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Fall Fragrance Round Up Part One!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yesterday I wore Armani Mania for Women even though I couldn't smell it because of this stupid a** cold( sorry,I hate being sick.) Today,I'm wearing mark.Karmala. which is sweet and warm and smells good when you are wearing a sweater. So it definetly reminds me of fall approaching and I must update my fragrance for the season.Here's my top new picks:

Stacked Style Baroque Bleu
Baby Phat Golden Goddess( spending all of my b'day money on this! and Live Luxe)
JLO Live Luxe
Kiehls Musk
I'll probably have more as the season progresses!

Pulling out the Closet:

Prada Eau de Toilette
mark. Hollywood Pink
Stila Creme Bouquet
Carol's Daughter Almond Cookie
Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy
The Body Shop Ananya
Estee Lauder Youth Dew Tom Ford Edition
Ines de la Fressange


Bag Lady

I tend to collect things in my hand bag,so as of august 30,2006 I have TWO makeup bags:

First Bag: Mark. clutch
-BBW Cold and Sinus Therapy Lip and Face Balm
-Chanel Nail Laquer in Black Satin
-Creative Zen Nano(Just put India Arie,Alice Smith,some old Mya,and Luther Vandross)
-Philosophy Pure Grace Perfume Solid
-Mark.glow baby glow in Player
-Stila Lip Glaze in Guava
-Kiehls Lip Balm
-Milani Glitter Glamour Duo in Granite Gleam

Second Bag:vintage turquiose snakeskin like bag I found at the Goodwill
-Ponds face wipes
-Clorox wipes
-phone card
-mark lip blush
-vial sample of Kate Spade perfume

What's in your makeup bag?



Today's Fashion Pick:"I need though" Edition!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Are these crazy not fab or what?

I heart Anthropologie!!!


New Combo Rave!

Since I have been using Skin Effects by Dr Jeffery Dover Micro Dermabrasion Kit, my skin has become even and smooth, I love it! So I can kind of skip the foundation and use a little concealor on the dark spots( What's left of them:)).I also I have discovered a wonderful combo that has looking like I've been tanning at Myrtle Beach!! HaHa!!

Wet N Wild Bronzzer in Medium-Dark( all over the face) +Wet N Wild Bronzzer in Bali Bronze( on the apples of the cheeks,chin,down the center my nose and the forehead)


I got a cold!!! or something like that!!

picture Ebay auction:

I got cold.
I got a f*king cold!

I'm so angry! How did I get a cold? Who gave it to me?Grrrrr....

But I'm handling it with my Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Cold and Sinus Therapy Kit. I always grab this and the PMS kit they have during semi annual sales. It's definetly keeping me pretty in this times of a running nose. It consists of:
Aromatic Vapor Balm-High end Vicks...but it works
Lip and FAce Balm-I've been rubbibg this on my nostrils after every blowing of the nose
3 Congestion Ease Cubes- Put one in a hot bowl of water and breathe in.
2 Herbal Tea Bags-Some of the best cold tea I've ever had. They use to sell it by itself.

A Diet of Orange Juice and Chicken Noodle Soup
One freaking Claritin during the day and Alka Selzer at night

I feel like sleeping right now!

Love Always

Beauty Foolishness at Airport Security..

Monday, August 28, 2006

Hey Y'all!!

Sorry for being missing. I had a tough week last week that just knocked me out of commission.ButI'm back and I'll probably have two posts a day because I got so much to talk about. Plus my favorites lists with all my blogs on my computer hasn't updated since last TUESDAY! So I have sneak around at work to read the everyone's posts. But to the news...

I know everyone has heard about all of the diverted flights with people acting mad foolish that the Air Marshalls get real crunk. Well this morning I heard on the radio about a woman on who was arrested and charged with disordely conduct and making terrorist threats because she would not give up her nail polish at the security check in at Charlotte Douglass Airport. Here's the link But I wonder if was Chanel Black Satin or Chanel Vamp. Only a sold out item can get you arrested like that!!!


truth about Amazon...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Am I the only one who gets caught completely up on
My today's haul:

Truth About Diamonds by Nicole Richie: I heard it was a fun read plus I think she's ridiculous anyway...

Fashion Victim:Our Love-Hate Relationship with Dressing,Shopping and the Cost of Style by Michelle Lee-I've wanted this book since I lived in Rock Hill and my second home was Books A Million. I hope its good.

