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Hot Days and Makeup Porn...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm in a bad mood. Once again this summer, my A/C in my house is not cooling. I just want to go outside and set it on fire!!! I literally makes me so mad I want to cry. Actually I have already, when I left for work this morning feeling like I didn't dry off when I got out the shower. I swear the Satan is trying to make a vacation home in that unit...
But this great. There nothing like some makeup porn in the form of new Tarte kit in raise my spirits. That and using the computer free of charge at Grandma's. Check this out:
Complexion Collection ($54) @ exclusive skinvigorating™ set($153 value)
This kit includes the following items in a purple, quilted bag:
clean slate primer (propylene glycol free, paraben free, preservative free, phthalarte free, dye free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, fragrance free, dermatologist tested)
avocado oil
safflower seed oil
echinacea root extract
hibiscus flower extract
the eraser smooth concealer (mineral oil free, phthalate free, naturally derived preservative, dermatologist tested)
safflower seed oil
arnica flower extract
cucumber extract
vitamins C&E
smooth operator foundation with SPF 20 (propylene glycol free, mineral oil free, phthalate free, sulfate free, fragrance free, synthetic dye free, dermatologist tested)
chamomile extract
vitamins A, C, & E
mineral migments
provocateur pressed mineral powder with SPF 8 (paraben free, preservative free, propylene glycol free, mineral oil free, phthalate free, sulfate free, fragrance free, synthetic dye free, talc free)
vitamins A & E
mineral migments
glam-on-the-go kabuki brush
Available in the following 4 shades fairpressed powder - fairsmooth operator SPF 20 foundation - facadeThe eraser smooth concealer - fair lightpressed powder - lightsmooth operator SPF 20 foundation - veil
The eraser smooth concealer - bisque mediumpressed powder - mediumsmooth operator SPF 20 foundation - disguiseThe eraser smooth concealer - medium beige darkpressed powder - tansmooth operator SPF 20 foundation - incognitoThe eraser smooth concealer - tan