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Getting Free RevlonColorburst Lipstick at CVS!!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

 Another CVS Semi-Annual Beauty Sale deal!!! Can you believe I'm still shopping this sale? Well, there is another CVS in my town and the clearance literally looks untouched. The other CVS  in town barely has anything left. smh,

A couple of the  Revlon Colorburst Lipstick were marked down 75% to $2.49 a piece and my red slot box printed a $5 off two Revlon products which I used, so the lippies were FREE!!! I also got a L'Oreal Hip e/s shadow duo in Roaring that I didn't own....
 I got Mauve and Coral. I don't have any of these lipsticks. When they first came out, I didnt feel like they were package friendly, meaning I really couldn't tell if a color was right for me just by looking at the color at the top of the package.
 The Mauve is looks really lavender even without the flash. Coral reminds me of a more punchy MAC Viva Glam Cyndi .

Ok, I'm slightly oily in this picture after a long day but this is Mauve. My really into this colored liner/bold lipstick look lately. **shrugs**

Review: Bath & Body Works Carried Away.....

The best business decision Bath & Body Works ever made was to sell those $1 trial bottles of new scents they are releasing. Now they have matching sprays for $2. I picked up  Carried Away, a scent they are introducing for the spring.

Carried Away's notes are "lush raspberries, white jasmine and whipped vanilla". When I applied it, It immediately reminded my of B&BW Sweet Pea. I used to date a guy who only bought me Sweet Pea lotion and sprays because that was " all he liked on me"...yeah, you know we are not together any-t more. Can't box a fragrance heaux in...LOL.  Any-t-way....

I also read a review where someone likened  Carried Away to B&BW Sun Ripened Raspberries. My Life!!!!  I need some Sun Ripened Raspberries! I think I saw some at the B&BW Outlet ( they also sell it online). I swear, if I see it again, I'm buying some. Memories of dorm rooms and a 1987 Dodge Lancer #90smemories....le sigh.

Eh...I'll skip this one....going to get some Sun Ripened Raspberries instead!! My B&BW had wall-to-wall $1 Carried Away, so go try it and see how you like it.

***Don't buy the $2 spray.....the one I got was horrible. Its smelled like straight up rubbing alcohol. Who want's to take back a $2 spray, work on Bath & Body Works***