Free Target Beauty Sample Bag Arrived! #2 Fall Edition...

Friday, October 14, 2011

I forgot I even signed up for this thing. lol! Mainly because when I was trying to put in my info to receive the free sample bag from Target, it wouldn't take it so I didn't think I would get one. Plus, I got one back in March...check that post out right HERE.:)

Came in the same box as in March....
I like this bag better than the last one! I use the last bag to hold my embroidery thread. lol... what was in it........................I'll wait for your reaction.:/

I will say that this bag had more samples, whereas the other one had more product ( Nivea bottle lotion, Neutrogena lip balm, Pantene bottle shampoo). I'll put the shampoo/conditioner samples in my prepacked travel bag. I'll probably try the Pond's wipes, I'm a fan of makeup wipes. The other stuff, L'Oreal and Burt Bees, I've actually tried before. The coupon book has some ok coupons....the best one I saw was a $1 off a Sonia Kashuk product, which I will use on a brush I've been lemming for awhile.

Have you gotten your box? Did you sign up for one?