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Goodies from the "Sal"

Monday, March 31, 2008

My Momma and I call the Salvation Army Store "Da Sal". She loves this one that's in town but I never find anything in it. I decided to stop in this morning and found several goodies by surprise....

Check out these vintage belts. My mom used to wear these with simple sheath dresses and wooden jewelry and 'twister' bead necklaces. As a child, I wanted to dress like my Momma!

Electric Blue flats with little heel. Great condition, too.
Magazines old and new. I love Black Enterprise and Momma gets in the mail but she always takes it to work and I never get to see it! Those Cuisine mags are from 1984!!! And I got a another Eric Carle book for the boys and a James Frey book.
The ultimate find: The NY Times Women's Fashion Magazine for Spring 2008. Why the a big find for me? First, the Times isn't even sold in this town and I love those special edition magazines that come in the NYT. I have the Womens' and Mens' 2005, 2006 and a Beauty Edition from 2005.


A "Great "Challenge...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 40 over on Blogdorf Goodman's 40 days and 40 nights of Beauty Cult Classics ended with the ever so questionable Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. I, along with others, in the comments section expressed our bad experiences with it. It wasn't til I came across a comment that said that most makeup artists use it on false lashes cause it works better, I thought I would challenge that. Since I've only applied false lashes once and used Great Lash a couple of times without the results I liked, how about a personal challenge?

Here are the goodies:

Maybelline Great Lash

Ardell Starter Lash Kit

Maybelline Nail Lacquer( courtesy of Rite Aid/Edkerds...some buy mascara get nail polish free joint.)

So...I did this on Friday morning, like I didn't need to get to the Le Lion at 8:00 am with the midgets watching Noggin( actually Kelton Patrick was watching me, he watches me put on makeup all the time.). Here I am in the car.
Here I am close up. I did it! I put on the lashes. Kia, are you proud of me? lol!Well, I cut them in half and put them on and then put on a couple of coats of Great Lash. Okay, it worked well but then I had some eye watering episode during the day and the Great Lash started to run. Of course the lashes stayed intact. I don't about Great Lash on my natural lashes but I like the sooty blackness it gave the fake lashes.

I'll give myself a B+ on this...What ya'll think? And check out this "The Mystery of Maybelline Great Lash" over at Jolie In NYC. Explains everything.:)


For the Insiders...

You know how I feel about that pyramid scheme called Sephora Beauty Insider. I won't lie and say that I don't try to bank those points to get that "deluxe" sample. The best one I've gotten was Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. Now they got a new one up for 100 point grabs, Make Up Forever HD High Definition Powder. Interesting...I want it. I think I have like 75 points to go though...


Marshall's Clearance Score

Friday, March 28, 2008

I caved in today and went into Marshall's. I'm a serious "run and catch up" kind of budget, so I don't need to buying nada but I had to have this Kuhn Rikon Vase Grinder. I always see these in Fine Cooking or Saveur Magazine. They are like 30.00 dollars. But I got mine for...
That's steal right? I should keep it right?

Spring Preview Party @ Handpicked!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Handpicked is one of my favorite haunts for beautiful jewelry. If you live in the NC/SC area be sure to hit the Spring Preview Party tonight and use the coupon for great deals!!!


*Okay with*

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I think I told ya'll but I ordered some things from and the Cake Beauty This Is My World Shower Gel Set was leaking like crazy. So I emailed them almost a month ago about it and they set me confirmation that they would work on it. Today is March 25, 2008 and I JUST received my replacement. Even though I had to wait a month for a replacement, at least is was bubble wrapped to hell, so tightly I wasn't sure if that was right item. I guess I'm okay with'm scoping this Cake Beauty Satin Sugar Hair and Body Powder right now!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter was quite lovely. It started sooooo early with the boys up at 6:00am looking for Easter Baskets and their Easter Program was at 10:00. They had been playing with those plastic eggs or "eggies!" as Spencer calls them all week Here we are in Grandma's yard. Thanks for all the Easter Dress votes!!! Number 2# won! As you can see, I'm not a small girl by no means. But, I'm "Sexy Succulent"!!!
I tried out my new Tarte Cheek Stain in Full Blossom. Love it!!!First, it's so pretty in the tube then goes on a raspberry pink. I only did a "dab" on each cheek and patted it into the skin. A perfect flush on the bronze skin.

