My Wishlist(as of 3/27/06)...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I always make a wishlist. This might sound materiallistic but it keeps me focused on things i want because i like nice things! it's a every growing list and I like to think that everything on it is attainable. Plus, its fun to make! Like mind shopping! Here it is!

Go Smile Kit
DKNY Red Delicious
Delman Flats
Juicy Couture Bag
Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress
Something form Tracy Reese
Spanx panties
Brita Water system
Hanky Panky Thongs
MJB Share My World CD
Faith Evans Faithfully CD
Iman's Makeup Book
Mason Pearson Brush
a Laptop
Boscia Acne Gel
Jessica McClintock parfun(The original)
Mont Blanc (Parfum)
XM Radio for my car
a Saturn Vue
Destiny's Child Live CD
Fresh's Bulgarian Rose Parfum
Goldie Cosmetics Kit in Kitten
Tiffany's Teardrop Necklace
Old Navy Tanks Tops
My own place
T.I's new CD
A really great new boyfriend
A real vacation( like to St.Lucia or London or Austin TX)
Baby Phat Goddess
Loreal HIP Bronzer
a bedroom lamp

My 10 Beauty Rules!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm one of those women that if I don't take care of myself i will look like a mess. I mean i have to eat right and exercise or i'll be squeezing in a size 18 again. Last month two boxes of Girl Scout Trefoils put five pound back on my back side. If I don't cleanse my face faithfully I will brake out like i'm 15 years old in high school again. So I have 10 rules that I live by so that will look decent and in order!

1.Take care of your skin-My grandmother(who died 10 years ago this year) religiously applied Oil of olay to her flawless face twice a day.I remember pressing my nose to her face for a whif of her divine scent. She always told me take care of my skin. Through years of trial and error, i have discovered that my formula is to visit the dermatologist twice a year( beginning of summer and winter) to assess my skin.Also cleanse twice daily with a non-soapy cleanser like Philosophy Purity Made Simple and moisterize with mark Vita surge.I give myself weekly mini facials with a scrub by Lumene and mask by(Depending on how my skin "feeling")mark or Lumene. And most important drink lots and lots of water to flush the impurities. I prefer Aquafina as my fav.

2.Get Pedicures all year around-You never know when your feet are going to be out.I normally go to nail salon in the summer but in the winter I give them myself.

3.Have a great gloss and mascara you can wear everyday-I used to (before having a set of twin boyz!) put on a full diva glam face. But now, beacause I'm always running out of time, I will do gloss( I have many:)) and one of my favorite mascaras, Cover Girl Lash Exact or Max Factor Lash Perfection.

4.Collect different fragrances for different moods( like a wardrobe)-I have a girlfriend that every time I see her she smells Cool Water Woman.I mean when we are at church,over at the house chilling,even her car smells like Cool Water.I asked her one day was that all she liked. She told me that she didn't have alot of fragrances to choose from. I told her she needed "Build" on her senses and try some to new things.When I want smell clean I might wear Philosophy Amazing Grace or if I want to be"sweet"I wear Hanai Mori. But my secret get that boy scent is Jessica McClintock with Calgon Hawaiian Ginger Lotion.Sometimes it works!

5.Pamper Thy self-I mean it!

6.Know what you are using-What your girfriend uses sometimes does not work on you.
Pay attention to ingredites and how they work on your skin.

7.Don' t try to make someone else's face yours-Alot of time we will got to the MAC,Bobbi Brown or Clinique counter and see the counter girl and become envious. Then she makes us up like her and we look like a clown. If you see your girl bare faced and it looks good, it might not look to "Ethereal" on you.Same with your diva-fab girlfriend whose face looks like a MAC postcard.Go through some magazines and pick your fav looks and see what you like to look like. A good face is a labor of love.

8.Know what you are buying-Don't be sucker.Research first!

9.Refresh every season-I always change my moisterizer, cleanser,and foundation for the season. It helps keep my skin clear and gives me fresh outlook plus its great shopping therapy and an excuse to buy something new.

10.Never sleep with your makeup- a simple solution for lazy girls like myself.Keep Ponds Wipes near your bed so if you do go to sleep and wake up rubbing mascara into your eye, grab,wipe, toss and get up the morning and wash your face and use a clay mask to pull the dirt out of your pores like mark Healthy shots Cucumber Balancing Mini Facial or Lumene Arctic Touch Purifying Peat-Facial Mask.


my st.paddy day massacre!

