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Vintage Finds for the Spring!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I promise,I'm going finally get a new camera.:) Sorry for sucky pics but I wanted to show ya'll two finds that I found at the Salvation Army. This sweater is made of silk and cotton is very light weight. I was thinking of pairing this with a tank top and some of those boyfriend pants from the GAP( my friend got some the other day and she's size 16 so they do make them in "fat booty" sizes, yay!") or some wide leg and slightly slouchie. It's kinda of cropped and the sleeves are 3/4 length.
This is another Sal find. Its a long skirt kinda like those boho skirts everyone was rocking a couple seasons ago and I'll still rock with a extra long black tank from Old Navy. I'm on a serious budget for clothes. Matter of fact I shouldn't spent this 3.30 for all this.:) I'll be surprise if I can buy something full price,I really want some of those boyfriend pants from the GAP.:(


Beauty Find of the Day!!!

Today its 66 degrees in the Upstate and I decide to pull out a bright punch of color for my lips. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Coral Me Wild was found on the clearance table at my CVS!!! I love how it gave the prettiest sparkle to my lips. I might to go and find some more of this. I actually spotted some on Ebay!



"Girl, you better speak up and...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


These words are what my Granny used to tell me when I was somewhere with head hanging low and mumbling as child. Well, seems like "The People's Princess" Miss Jennifer Hudson didn't stand up to Uncle Andre the night of the Oscars. She didn't like her dress. Listen Jenn,I tell my Uncle Harry and Bruce off all the time. :) lol!! They taught me to stand up to a man even if he carries a Fendi B-Bag and wears Louis Vuitton Stocking Caps. Now if you read the Vogue article that Andre wrote on Jennifer it tells the story of the "dress" and how Miss Jenn had sketches of this dress for WEEKS. Check it out:

"Tucked in her bag, along with her new Apple MacBook( a much wanted Christmas present from her agency William Morris) is a special envelope of the sketches of a dress by Oscar de la Renta, who is at the top of her shortlist of favorite designers. She knows what looks good on her, and this dress, which she'll fit in early January, is one of the only ones she's considering for Academy Awards night". pg. 545, Vogue,March 2007.

So obviously she didn't like it then... Discuss.


"The People's Princess"... Part 2...

Monday, February 26, 2007

Jennifer's makeup was fantastic!!! I must learn the line my eyes like that!!!
Congrats to Forrest and Jenn for winning!! Yay! I missed Forrest winning because I went the sleep.:(
Wasn't Lil' Jaden funny and Jada looked as though she was on the edge of tears when he was up there presenting those awards. Ah, motherhood...
Jenn @ a pre-Oscar party.
Just want to say I love it:)

Better pick of a dress. She should have done this dress instead of the chocolate for the red carpet.



Rural Glamour Oscar Fashion Wrap Up! Part1...

"The People's Princess" as Mi Tio Andre would call her. I didn't like her bolero jacket which I think put her on a lot of worst dressed lists this morning. But she took it off and it was chocolate heaven. And did ya'll see those shoes! To die and kill a bitch for!
Does the Queen wear anything else but black? Bad ass dress though.
I really love the color and the cut. She was another dress I saw on the worst dressed list this morning. What?
Keisha's dress looks very House of Dereon lol!
Now Tracey you are not just Eddie's girl, you are a Executive- beyotch- in- charge! Not my favorite at all.
Thumbs up!! Go Soror Jada!

Okay, When I first saw this dress last night on E!, the hair, makeup and top of dress took me by surprise. Was Miss Bey doing "classic elegance"? Then the camera panned down and I saw that too high, tacky slit and immediately my mind change.Same ole' Same ole' Bey. And during her interview with Ryan Seacrest she kept messing with her hair!
Wrong color. She's too pale for that fuschia.
Divine. My favorite for the night.
Everyone was saying that if you are in the Devil Wears Prada she should have done a different dress. I just didn't like the black on it.
Great dress. Too mucht Yaky hair. She must bought all the blonde hair at the Iman's
Beauty Mart on South Blvd.

To Be Continued!!