Yes, peeps, I had to shave for the first time in a long time. It was a bit chilly but I wasn't wearing stockings( like cream pantyhose like half of the church was rocking) and open toe shoes. And I'm not talking about that black tights/black peep toes shoe thing everyone was doing this fall/winter. I picked up Kiss My Face Moisture Shave in Cool Mint from Le Lion's Nature's Place(organic section) and paired up my BIC Soleil Shaver for a smooth "Welcome Spring" finish.


Rural Glamour Spring 2008 Fashion Wishlist...

This Spring I just want a few basics to add to what I have. I've noticed the older I get the less clothing I buy because I like what I got. I like my style and I'm comfortable with it. But, I still buy ALOT accessories. They keep things fresh!!

New Spring Hairdo( Thought about Microbraids or Maybe a shorter "curly-mop" do)

Sunglasses( searching for some vintage aviators)

Bronze-y flat sandals

Yellow flats

New cargo pants from Old Navy

Bangles and more bangles!!

a Yellow tank top

a pea green handbag

White and grey ON tank tops

Sweet and flirty sundresses( in bright solid colors)!


*Fumming Mad at Sephora* ( for now)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

So...a couple of weeks ago I thought I ordered some of the last little bit of Becca left on Well, they email me and tell that it was out of stock and cancelled my order. I have a GC of about 59.00 burning a hole in my vintage Aigner wallet. For the last two weeks I've did nothing but troll the website looking for something to spend. Finally I found something to buy....
Gelee' de Soleil Browning Oil and Jamaican Punch eau de Toilette by Carol's Daughter.
I figure that my CD Almond Cookie and Ecstasy would be too heavy to wear this summer. Plus I got a deluxe sample and a some lip pencil with a code and the three samples coming also.
Eh...Not that excited. Should be...didn't spend no personal money on it.:)
Do you know that whole Beauty Insider Program is straight crazy. If you accumulate 100, when you order something you get pick a deluxe sample. Okay...then Sephora deducts that 100 points for that deluxe sample you just picked. So..I'm really paying for a "Free" deluxe sample with my Insider points. How triangle scheme is that? lol!!! Now I got to accumulate some more points to get a "free" sample. about ya'll offer "free" shipping instead of a choice of samples that ain't all that.
*Update* I get an email this morning telling me that my order was cancelled because the Jamaican Punch was out of stock. It wasn't OOS when I ordered it!! Anyway, I called and I let them know that this was the 2nd time with this OOS mess. She ( the SA) waives the shipping and I keep the CD Soleil Gel. Whatever.

Rural Glamour Spring 2008 Home Wishlist...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Well, this list is more like a kitchen wishlist. I'm trying to make an effort to decorate the rest of the house more.

A Mortar and Pestal Set( for grindind saffron...I have a great recipe for Tachin)

More white plates and matching salad bowls

A water cooler( my boss has one in his office...there is not a day that goes by I want to attack it... the store minions and I are reduced to water fountain or a 1.39 bottle of Dasani)

Brita Water Filter System( for the bathrooms and kitchen)

12 Orchid Variety by

Wooden Salad bowl set

A label maker( like Colin Cowie has :))

a grill pan( a smaller one than what I got)

a new skillet

silicone oven mitts

Make It Super Simple by G. Garvin

Smoked Sweet Paprika( I can find Smoked Paprika but not Smoked Sweet Paprika)

Gift Cards to Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and The Fresh Market( $100 or more)

Trail of Crumbs by Kim Sunee

Sunday edition delivery of the New York Times

A juicer

Microplane grater( for my Parmesan cheese)

An Apron( I 'm starting a vintage collection of them)


Hello Spring!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's 62 degrees here and its Spring!!! I'm excited because I feel that God has good things in store for this season and the summer. You know when things get so bad that only a blessing can come out of it. I mean the storm must end and I'm claiming it right now!