Yesterday started off pretty good. It was to be my "mommy"day. The kids were going to day care and I was going to just relax, relate and release.I first went for my twenty minute daily walk around the park then fiddled around on looking for a good book then i took a nice relaxing hot bath. I needed to run some errands one especially to the Apartment complex that I applied for lease. It's the one of two out eight apartment complexes that have washer and dryer hook ups.Plus it looks nice almost like it doesn't belong in this shanty town( sorry i'm still mad) Any ways I had to complete so much paperwork just get approved only to find out that I make and get to much money to live there. The income cap to live there is20,000.20,000!I made more in retail when live in Rock Hill SC working Charlotte NC and I paid 615.00 in rent.The rent at these apartments for a three bedroom is only 430.00!Then the property manager tells me that most of the apts in this town are like that.I said thank you and left but I was crushed.See, I and my twin boys have been living with my mom since I was pregnant.It's crammed and crowded and two grown women can not live together.My mom and I relationship so messed up we hardly talk without argueing.I thought this might be my way out.I literally cried all day.All want is for my kids to have their own room and safe space.I tell you,like old folks say when it rains it pours:( To cheer myself up, I made my fresh guacamole with Baked Tositos. This light fun fare made me feel lot better! Here's the recipe:

J's Fresh Guacamole( for "Rainy" days)

two Hass Avocados(Sliced in half,pitted, and scooped out)
a handful of cilantro(coarsly chopped)
two garlic cloves(crushed)
Juice of a lime
salt and pepper to your taste
a jalepeno(chopped) (optional)

Chunk it all in a food processor for one minute or til lumpy yet creamy. Warm your chips in the oven. Serve on plate with guacamole in bowl.Drink Corona Light, red kool-aid or a clean white zinfandel for the wash down.


Scent of the Day! 3/16/06

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Its kinda cold out today and I wanted to smell kinda warm plus wear my warm,musky,vanilla-y stuff before it gets hot and i start to smell like a cookie( which is what happens if i wear mark's Hollywood Pink orPrada or Carol's Daughter Almond COOKIE in hot weather!).

Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig Lotion+ Kiehls Musk eau de toilette


Scent of the Day!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I luuuuvvv perfume and lotions and shower gel and bubble bath!!! But i hate smelling like everyone else so I like to create combos that are different but coordinate.

Origins Ginger Souffle Body Cream + Secret Body Spray in Vanilla- absolutely delicious. I love warm scents with spice.This just made my day off sweats feel even better!


CVS haul of the Day!

Ya'll will notice that i live in CVS b/c there's no MAC counter or Sephora for miles.I'll let ya know what i buy and review it so you can go there or Wal-Hell , Walgreens or Edkerd to get it if you like.I've become the make it work queen when it comes to drugstore makeup.

Wet n'Wild Mega Pump Bronzer in Brazilian Bronze-Since they did a overhaul of their packaging and displays WNW has intro'd some new goodies.I've always like WNW lipstick they have no name just numbers. This bronzer is light,unscented(big plus!)and mixes amazingly with foundation.When the summer comes aroundI become very bronzer obssessed.I never can find the right one. But this one is real good for the face.I just wish it came in a mega size(it's only 0.88 oz) so that used it all over but I 'm sure i'll clean out CVS' supply this summer.

Neutrogena Mineral Sheer in Bronze-Okay if Gabrielle Union is pumping up Neutrogena like crazy then why is this bronzer so ashy?It looks really grey on my skin and too much come out on the brush.I feel like returning it but might make it work like on my body or something.

The Definition of City-itis

One sunday my sons' father, my boys and I were at CVS in my rural hometown. When we came out all the doors on car were unlocked except for his.I said'"You locked your door?" He said"Oh, yeah, i must have"City-itis"" meaning people in the "city" lock their doors.I thought to myself,"I used to lock the door, too. But now it doesn't even matter".Later on I was thinking how would i define the diesease that i once had to when i had to lock my doors.City-itis is rational things you do when you live a metropolitan area to keep sanity, safety,and happiness. Things such as locking doors,road rage, checkout line rage, simple rage at people who are not moving fast enough.Or choosing the mall over Wal-Mart, Olive Garden over homemade,Putting your seat belt on( which sometimes don't do down here in the country), or Sephora over CVS.Never did shop at CVS for all my makeup or layaway stuff, i bought it at Norstrom and Sephora. But all that changed when i moved back "home".But it all about survival. If you are a fashion obssessed/beauty product ho/gourmet eating girl like me you GOT to survive and I have many testimonies to give!