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~Birthday Fresh Coat~ Incoco Cat's Meow....

Friday, September 23, 2011

 As promised...I applied my Incoco Nail Appliques in Cat's Meow for birthday! Here's the scoop:

-They are thinner than the Sally Hansen brand and easier to smooth out.
-They have a built in top coat which makes them very glossy but I added one to seal in the area between my nail and the applique.
-I love this pattern!! Its gorgeous!!!!

-The fit is sooo off. I only received 12 in the pack which might be a Birchbox thing but the fit is crazy.
-They are not cheaper than Sally Hansen. I don't understand why this type of "polish" runs $8,9,10?!? It has no brush or bottle and you can only use it once! Too pricey!

I wanted to order some more of these but the price turned me off.

What do you think?

~Birthday FOTD~ Wet N' Wild Earth Looks Small From Down Here...

On the 23rd of September, first day of fall, first day of Libra season...a 7lb 13oz baby girl was born in a rural South Carolina town in the year of 1977. She was plump and bright and her dad thought she was white. lol.

"That's the wrong baby, Shawty ( what he called my mom)! She's white!" (LOL!)

Jane, my beloved Granny, his mother: "Shut the hell up Mike!! That baby aint white! And she's yours!!"

Ah...the stories I've heard from the day I was born....the older I get the more my mother tells me. My dad, rest his soul, never got the exact date of my birthday correct.I normally would get a happy birthday from him the day before or two days after my birthday. I wasn't always happy about that, but today, as I think about it, it makes me smile.:)

I played with Wet N' Wild Earth Look Small From Down Here for my eye look today. Somebody has to explain to me that name because it sounds ridunklous. lol!

I don't like my highlight...but we all learn from our mistakes....

I wasn't born on the 21st of September but I love this song!!!