Well I'm on my way to take the midgets to Easter Program Practice. Spencer won the school Easter egg hunt today, so Congrats Bubba!!! My Pumpkin Pie!!! Tomorrow I will be listing my Spring Wishlists in Home, Beauty and Fashion.

Please if haven't vote on the Easter Dress... Today is the last day!!

Be Blessed ya'll!


Off to the Big Dance!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Congrats to my alumni, Winthrop University , for going to the Big Dance this year, AGAIN!!!! We got place #13 in 25 and will play Washington State in Denver on Thursday @ 7:20pm if anyone's interested.:)

Interesting fact: Our School's President, Anthony "Tony da Don" DiGiorgio sit on the Board of Directors for the NCAA.
Is he still missing on campus as usual? lol!

Congrats to Halle!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Heard Halle had her baby girl on Sunday night. Yay!!

Word on the street is that the baby's name is ....Clara Stella Berry-Aubry.

*update* The name is actually Nahla Ariel Aubry.

Me likey!!

Ummm...She should let my take control of the baby naming wheel. I'm good at it. I named both of my boys. The Plaintiff saw the names and just agreed. I'm sure he wants a Plaintiff,II.

I think if I ever have a girl...wait, if I ever have any more children...wait, if I WAS to have any more children, here are some names Halle...

Lindeyn Celestina or Bethanie Lorielle or Amaya Khadari

What ya'll think that girl's name should be...or do you like Clara Stella?


Easter Sunday Outfit 2008...You Vote!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pending I have the day off...I have managed to scrounge up two different ensembles out of closet for Easter Sunday. I didn't buy anything new...Easter is just as expensive as Christmas when it comes to the kids. Easter Baskets, new suits, suits need to be altered, haircuts, socks, new shoes...Mama ain't got no money!! It's all good. I'm a pro at pulling from my personal vault some old and making it new. That's a gift!!! :)

Now need ya'll to vote. Hopefully the poll will show up in the margin to the right or at the bottom of the post.

Outfit #1( above)

Outfit #2

Keep in mind. It's South Carolina, mid- March. Most likely it will be warm. And I have a cardigan for outfit two to cover my arms in church.

And if ya'll can't vote in the margin...leave a comment or something.

Now vote!!


Beautiful Book-age...

Driving into Spartanburg this morning, I noticed a sign announcing the Friends of the Library Sale for the Spartanburg County Library System. I remember going to this sale about two years back and scoring two Versace lookbooks from the season that had the infamous J-Lo Grammy's dress in it, in mint condition plus other great collectibles. It only lasted from 9am-2pm and I got there( after work) at 1:30. So I shopped quickly!!

Here's some pics...first Beauty/Fashion Books...

Interior Design and Art Books...
Foodie Books...I was looking for my mom some cookbooks, she likes those church cookbooks, didn't find any.
Biographies...My favorite!! What you got say about Mary Kay and John DeLorean? lol!!!
For the Kids....They are going to fight over that Eric Carle Pancakes book. I could only find one. And all the moms and children's lit fans know how much those Eric Carle books are.

Grand Total....Ready....

$2.00...the women stacked my books up, took out a yard stick, measured it, and said "$2.00 please.



The Kitchen-ista: Giada's Lasagna Rolls...

Friday, March 14, 2008

I've been off for last two days from Le Lion. Thank God. I decided to try this Giada De Laurentiis Lasagna Rolls recipe today. First I had to prepare it at home and then take it over my mother's house to bake it. My oven is on crack. Bad. It has no temperture control and I was using some $4 prosciutto and $8 cheese...that thing wasn't going to burn this up!!

It came out okay as you see above. Not as neat at Giada's but it was very easy. Beside making the rolls I had to also make Bechamel sauce for the first time. It came out pretty good. But my stomach can take so much cheese:(. I didn't particulairly like the prosciutto in it. It tastes like country ham( if you are from the south, you know what that is). Next time, I'll do ground beef or chicken.


