was it me or Prince's hair didn't move an inch during his performance in the rain during the Super Bowl half time show? And didn't he put it down? And was that FAMU band's in the performance?

Move over Sephora Glimmer Oil Bronzer thingy. Tarte Celebutante Dry Oil has been my go to glow all weekend.

OMG,yall! I found this at a vintage/used bookstore this weekend for a 1.00. I used check this out at the library when I was young all the time.I used to think I was a "winter" but now looks like I'm a "spring"lol