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~Fresh Coat~ Sally Hansen Salon Effects Fly With Me....

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

This is my 2nd round at Sally Hansen Salon Effect Polish Strips. Can you tell I was in a hurry when I put them on? Yep, creasing and puckering however after a day or two the creases smoothed out.

This design is Fly With Me and it was gifted to me by my friend/music muse Kim. I couldn't get my hands on Fly With Me in my area. I can believe it was sold out, its very girly, a true Southern sensibility...

I was in Rite Aid, hunting down the Salon Effects Halloween strips that are out, and I saw alot of empty boxes of Salon Effects tucked in corners and laying on the Sally Hansen display. People are stealing these!!!! Wow.

I remember when I worked for Food Lion people stole shavers and iodine. You do the math on that.