Merry Oscar Night and Sunday FOTD!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

FOTD: L'Oreal HIP Liquid Shimmer in Inspiring,ID Bare Minerals in Warm Radiance, Jane Eye Zing in Cafe',Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse e/s in Golden of Eden, Bourjois mascara in Black,L'Oreal HIP l/s in Audacious.
Quick photo of me and Spencer( Kel was watching TV and eating cereal...he didn't have time for us!)

Yesterday I had decided on a Oscar night menu of Ricotta Stuffed Manicotti and Tomato Sauce but now I'm not in the mood to cook. I might just make a big salad but I do want dessert. Maybe some Haagen-Daas Dulce de Leche Sundae(the ice cream,caramel,whipped cream, walnuts). I will have the Rural Glamour Recap for ya'll in the mornin'. Happy Oscar Night!!


Saturday Mornin' F.O.T.D

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Face-mark. glow xpert face shimmer in Sun Glow- I'll give a review on this later

Eyes- Black Radiance Dynamic Duo eyeshadow in Classy/Sassy- I love this duo of burgundy and teal.

Loreal Telescopic Mascara- okay I bought a new tube...

Lips- N.Y.C. Pencil and Pout in Teaberry Duet- I collect Pencil and Pouts. Send some if you like.:)

I trying to plan my Oscar night menu and schedule of all the pre-shows. Plus, I have tons of mags to read and a vintage book on Baroque and Rococo art to surf. I also promised the boys Wendy's for dinner.:) Odd children I have, they don't like McDonalds!!


Review:BB Complexion Moisterizers...

Friday, February 23, 2007

I received samples of the Blended Beauty's BB Complexion Moisturizers( Day Cream, Night Cream and Day Lotion) in the mail about two weeks ago. I think got a new moisturizer!!! Here's the scoop:

BB Complexion Day Cream- a thick luxurious cream that is infused with Tea, Honey and Patchouli( I loved that warmth of scent each time I put it on). I was pleased that it didn't leave my skin greasy all day and soaked in well and there was not a dry spot in sight.
BB Complexion Day Lotion- the only difference for this and the Day Cream, the texture. If you want lighter but all the benefits of an all natural moisturizer, get this.
BB Complexion Night Cream- goes on thick smooth creamy with same scent as the Day Cream and the Day Lotion. I had to go and look at the ingredient list to see the difference because my skin and I saw the the Day Cream and the Night Cream were very similar. The night cream has a "vegetable glycerin"(A sugar derived from soybean and corn oil, glycerin humectant provides superior moisturization) and a different infusion of the tea extract.It is a little bit heavier in texture. I would suggest for normal skin( I'm not a dermatologist, so its a suggestion/opinion) the Day Lotion and Night Cream or just the Day Cream for all around facial use.

visit the website, they have hair goodies too @


Vote for Zion!!!

My Soror Johnnette A.K.A J-Boogie would like for everyone to vote for her son,Zion as Clemson Basketball Fan of the Year!!!

Go Vote!!!


Love it!!!

Oh My!! The fab Miss Jenn look spring time perfect in this emsemble'. She was at a luncheon for her put down but MAC.( I would've been standing around for my gift bag with MAC products in it:) The article in Vogue that Tio Andre wrote is very delicious. Go grab about three copies!
Mi Tio Andre is looking very "urban" in that "stocking cap". Look! They have that damn Barbie that I'm going get me.:)
photo: the grand diva of black folk gossip,

Late Post: CVS Clearance Haulage!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I went to CVS for diapers and came out with:

Essence of Beauty stand up brushes: 2.50 a piece( I got all of them off the rack;)

Essence of Beauty retractable lip brushes: .75 a piece( I got ALL of those!)