Cosmopolitian Girls by Lyah Beth Leflore and Charlotte Burley- Okay Lyah Beth, I'm going to give it another try.

Complex Simplicity CD by Teedra Moses- Sounds good so far!

Tomorrow I will be a guest blogger on themakeupgirl while my darling Lianne is vacay-ing away. I'll link you to it tommorrow but please check out Glamourbee,Avin,and Ellen as we posts for themakeupgirl.



TJMaxx Mischeif

Monday, August 21, 2006

TJ Maxx to me is one the great beauty product and makeup chests on the planet. The brands that they have like Korres,Barrelle, Bliss,Bourjois, Molton Brown and list goes on are way below retail . But I have learned that you must be on up on the brands and the prices or you are not getting a good deal. Thank God I get about 15 magazine subscriptions a month! My lastest haul had me skipping to my car with a glossy smile:

Aroma Fresh Face Mask Soothing Cooling Mask-$3.00 clearance.It had a great refreshing smell and you never have enough beauty treatments!

Bliss ink pink blushing balm- I kind of compare it to a tart cheek stain. but it's in a lip gloss tube. Maybe that's what is was, the packaging was wrong.

Dessert Deliciously Kissable Plumping lip fragrance gloss in Slide( rich caramel creaminess) and Sunny(Peach and Vanilla sweet delight)(this is what the box says!)-I was really impressed by these glosses. They look really good on me,smell good and taste good. But the plumping stinging action can be dismissed. I've purchased some of this Dessert stuff in Marshalls in recent in months and like it. I wonder why I didn't like it before.

Bourjois Mojito Mischief( above,still at Bourjois for 28.00)- I love when I run into Bourjois kits in TJMaxx and Marshalls because I heart Bourjois! This one has loose powder eyeshadow in Rayon Vert( a lime green) and Uplifting Volumizing Mascara Noir,and 3D lip gloss in Beige Elastic all for 9.99.


Black'd Out

Chanel Nail Lacquer in Black Satin

Sold Out...and out of my reach...except for on Ebay.

Even though I have Rimmel's Nail Polish in Black Satin, the overwhelming insanity of everyone having the hot and now product took over me. I scoured Ebay til I found a reputable seller who had it.In three days, my obsessive bidding went from 10.50 to 29.90...and won that damn polish. So maybe the drugstore queen really did splurge for real this time, but it was worth the text messages via Ebay and constant clocking of the auction.I simply blacked out and went for not gold but satin.:)

( not my winning auction but this one was at 30.51 at posting time)

Super Rave!! Three Milani Lip Products!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

There's no doubt that Milani Cosmetics is moving leaps in bounds in the drugstore market. I've personally love their stuff especially the lip glosses. But they have some other products and new things that are amazing:

Milani Glitz Glamour Gloss- At first I didn't like the packaging so that's one reason why it had been on the shelves so long before I decided to see what is looked like. I picked up Charmer, a deep bronze that gave immediate intense color. I didn't have to put fifteen coats to get more than a sheer look. I just wish it was a little more glossy. But I love it anyway so much that I went back the next day and pick up two more, First Class(a pink mauvy color) and Star Stunned( a pretty plum)!

Milani Solid Shine Lip Pencil- I really lipstick pencils so I was surprised that I never saw these on their display. I picked up Spanish Rose and Deep Violet for my ever growing obession with deep reds and plums for the fall. Both are divine in texture and color and look rich. They remind me of a couple of Smashbox pencils I have in the stash.

Milani Color Perfect Lip Stick- One word: Fabulous!I got Royal Ruby,a blue red with glimmer that looks great. If you have blue undertones and are looking for that winter red, grab this one now!!



