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Mommy...Here go yo' pocketbook....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

This month at Accessory Bug, you, my dear fashionable cuzins, can score the look for less. Just look at Miss Eva Longoria-Paaarker! lol!! That $1595 Jimmy Choo clutch, cuz, is not economical...

But this one is!! Black Evita Ruffled Faux Patent Leather Clutch $34.99. Just think of how many times you'll carry a simple fab black clutch, Dates, church, sometimes work, depending on "what" it is you do. :) And this Fuchsia Large Vicky Giraffe Print Faux Leather Satchel $45.99 ...I see this giraffe print bag all over Spartanburg County all day. Sometimes with monogrammed initials on it. sigh...But I secretly think it super cute...don't tell anybody.:)

How delicious and nutritious!!! Grape and bad for the Fall!!!Purple Tracy Faux Leather Tote $51.99.This might make it to be my key bag for the season... *scrouging up change for the Coinstar machine right now*

Review: Lumene Cosmetic Brush Cleaner...

I believe caring for your makeup brushes, regardless of how much you paid for them.Hey, I don't have many expensive brushes myself, when Essence Of Beauty makes some of the best brushes sold at the drugstore.Why chunk out $50 for a kabuki brush when you can get one for 9.99( And sometimes wait for a BOGO sale at CVS, holla!).
So, I picked this Lumene Cosmetic Brush Cleaner up about month ago...and it inspires me to wash my brushes more often, My key favs about it:
1) It's unscented
2)It doesn't leave a soapy residue like shampoo would.
3) A little bit goes a long way.
Get a tube!