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The Foundation....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

If you notice that I've blogged about any new fabulous and expensive makeup products, that's because I have none. Plus, I can't write about things I don't own, haven't used, can't buy, don't want to buy.But I will write many, many wishlists.:)When I unpacked my winter and fall scents and lotions about a month ago, it was alot of half empty bottles and stuff I'll never used again. Just like my clothes, It something I gots to work on. I've been collecting drugstore and BBW coupons preparing for the "Big Haul"...whenever that will be...grrr!

Enough of my broke bitchin...:(

I found in the recent financially strapped times that when I have a perfume and no layering lotion to match, either I use a lotion with similar scents or just use Johnson and Johnson Baby Lotion. I have several big bottles of it due to three years ago having two babies at the same time. Plus, the midgets love lotion and baby powder. And their hair brushed. And their clothes pressed. Pretty Boys.:) I think their dad and the Blue People Nation just lost! Anyway J&J Baby Lotion keeps the skin soft and it smells good under most fragrances I use.


Weekend Cooking III...

I swear on everything I love,I've cooked more this weekend than any week before. I was trying to be "cost effective" and cook at home. Plus I had recipes to try and let ya'll in on.:) This is pic of a Parmesan Risotto I made Saturday night. I've never had risotto but all the cooking shows, magazines and cookbooks make it look to so yummy. So, I picked a simple recipe out of my G.Garvin cookbook. As always, if ya'll want me to list the recipe, I will.:) It was good all by its self with a little salad on the side. My boys ate some too, with some Tyson Chicken Nuggets I popped in the oven for them. Bubba said, "Mommy, this good." I said " Bubba, Mommy, this IS good." lol! G.Garvin's recipe requires to no white wine like most risotto recipes to so I had to add about two extra cups of broth/stock.
After church, I made my "Sunday Supper", Bow Tie Pasta and Chicken from G.Garvin's cookbook. It was so-so. It has asparagus, one of the few veggies I don't like. Plus the recipe called for tomato sauce and chopped tomatoes. Why not the store bought spaghetti sauce of your liking? Because it would have tasted alot better. I had to put my spin on it and put 1tbsp of sugar in it. That saved that situation. The parmesan cheese didn't add much flavor like normally does. I probably make this again, tweaked to my liking. I did like the use of bowtie(farfalle) and chicken.
This morning I made Homemade Pancakes for the boys. I got this recipe out of a Food Everyday Magazine. Can you believe I own baking powder? How many chicks in their 20s and 30s own baking powder? But the recipe was actually a recipe for waffles for a waffle iron. Now I don't own one of those... anymore. I had an ex buy one about four years ago and when we broke up, I threw it away...:).
photos:Mine all Mine!!

Fashion Depression...

On Friday night decided to go through my fall/winter clothes and get the summer ones packed up. After about only 30 minutes, I found myself staring at a sad pile of l/s shirts, those four pair of jeans, two Target cardis, a pair of ON blk pants and few other worthless items. Is this all I got? Who was I last winter/fall that I have nothing to wear? The funk slowly fell over me. I went laid down on the couch and watch TV but that didn't work. Two chicks were on What Not To Wear whining on how to spend $10,000( $5000 a piece) on clothes and shoes.

"Bitches"....I thought.

So I just went to sleep. I got nothing to wear. Now, here's the thing:

1) I wear a uniform to work, so five days out the week I don't have to go outfit hunting.

2)On the other two days( Saturday and Sunday) one I'm cleaning most of the day and a little errand running and the other I'm dressed up. Thank God for my mother's b'day present to me.

3) I can wear everything in that little pile. Because I have neither gain nor lost any significant weight in about two years. Same with my summer clothes, I could wear everything from the last summer.

So do I need to go out and buy some new clothes to fill up the gaping holes in my closets? And with what money? And where? And for what?

As mothers/single/married/professional/women we always say,"Well, I don't go out alot and I got the kids to think about and I got the house and stuff to think about...And..."

What happen to the Jamie who was "diva fabulous" and had a closet full of things and her girlfriends/sorors/neighbors/enemies would want to come over to raid her closet(s) of things of vintage and new, designer and low-retail and wonder how she puts all together? Next...I'm waiting on my "makeup" depression. I just put on a Becca l/g that's about four years old.:(