Baby boys' B-Day!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

(Big Ole' Babies 22mths)
( two littles...( three months)

Happy 2nd birthday to my "gift from God" (Psalm 127)
Spencer and Kelton Weaver!!!!
When I thought I was nothing good God gave me something great!!!!
Love you always and forever,
Ma Ma

Pretty Fair Enough

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today, I ventured into the one of two department stores here in town. Belk, which corparate offices are out of Charlotte NC, has a small level store here. It only has THREE makeup counters, Estee Lauder,Elizabeth Arden and Fashion Fair. I went specifically to play in the FF after reading a post about the FF fashion show on I Like Her Style. I can't tell how many of those I've been to! But anyway,I wanted to research to see what FF has been up to. So many times, chicas of color tend to forget our beauty roots. Yeah, we give props to our grandmothers and aunts and mothers but what about the companies that keep us beautiful.FF was and still is one of them. They were one the first companies to make a array of foundation specifically for our skin tone and colors to compliment us. I love MAC and Cargo and Loreal and Bobbi Brown and Queen Collection but lets give FF some props. I actually had fun playing in the colors and new products they had. Now my Belk's didn't have some of the newest, like Finishings, a long wearing lip color but the oldie but goldies with the new were there. Here's what I found:

FF Special Formula Lotion-my cousin Shonda introducted to me after I was complaining that water on campus was like clorox and drying up my skin. She said worked for her when she live on the campus on SCSU. To me the scent alone is divine.

FF Beauty Highlighter in Golden Light- a high intensity light bronze that I need soon!

FF e/s in Toast and Metallic Sable- Toast is a gorge champagne gold and sable in dark shimmery bronze that was beautiful in the crease of my eye.

FF True Finish Liquid makeup SPF 7 in Sheer Espresso- One of their new formulations of foundations had no scent and blended immediately into face.

FF l/s in City Life( a mauvey pink), Cafe Monte Carlo( a pretty gold bronze), Plum Passion ( my fave! a blue red matte) and Forever Cocoa( a sheer brown)- will be getting all four!

Check out the website for more products!


Mini Review: Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth Lip Color

I purchased Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth Lip Color after seeing the beautiful Halle Berry wearing it in an ad. In the ad she is wearing Ruby Rapture which is what I got. When I put it on, the color went on smooth and was pretty moisturizing but like alot of long wearing lipsticks it dries up. ColorStay took a little while to dry( maybe about 2 minutes). It's a great color but to get the intensity in the ad and big color, you have to let it dry and reapply. About two hours later and no loss of color I ate lunch, a grilled chicken salad. When I went to check on the color all what was left was the outline of my lips in the Ruby Rapture. It doesn't have the staying power I thought it would but I'm keeping it because I really like the matte drydown. I suggest buy it but don't get you hopes up on wearing a lipstick for eight hours with it still intact!


Rave! mark.Babylash mini brush mascara

Like alot of my fellow beauty junkies,I'm obssessed with perfect mascara.Unlike everyone else I've given up the fight. I've long curly lashes that are mixed with staright renegade ones. I've found a little solution, mark. Babylash mini brush mascara in black. I put on my regular mascara,I 've got about five depends on their mood after morning coffee:) and then I light layer the Babylash on. It gives a light extention to my lashes without being clumpy. I give it a "buy it girrl"



Book Review:Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

Monday, August 14, 2006

I posted my review of Last Night a DJ Saved my Life over at Amazon. I felt like I got something off my chest. Read it why don't you?

Beauty Score Part I!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The CVS' in my town are strange. Ever so often, I will go into the one on Boyce St. and it will have a shopping cart of products marked down 75%.And it will be stuff that is regular priced everywhere else. Well, yesterday I went in hunting down the September 2006 Edition of Essence with Beyonce on the cover and there it was, the 75% shopping cart.It had Loreal and Skin Effects by Dr.Jeffery Dover Microdermabrasion kits for 6.25,Olay Deep Cleansing Masks for 2.00, Neutrogena Cellulite kits for 5.00. Insanity!I grab the mask and Skin Effects kit. I also got Wet N Wild 666 lip liner for my growing red lipsick addiction. Big Thanks in Lianne over at themakeupgirl for the recommendation.

I want to give a huge shout out to Carla at Product Girl who featured my voicemail on her podcast. I loveher blog and her very informative podcasts!

Buried Treasure of the Day!( above): Loreal Aqua Proof Creme Eyeshadow in Eternal Emerald.I got this in the 75% shopping cart at CVS some time ago. So pretty! I paired it with another Aqua Proof Shadow in Limitless Latte.

I'm finally finishing up Last Night A DJ Saved My Life by Lyah Beth Leflore. I'll try to have a mini "review" of it tomorrow. All I will say is "interesting"...