Covergirl Smoothers l/g in Hint of Honey( like Miss Julia told me to) and Mocha Mist 2.50 a piece

Milani Mascara in Blue: to tie me over from my BeneFit Bad Girl Blue mascara lust. 1.75

2.00 CVS coupon on top of it all

*I did get the diapers...@ WalMart:)


Meme for All...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sorry peeps...have nothing today. It's one of those days... But I did jack this Meme from Dilly's MySpace Bulletin...I don't think she'll mind.:)

1. Favorite country song? Don't have one and I live in the Upstate of South Carolina,go figure.

2. Last thing you bought? Gas for the Corolla

3. Last time you got flowers?Wow, it has been a long time. My aunt sent me flowers last Valentines' Day

4. Do you share a toothbrush with your significant other?Ew, no.Even if i had one.

5. One of your stuffed animals' names as a kid?Teddy the TeddyBear. It was brought on a plane by my great aunt on my first Christmas in 1977. Still got it. Its in the boys room and they won't touch it!

7. Favorite day of the week?I don't have one. They all seem like the same day with the same responsibilities

8. Favorite Sundae topping?hot caramel. like my men:)

9. Did you take Piano lessons?yes...for like a month. I was already playing like four other instrustments.

10. T.V. show you secretly enjoy?Dog the Bounty Hunter

11. Date someone older or younger?Older. I've always been into older men:) lol

12. One place you could travel to right now?New York.To eat and shop til' I drop and visit my family.

14. Do you know all the words to the Canadian national anthem?nope

15. Best job you ever had?Seriously, I loved working at Ann Taylor because most of the people I worked with were my friends and we hung out and stuff and we were all addicted to fashion.

16. What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep every night?Check the boys.

17. Ever been in a car accident?I had a wreck in the snow coming back to school in 1996 on the Hwy 321( McConnell's Hwy/Cherry Rd).

18. What age is this exciting life over for you?I think that was 26.When I got pregnant.

9. Favorite shoes you have EVER owned?I had these black platform sandals from Nine West back in 1997-1998 that my momma bought me from Nine West full price. She never buys anything full price. I wore those sandals til the straps broke. I had this ON Grecian like sandals with a bamboo soles and they wrapped up your leg in silver about two years ago. wore those out too. And...I got some black flip-flops for the GAP that wear all summer.

20. Were you ever in a school talent show?No, I was a nerd and I would have gotten picked on since I was the black girl that everyone accused of "acting white".( Sorry for bitterness)

21. Allergic to?Penicillin

22. Favorite fruit?Strawberries!!! and Fiji Apples and Cantaloupe with salt!

24. Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap?soap then shampoo

26. Do you scream on roller coasters?Hell yes!

27. Who was your first prom date?Dewayne Walton. We went to the 8th grade prom and the Senior High School Prom. He was like my best friend!

28. Who was your first roommate? Melanie Hyman. We were in this program called STEP together @ the WU the summer before our freshman year. She was really sweet!! Hey Mel!

29. What alcoholic beverage did you drink when you got drunk for the first time?I don't remember. I don't remember when I started to drink. It takes a LOT to get me drunk. I got a dude's liquor tolerance.

30. What was your first job?Sales Associate @ Paramounts Carowinds

31.what was your first car?1978 Plymouth Champ. I was 13.

33. Who was your first grade teacher?Mrs.Kirkley

34. Where did you go on your first airplane ride? I went to NY with my Grandma and my cousin Shonda in 1982.We had to drive all the way to Charlotte to catch the flight because GSP( Greenville-Spartanburg) was a regional airport that didn't fly into NY. We flew at night.

35. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?Nobody. I'm so like that. I never want to bother people with my problems.
photo: my personal collection. It's some random photo from like two years ago.:)

Sephora Wish List...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

So...My Sephora Catalog came in the mail last week and I've been flipping through it try to come up with my wish list. Here goes:

Care by Stella McCartney Discovery Kit-Seriously,I know its certified organic and stuff but $35 for that cleanser? I'll just try the Sample kit first.

Benefit Bad Girl Blue Mascara-blue Mascara!!!I love blue Mascara!!

Stila Smokey Eye Kit-I'm not a big Stila fan but this looks interesting.

Too Faced Little Pink Book-Ya'll know I'm addicted to these Too Faced Books.

Philosophy Power Shower Set - Jenn Wes said the Peach 3n1 was banging.

