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~Fresh Coat~ Hard Candy Jubilee, Hard Candy Party Central and Hard Candy Crush on Amethyst.....

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

Finally, I done wearing all of my Hard Candy hauled polish.  Why do I sound relived? Because glitter polish fun to wear but hell to keep up and take off. lol! This is why I LOVE  polish only bloggers, those girls have a passion to surpasses 5 min soaks of cotton, foil and cold acetone polish remover. Bravo divas!!!

 First up....Hard Candy Jubilee....
 Jubilee is a crazy mix of silver black hexagon glitter large and mini, orange long glitter suspended in a green creme jelly.
  I check some other swatches from other bloggers and found that base color was needed. I used Kleancolor Grass Green( the dark green) and Spoiled by Wet N' Wild I Only Eat Salads
 I Only Eat Salads is the best pick of the two to showcase Jubilee, however I Only Eat Salads stained my nails yellow( I've also had it over a year).
 Next, I combined two Hard Candy polishes for one look: Crush On Amethyst and Party Central....

Crush on Amethyst is a beautiful chrome dark lavender and Party Central is a glitter packed polish with pink, blue, black, even white glitter in a clear base.
I LOVE Crush On Amethyst. One coat is opaque. The longevity was not good though, it was next day chipping.Party Central can do two coats opaque as a glitter but it will peel with the first sight of water.

Overall, these Hard Candy polishes are innovative, fun, cheap, ready available at a Walmart near you. The wear ability is not good on them though...not at all. Every manicure with these polishes, chipped the next day even with a base coat and two coats of quick dry top coat. Even with thin coats to build up the intensity, there was chipping the next day. I guess that's what $4 will get you. But I know cheap polish that lasts ( post maybe?)!! That's where I'm frustrated!! LOL!!

Got any new Hard Candy polish favs? Let me know in the comments....