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Fresh Coat: Sally Hansen Fresh Bamboo....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A perfect nude...Sally Hanse Fresh Bamboo!!
Three coats:)


My Favorite Makeup Brushes....

I actually do have some beauty favorites. Most beauty addicts have favorites or Holy Grails but as soon as something else comes by better, we give that favorite the peace sign! These are my favorite brushes ranging for high end to low end…it works great that way. :)

Mally Spoolie Brush- Spoolies, not little brushes, only work on my wild brows. The brush had a pencil at the end, I think, but it still serves great purpose to my brows.

Salon Collectives Eye Shadow Brush- I purchased this at Walgreens as they were clearancing it out. It was less than $2.00. It’s perfect for packing on color and applying on my small eye space.

Essence of Beauty Kabuki Brush- EOB cornered the market in cheap brushes and this one is its crown jewel in my opinion. It’s big, round and incredibly plush. Don’t you go and by some $50 kabuki brush. CVS has this one for a mere $10.

Tarte Cosmetics Double Ended Brush- This brush came in an eye shadow set that I got from Tarte couple years back and it’s the best of both worlds. One end is a flat eye shadow brush and the other side is a crease brush that fits like a glove in my eye crease.

MAC 129SH – Looks familiar? It’s from the Icon Collection Diana Ross from, I believe, 2005(go ahead; I give you a minute to cringe). But, I can’t get rid of it. No matter how much I wash it, it’s stays soft, pliable and an awesome blush brush.

MAC 187SE – I just recently got this in a set and it is everything it’s cracked up to be. It applies wet foundation to dry blush with perfection. It blends anything you dip it in seamlessly. No wonder the regular size of this brush is $38.