Sephora Jumbo Eye Pencil in Green- Green e/s and e/l is going to be the death of me one day.:)

Short list...I know.:)


One for Bey...

This is how I like to see Beyonce, sexy,comfy and not over done. This tunic dress is my style with the tights and platforms. Love it!!!



Saturday Swinging or Swangin'(if you are SC)...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

So today I went to Haywood Mall in Greenville. I love that mall,I'll drive an hour on I-85 "hell"a-state to get to it. It has all the characteristics and some of the stores of SouthPark Mall in Charlotte( It's a Simon Mall too) but without the "I'm rich, bitch" aura. You can go into Haywood and not feel bad because you are not carrying a designer bag or driving a Benz and you still get great stores and shopping. Here's some highlights:

MAC Counter at Belk's-I wasn't overwhelmed with "need"or crazy in love with any of the Barbie for MAC stuff I saw. But thought it was very pretty and fun. I think I want lipglasses in Happening Gal and Malibu Barbie. And I might join the bidding war on Ebay for a special edition MAC Barbie. I did score a couple of fold-out Barbie postcards for my MAC postcard collection. I did see a oldie but goodie Ruby Woo that I want again.

The Body Shop- I loved The Body Shop when I worked in SouthPark so I have to go in the one Haywood when I'm there. I "need"the Neroli Jasmine and Rougeberry(notes:Top Notes: raspberry, tangerine and apple. Middle Notes: heliotrope, rose, violet and peach. Base Notes: musk, amber, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla and sugared almond) eau de perfumes for the spring/summer. They smell like nothing you'll ever smell. Plus I sampled some men's fragrances I liked.

Williams and Sonoma- I could live and breathe in there. It's a foodie's paradise and they are always stuffing something down your throat when you go in. Today, they were trying to pimp into buying some Udon noodles. Already got some, peeps. I plotted on a 10-piece glass bowl set for my new place that the boys and I are moving to in May.

Victoria's Secret-saw the new Beauty Rush Body products and LE Insatiable stuff in Hazelnut and Chocolate Covered Berries. I "need" that Chocolate Covered Berries Body Lotion.


I won!!!

Well, folks I'm officially the Second Most Fashionable Kitten picked by the delightful and talented FashionKitty @ Ask Fashion Kitty herself!!! How it happened:

I "play-play" shopped on This Next!!!( With plotting to buy in mind...hey I might win the SC Education Lotto, I really need those Riedel O wine glasses...)

Look out for my Guest Spot on her delicious blog and my special goodies I won from Filthy Gorgeous(above). Thank You, Fashion Kitty!!!!


Friday Night...

Last night,I went to see Daddy's Little Girls. You know, I love a Tyler Perry/Madea Play ( I have them, all including the movies) so I was exicited to see a non-Madea movie and see what Mr.Perry had up his sleeve. Now, I'm not Entertainment Weekly so don't get on me for my reviewing skills. I thought it was good but was unfinished. Unfinished like a granite rock not a pebble stone that's mostly smooth. The story was easy to follow but needed more attention to detail that's what made it unfinished.

For instance, the character that Idris"Fine Ass" Elba( oh, he was beautiful!) plays is a hard working father trying win custody of his children from his hoochie mama baby's mama played by Tyra Banks BFF Tasha Smith(who's acting was kinda campy). Okay, the only thing that movie gives ou is that they are parents to their kids, its doesn't give enough background on their past relationship which could explain how things became to be. Another example, Gabrielle Union's friends played by Terri J.Vaughn and Tracee Ellis Ross are always trying to set her up on a blind date and they mention that they went to college( I know they said she went to an Ivy League college) together. Okay, what college? Details like what college could give me personally insight on the dynamic of the friendship. Little stuff like that is what makes things finished for me. Now go see it...It's cute. Plus it had some yummy fashion like:

Gabrielle Union- she plays an attorney and wears some great tailored pieces but with a little youth and fun. Her wardrobe is not stuffy at all. She carries during the movie a Navy Chloe Paddington bag and her hair is styled in beautiful cropped fat ringlets. Plus she looks like she is wearing a highlighter or a bronzer so her skin looks great. There is one scene she's got on this khaki/tan jacket cinched with a wide brown belt. It was very Michael Kors-esque.