Watching My Style

Friday, August 11, 2006

Not the Current One!
Fall 2006 Edition has Evangeline Lilly on the Cover!
I'm completely obssessed with beauty and fashion style guides. Especially the ones that the magazine publishers do. In the last week I have pick three different ones:

People Style Watch for Fall 2006: I love this one because it really celebrity focused and always has great beauty section

Teen People Celebrity Style: I like Teen Style mag because the kids are innovative and are not afraid to think outside the box.

InStyle Makeover:The Creme de la Creme of Style Special Edition Mags. Cover to cover its comprehensive in all things to update your look and never strays from the InStyle "formula".

Go and check this out and have a good weekend for me!


My Gift to Myself

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Don't ever say I don't buy beauty products other than the drugstore. Because today I gave my self a little beauty haul of sorts. This morning, I applied a couple coats of mascara, bronzer, and Victoria's Secret Mirror Mirror l/g in Pink Slip and Philosophy The Supernatural l/g in Clear. I wasn't feeling very full faced today so I keep it light. I love Pink Slip. I got it in a VS Lip Pallette during the semi-annual sale and wanted a tube of it. So after I took Kel P. AKA "Pretty Pat" to his therapy, We headed for VS in the Westgate Mall. Unfortuntely,VS is in the process of overhauling their their makeup line so I only had Aura Science to pick from. I picked up Aura Science's True Red, a wonderful matte red that looks insane on me! I felt like a light came on my face! I also got Aura Science e/s in Garnet Plum. I want to do a deep plum smokey eye for when I'm feeling "Gothic". AND I got their new LE Insatiable 3-n-1 Wash in Watermelon Tease and Key Lime Lust and Key Lime Lust Lotion.It felt so girly to walk out of VS with the pink bag for the first time in a long while.

Over at "The Icing" I bumped into some discounted Cargo. Yes,Cargo Cosmetics for 50% off. I go tthe Cargo Eye Pod and l/g duo in La La Land.

So I'm off to work and I can't wait to get home and get in the bath with my new stuff!



The Way It Is...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hey chicas,

I 'm sorry that I've been ghost. I got little promotion at work( I got my own desk AND some awesome Reference projects to work on!) so I haven't had much to talk about unless its how many sets of literture encyclopedias can a library have! Any way, I'm patiently waiting on Keyshia Cole:The Way It Is and Project Runway. I think I'll fix a cup of tea and piece of Momma's banana cake and watch it. I love Keysh's show. Her CD got me through the last year. I feel like she wrote every song for me.:) . Project Runway, I watch because I love Tim Gunn's comments. He is such a fashion intellicual. He speaks design in such a way,I want to "make it work"!

On Tia's new post, she rapping about Lola's wedding and suggested MAC Spite as a great nude gloss. Ladies, I might have travel for this one. Plus I might pull out some of those green shadows I got.

Blogdorf Goodman has been doing awesome "Rock The Gloss" Challenge every day. It's making rethink lipgloss and lipstick in a different way. I think I'll do a Eyeshadow Challenge. If you chicas want to join, you are ever so welcome.I would love to see what you are wearing each day for seven days. We'll start tomorrow.

Love ya!


I Need it Though...The Beauty Edition!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I NEED these:
Murad Optimal Health & Beauty Dietary Supplement

Can you tell I love Cargo?
Cargo 10th anneversary signature Collection
Can you believe this is sold out at Sephora .com?
KLS Shimmer Powder
Cargo's Ten Thousand Islands Pallette
All the items are at!!

Friday, August 04, 2006


Not everyone is a Payless fan. They do run low on quality sometimes but lately their stores are more shoppable and the handbag selection has been pretty cute. I love these little red ballet flats.



I thanks me wants some leggings. But I have to be careful because I have a big ole' butt:) and short legs. But still want some .

( cute shoes!!!)

I need it though....partII

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hot and mo' Hot F.O.T.D


Face- WnW Bronzzer in Medium/Dark

Cheeks- Loreal Blush Delice in Blush Remix- Fuschia Amplifier(from the Color Remixed Spring 2006.

Eyes-Loreal Rhythmic Eyes Duo in Digit Eyes and Harmon-eyes( Color Remixed)
Boujois Mascara in Black
Loreal Double Track Eyeliner in Mint Medley ( Color Remixed)

Brows- WnW Ultimate Brow in Mocha Brownie

Lips-Loreal Lip Duet in in Leopard( from LE Pink Prowler 2005)
Loreal Colour Juice in Amber Dusk( from LE Bronze Collection2006)