Bespoke Bloke...

I love love love that Estelle song "American Boy". I like the video even better( the boys in the video are so cute!). My Best Cousin is in it...Kanye!! And his verse is smoking. Especially when he said something to the effect of being a "bloke" and wearing "Bespoke". I love fashion vocabulary and as of now have a Fashion encyclopedia on hold at B&N. I went to the place librarians love to hate...Wikipedia, for a definition of Bespoke....

Bespoke is usually a British English term for tailored clothing made at a customer's behest, and exactly to the customer's specification. Bespoke clothing is created without use of a pre-existing pattern, differentiating it from made to measure, which alters a standard-sized pattern to fit the customer.
Today, it is also frequently used for technical components specifically developed for a certain application (e.g.
bespoke software), as well as in the automotive and cake decorating industries, when customers get a chance to have an automobile equipped or cake decorated to their specification

I see myself explaining this to "Fashion Boy"...if we were still together. Bloke.

The Kitchen-ista: Moroccan Chicken

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I love this recipe from Food Everyday for Moroccan Chicken. It's simple and not alot to it. Plus, the recipe is for one serving. But I make it for at least four. I made this Tuesday, and the kids ate the chicken and the couscous and left everything else on the plate. But Kelton Patrick was very interested in the "the green stuff in this". I told him it was cilantro. He said "Cee-lan-dro!" Then he continued to repeat the word, something he does when he learns a new word. I call it putting in his "mental Rolodex for use at a later date". He is going to the be a master a study habits one day.:)
And think I'll grow some cilantro this summer. I been thinking about an herb garden.
Plus I use this multi colored couscous to really make it bright, served on my favorite Dollar Tree white plateware.:)


My Gift...

I've been in constant prayer these last couple of days. I'm going through some ole' crazy raging storm as usual. But after watching a refreshing and heart warming You Tube video on on Autumn's The BAP Society Myspace Page, the my mood has been lifted. Even though what is going on is still going on, It's okay to let it go and let God. As Autumn says "...that giving up doesn't mean that you're weak, but you are strong enough to realize that's its too much for you to carry."

And I received some what of "rejection" from a blog network I was trying to be on and some other things concerning some news on the blog that someone close to me didn't like really upset me. I don't do rejection well and I was just being funny and congratulatory in the post. But what can you do? You know what I'm going to do..."Ima do me!!!" Those who want a all-beauty or all-fashion blog , there so many great ones out there. But Rural Glamour ain't no percentages. And from now good news about anyone I love.( Just kidding)

Thanks to Kim and Nemesis for the love...ya'll so sweet:)

I'm back form "Hiatus".



Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Listen folks....
I got to take a minute on this blog. This thang has been a labor love that's not loving me back.
I don't know when I'll be back, tomorrow, maybe Saturday, maybe....a month or two from now.
Love ya'll

Sleep in a can: Sofia Mini Sparking Wine

Monday, March 10, 2008

Every time I think of this it makes me laugh. Might not make you laugh, but it makes me and my girlfriends laugh. Any-T-way....

Homecoming weekend, you know, we stopped into Dean and Deluca out at Phillips Place and went all bonkers, tasting cheeses, wines, chocolates. Trevor ate a bag of crystallized ginger( yeah...she also eats only black jelly beans...I wuv her:)), I flirted with the cheese boy, Hannah( the Miss High Ball, Low Ball herself) was grilling a wine sommelier while Tasha and Cousin Alisa swooned over cheesecake. I went over the drink cooler and discovered something so cute, wine in a mini can or Sofia Sparking a mini can.

We all became giddy and excited. How sweet and chic, wine in a can, put in my handbag!!! It reminded us on the days on mini liquor bottles tucked in our jeans for a Withers/SAC party. We all got one or two or three a piece and planned on sipping on them at Erica's house when we got there.