Malinda Williams- she plays G.Union's assistant and repping in fashion like they do in the ATL. Every thing she had on was an "outfit", the shoes matched the top matched the earrings matched the bag. And the haircut...bad...ladies....bad!


Friday, February 16, 2007

Remind me not to watch Clean House NO MORE!!!

I'm done with you Neicy!!!

R.I.P and Good Bye

We(well, only me) at Rural Glamour want to say good bye and so long to these lovely products that we(I) have been using and ran out or just not going to buy anymore or will buy when we(I) get some money because I'm broke.I'm so broke, I feel lost. I just got my car back after a couple hundred dollars in repairs so I'm very broke. No Barbie for MAC for me:( Back to our memorial:

Molton Brown Relaxing Yuan Zhi Body Cream- I loved you with all of my heart. I found you along with the shower gel,massage oil and candles @ TJMaxx last year and I hope to see you again @ TJMaxx because I couldn't afford you otherwise.

Loreal Telescopic Mascara- Okay,I'm just mad at you! Cuz, I just bought you around Christmas and now you are clumpy and you don't separate like you did. How disappointing!! Good Bye!!

Oyin Whipped Pudding- I loved you too but I'm not going order you no more because you come way late and I don't have time to wait a month for you to show up!! So what you are handmade? On to another hair product. Peace!


My Recommendation's @ ThisNext!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

ruralglamour's recommendations at ThisNext

This is so fun...cyber shopping with no money.:)


Natural + Beauty = Effort

I've been thinking about writing on this topic for awhile. Everyday,I wake up I go through alot of steps of washing,brushing,scrubbing, masking,ironing, and checking the mirror several times just to look what think is "decent". I've come to the conclusion that I'm not "naturally" pretty. Now,I don't think I'm ugly but I have to put in serious effort in just to look like something.

Example #1- If I don't watch what I'm eating or put in some kind of exercise I will blow up. Some people feel great as a Plus size diva but I don't. I'm always on a mental diet.

Example#2- I have a skin care regimen that I don't think most celebrities with fantastic skin even do. Why? If I skip a day of day cream or a night of night cream or a Wednesday facial steam or a biweekly lip scrub I look busted. I have a friend who has NEVER used a facial moisturizer. She doesn't have to. She didn't even know what it did.

Example#3- Makeup. I love love love makeup but I can't skip a day. I just look plain and dry.

Example#4- Last year, tried to tone it down, you know less accessories, neutral colors, simpler cuts of clothing, even simpler makeup. I thought maybe if I simplify everything, my natural beauty will shine. I looked like a bum all year.

Example#5( when my girlfriends read this they'll be shocked)- This weekend past,everything from my makeup,to my perfume, to my outfits had been strategically planned for over a week. I packed everything down to the lip glass according to the outfit and the scene. I took pictures of each outfit to make sure it look good on camera. Why all this? If I had packed three black shirts, two pair of jeans and a pair black boots and maybe a dressy bag I would have looked un-Jamie like but others would have looked stunning. The effort I put in is simply crazy sometimes.

My mom used to say to me when I was young in the 80s living in South Carolina going to school where I was normally the only little black girl in the class, that I had to put more "effort" in my school work than everyone else because they(kids,parents,teachers) expected me to fail. In beauty,I have to put in more "effort" than everyone else. I don't wake up to a bump and curl and go. I wake up to take off the scarf,pick out the hair, wet the hair,apply about three different products,fluff the hair, forget the hair, and put on a wig and vintage scarf. I felt like I needed to share this with my readers. Do you feel"naturally" pretty? And how do you do it? Or does your looks require"effort"?

pic: My Last Friday Night Shoes( They matched my eyeshadow,see homecoming post #1)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Face:Wet N Wild Mega Glo Face Illuminator in Paradise
Brows:CG Perfect Point Plus in Espresso
Eyes,Lips,Cheeks: Too Faced The Quickie Chronicles in The Party Girl- I used all three of the e/s and the pink iridescent lipgloss and the blush( which is this gorge pink,wow!!)

