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Reality Intern...

Friday, November 02, 2007

I can't even believe I'm watching College Hill Interns on BET. I've been out of school for eight years this December. But I think college life is the best 4, 5,6, years of your life. Seriously, I DID college. I could probably write a flashback blog on life:WU 1995-1999. It was insanity. But, do watch CH Interns for that young cutie name Kasheef. And he is an ole' nasty Nupe...I love it!!

Plus intern Ivy( who's a Ivy, an AKA, how cute!) has a very cute blog on all the happenings on the show.

I was peeping through my momma's Spartanburg Herald newspaper when I came across a very fly article on 'Burg fashion by Jessica DeVault, one the Herald staffers.

Shall I exhale? Someone who love pop culture and fashion in the 'Burg? Love's it! Check out her blog and her webisodes!


Pound Cake...

Today, one of the Coca-Cola vendors that came in the store called me a "Sweet Li'l Pound Cake".

I said..."Wow, I've never been called a pound cake...Thanks!" He was cute and also VERY married. Next!

Now my Co-worker Meka calls me "Pound Cake". I like it:)

Nothing serious this weekend. Chil'ren and I's will be chillin' and stuff. I'm going wear them out. I'm also cooking some stuff. Hope have some new recipes for ya'll!

Have a splendid weekend!!

ps....I can make a Pound Cake too...but my oven is psycho...seriously. That's another post.