So about an hour later, we popped the top and started to sip less than 30 minutes later, I was sound asleep on Erica's couch, with my hair covering my face, right in the middle of one my favorite movies to quote...Norbit( "How you doing!!!") One by one, the sippers of the Sofia Can O' wine were dosing off. Tasha looks around and notices that people are just clunking out.... and blames it on that Can O' Vino. She says," I KNEW something was wrong with that wine...the can too small, its going to pack a punch!"

When we finally woke up( like 30 mins later...I thought it was 12 midnight, its was only 9:00pm...damn) We all agreed with her. Of course she was laid out across the kitchen table sleep.

Go get you one!!!



Its here! It's there!....

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Chanel SA at the Charlotte Nordie's called me and told me that my Blue Satin is in!!! They are having some Beauty Event at Nordie's next weekend and she "pimped" into going to get it instead of her shipping it. I guess I'll be heading to the QC next Saturday...probably after I get off work... Damn, I was trying to keep those trips to Charlotte to a minimum. Hell, I'm getting that piece shipped, bump that free gift mess. See how I change my mind in the middle of blog? lol!
Oh yeah, while perusing, I ran into a couple pieces of Becca still left breathing. Some of their foundation sticks and concealers are online. Now, I got the foundation sticks in Honey and Molasses. I think I had either Honey or Chesnut before. If all else fails swap on MUA or mix the two. But check that out....

Love ya'll


pics: before I get sued or some and

Happy Birthday Rural Glamour!!!!!!

On March 5, 2006...I was inspired to start a beauty/ fashion blog detailing my mishaps and goings-ons of my life in the country being obsessed with all things beautiful and pretty. I missed the blog's b'day, well, because I had some craziness going on at the Le Lion. Anyway!! Happy Birthday to my baby, my fourth job, my release, my obsession...Rural Glamour: City-itis!!!


Super 5 Review!!!!!! 5 products, 5 words.

Well, here's the deal...I had a bag full of products that everytime I would give it the try or try it for awhile to see how it worked, I would throw it in the bag. I called it the "review" bag. Today, I thought it was great idea to do a "Super Review", 5 products, 5 words. Hell, I can't stand long reviews. Get to the point, should I be lemming for it or not!!!

Neutrogena Wave- I wish I kept the reciept.( 6 words!)

Neutrogena Full Volume Mascara-Too light of a formula for my taste(8 words!!....this is not working.)

Physicians Formula Baked Collection Wet/Dry Eye Shadow- Where is that CVS receipt?!!!!( there you go, Jamie!)

Alba Pineapple Enzyme Scrub- Where is the scrub in the scrub?( did it again...)

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser- Thank God it was only a sample.( I'm through.:))

Ooooo....wasn't I successful? lol!


pics: not mine...:)

"T.Hall" and Kerry...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

On last Saturday, T.Hall, Jenn and I made a stop in Nordie's. In her hand she had a pic of Kerry Washington and her fabulous smoky eye. She wanted the MAC SA to recreate the look. Well..she did! Check it out!

Almost..will count...

This weekend, I bumped into one of those kiosks with all the Hello Kitty stuff on them in Southpark Mall. This picture of Angela Simmons wearing some Hello Kitty ( probably from that KLS jewelry line) has had me feening for some. Well, these are ALMOST the earrings she's wearing!!!
I know I've told ya'll about the Green's Salvage here in Union. I went in there today to get the boys' some things for breakfast and snacks to take to school. And I got me some things too.All these lovely goodies in the pic above....50 cent a piece!!!


Do You Have High Ball or Low Ball Glasses?: WU Homecoming Weekend 2008!! Part 2

Monday, March 03, 2008

Okay this is the Food/Wine/Life Edition of WU Homecoming Weekend 2008: Enjoy!!:

-Well, this weekend we went NO homecoming events. Not even that game that Winthrop ended up losing. And I didn't miss it at all. I hung out with who I needed to be with.:)

-So, when I arrived after a long drive, I was told by Jenn that our beloved PF Changs in SouthPark had caught on fire that morning and we probably were not going to have our traditional Saturday vittles there. A chica was majorly sad...then I thought about that there is one in Greenville. Oh, well. But, we ended up there anyway!!!It wasn't shut down completely and the food was still yummy. I think they changed the noodle on the Garlic Noodles though. Did they?

