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Get Lifted...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's done and over, I got my hair cut clear off! Well not all of it,I have about 1/4 inch all around left. I feel...lifted. Hair is so personal sometimes. Whenever I watch those makeover shows and the women are in tears because their locks are being chopped and they are attached to their hair,I can relate. I was attached for a long time,especially before I had kids because thought that's what men liked. Then I was attached because I thought that's what the kids' father liked. THEN it was what I like but didn't like at the same time.So I decided to waste no time cutting. Now I'vegot to find the right products for my kind of natural. The top of my hair has a pretty curl pattern but my back is coarse. I've had my hair this short before, back in 1997,2000,2001,and 2002. But don't remembered what I used...but I do remember buying alot of stuff by trial and failure.Well, I just fell upon a website called which seems to have some great info on maintaining the fro. Well,I keep every one posted and I hope to get a picture up soon. I can't find my SD card for my camera.:(