Fragrance: The Healing Garden Sensualtherapy in Passion Rose- I love it the mix of vanilla and Rose. I used the All Day Moisture Body Creme then the Romantic Body Mist to layer. I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of rose, but The Healing Garden gives great combo of hydration and smell that feels "sensual"!!

Now that I'm ready for Valentine's Day, I must say that I hate it anyway. Even when I have someone,It's a stressful mess to complete a perfect day. Cynical about V-Day...Damn right! I have endless stories of shopping with overstressed girlfriends for their men the day before, waiting on phone calls from long distance boyfriends who seem to forget what day it was,watching co workers gush over cheap roses and dollarstore greeting cards, and all wishing for finally a "perfect" V-day myself( dinner@ an overcrowded restaurant,cheap flowers,and a $100 bracelet from Zales:)). I woke up this morning to a beautiful gift bag from my mother of chocolate candy( which I will scarf down in a minute...),bath soak, and a pretty,pretty pink leather-like clutch purse. She knows I like clutch handbags!! My mother does love me:)( Today.). I plan on chilling out @ the house, not by choice but because my car broke down yesterday and now its in Spbg@ the Toyota Dealership. But the best part? All that Target Choxie Chocolate will be on sale tomorrow!!!!


There it is yall...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

JHud is on the COVER of VOGUE. Check out @

Rural Glamour's Grammy Awards Fashion Recap!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ciara's dress is going to be a "no" for me. Beautiful dress, but the cuts wrong on her. I see what she was trying to do( keep it young) but the top of the dress cuts her neck off.
Did she and Solange switch weaves?
Love it. and the round toe pumps to match. Comfy glam.
I don't remember when being a VJ qualified you as a red carpet celeb? But I like the dress. Now Ciara could have done this kind of short party dress.
JHud is definitely is focusing on the silhouette of a dress. What works on her body and not what's trendy. Low cut and body skimming. She even looks good in red. Love it.
I posted this picture cause I like the bejeweled bangles and earrings. The dress is just okay.
I don't know. Really, Beyonce's has been missing the mark red carpet frocks lately. I like the color and length. But the cut,especially the strapless( looks like its too small at the top, she's got a half boob situation going on..) is weird on her.
Okay...I just expected a little more pizazz from MJB. This is not her. It might be a "Grammy dress" but its not her.


Make it happen!! Homecoming Trip 2007 Part 1

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Before I go on I must say that this weekend made me realize that...


Obviously,I'm 29 and finished college in 1999. And I don't watch music videos on BET because they are ridiculous, so I'm considered FASHIONABLY old.Damn.

Any way, Homecoming was fabulous but I'm glad its over. The older I get the less I want to go. I will say that most of festivities are not alumni friendly. We normally make our own stuff happen like Friday night...

I met Michael Jordan. For real.

We( T.Hall,Jenn,Erica,Nikkia) went to a Delta sponsored party @ The Sunset Club, one of Charlotte's better grown folks spots for a good drink and cigar. T.Hall alerted me and Erica that since she had arrived that Michael Jordan and Bob Johnson( Charlotte Bobcats owner and former BET CEO) was in the cigar room with like five bodyguards.Of course,I was like, "whatever". But while Nikkia and I stood at the bar, we turned around and the crowd parted and then all of 6foot 7 inches of the best basketball player that ever existed,Michael Jordan walked by like a slow moving commercial. He looks younger in person. I looked him dead in the eye and he gave me this smirky ass smile. Maybe it was that MAC Silver,Dark Soul,Soft Wash Grey piggie combo eye that got him. But he had some "ladies" with him so,I didn't put the moves on him!!!LOL. Hell,I wouldn't know what to say if I could.
Also on the Friday Night FOTD...
Wet N'Wild Mega Glo Face Illuminator in Paradise( I used this all over my face and works like a illuminating foundation)
Loreal Blush in Front Page Peach
KLS by Kimora Lee Simmons Highlighter in Juicy Java
Loreal HIP l/g in Pixie
Loreal Telescopic Mascara