-At the mall, I scooted it the kitchen gadget-ista's dream...Sur La Table. I've always loved that store. I picked up Bodum Double Walled Coffee Mugs, Sur La Table Celtic Grey Salt and a Sur La Table Salt Pig. I read this great article in Fine Cooking about salt and it inspired me to get a salt pig for my kosher salt.

-After eating, I lead everyone over to Dean & Deluca in Phillips Place. Jesus, I forgot how excited I used to get when upon entry. We probably were in there for like 45 minutes browsing wines, the desserts, the deli. I literally went grocery shopping!!! lol! No, but I got some goodies to last me for the week I have coming up.:( Like their Egg Salad...Oh goodness. I chatted it up with one of the Cheese associates who advised me how to eat my smoked salmon that I had received as a gift and convinced me buy this really great Goat Cheese spread. He was cute, too.:)

-Okay this "High Ball , Low Ball" thing. I was reacquainted with someone this weekend who asked that question at a restaurant AND at someone's home we visited. It's been in my head since. She is a very interesting person to say the least. I'm going get Katt Williams' number for her( wink! inside joke..).

-AND....Folks up there are house- crazy...I mean there are housing complexes every where.... Fort Mill got a Wal- Mart, what a shock!... Rock Hill looks so good these days and I want to pack the midgets up and go back now....I had such good time with my own "Will and Jada", Jocelyn and Drile...Donnie clean out your car man...Jenn, I'm going to get me a "warming" blanket next!... The music at the Buckhead Saloon was poppin' Old School at its best!...The Dave Lyle Cracker Barrel is ALWAYS packed, Jocelyn...Tasha, where is that red carpet pucker? lol!... I love you, Trevie, the next dude you bring around serious... Ah...I'm finished!!


Do You Have High Ball or Low Ball Glasses?: WU Homecoming Weekend 2008!! Part 1

Hey my beautiful people!!!

I'm back from "Metrolina" and all I can say is that was just what I needed...a weekend away!! I had a great time and it was so much fun seeing my friends again. I tell you, I don't see how people just go to work and come home and don't go on mini vacays( i.e. Grandma Diva)? That weekend was refreshing and renewing. I'm going split this post up in parts 'cause I got so much to tell.

I guess because I've been anywhere in a long, long time!

Fashion and Beauty and Fun!:

-Why was walking into Southpark Mall like being at home after being away for awhile?

-We hung out in Nordie's first while T.Hall got her eyes all Kerry Washington-fied( I have pics but forgot the camera on the counter at my house). I talked the fragrance SA to death and she goes over her counter and packs me a handle bag of samples( like about 30 of them... new Gucci,Missoni, D&G)!!! I will be ordering that new D&G The One from her soon!!

-My friend Jenn says I'm a Beauty Dept. SA's dream. It was like every counter I passed I had conversation and ended up leaving with major sample-lage!!! I bought nothing in Nordie's but came out with a three bags. lol! Oh, the Chanel SA said that her District Manager said that more Navy Satin is coming to the counters. I put my name on the list.

-I was very disappointed at the B&BW and Victoria's Secret Beauty. There was nothing interesting in there for me? Did I miss something?

-On to Sephora...I returned my Cargo Holiday Kit and Sex Kitten Quickie Chronicles. I had trouble making the colors work on me with both sets. But what surprised me was I found Nothing in Sephora I had to have. After waiting literally a year to get to one, I found nada. Well, not nada...I got some Carol's Daughter Khoret Amen Oil for the boys' hair and Candy Paint Gloss in Bossy. This Sephora didn't have the Pop Beauty Lid Neon Palette or MUFE Pots.

- I picked up the I love...Notebook by Nantaka Joy and Oiseau Lip Balm in Peach from Anthropologie. I needed more time in there I tell you.

-And I'll explain my title to the the next post...:) Food/Wine/Life edition!