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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Buying and Getting Beauty alternatively...

I did realize the beauty market on Ebay until a couple of years ago when I was hanging out at my girlfriend Gabrielle's house and she was bidding on like 5 different MAC lipglasses. She had just paid for one via PayPal for 5.50 with shipping. I asked her,"you buy makeup on Ebay?!" she answered,"Hell yeah! You just got to find reputable sellers and buy BRAND NEW, no used once or twice". Since, I've gotten tons of beauty off Ebay especially LE or discontinued favorites liek the Sephora White and Sephora Brown bath collections that got discontinued, Philosophy stuff, popular and new perfume decants, MAC piggie samples and the infamous Chanel Noir polish. There are couple favorites that buy from. One always waives my shipping when I buy over $15 from her and get sit shipped super fast. Trust your gut and research the prices and sellers well before purchasing beauty on Ebay.

I also hunt like a wolf for products at TJ Maxx and Marshalls-They are the best down here because there distribution centers in the Carolinas. There is a TJMaxx in Pineville NC( outside Charlotte) that's hotter than July with the swag. Reason: a TJMaxx distribution center is five miles away in Fort Mill and sends that TJMaxx the hotness. But that store is always hella busy!!! Recently I've been lucking up on Kiehls Musk,Korres products,Stacked Style fragrances,Aquolina Pink Sugar( I got the fragrance @ on TJ Maxx and the bath sugar cubes and body powder @ a Marshalls) and Perlier.

All because it drugstore don't mean I'm still not sale shopping- I clip coupons out of Sunday's paper and scan and compare drugstore sales papers. The PJ Brand Saver is a life saver!!

I'm a sample pimp- I can get sample of fragrances and cosmetics at counters like nobody I know. I learned in retail that being nice goes a long away and buying one thing does too. Last Saturday I went by the Origins counter and asked to see the shaving cream that they have. I commented to the SA that lurv the Ginger line and once had the souffle and scraped the bottom the jar of it. I got her laughing and having fun and she made me deluxe sample of the shaving cream, threw in some samples of skincare and other body souffles, and a bag of those peppermint gum balls they have( since lurv those too). I bought nothing but have enough to have fun with with no obligation to use it because I bought it.When I lived in Rock Hill and worked at Dillard's Carolina Place I made friends with a girl at the Lancome counter who left to go work at Sephora. Once I bought her a Chick Fil-A kids meal because she had no lunch money. She remembered that. So before she left she asked me to come out to her car one day. She had packed me a bag of serious gratis that included Deficil eye makeup remover, several GWP bags filled with mini sizes,lipstick, Juicy Tubes, perfume testers and 4.75 that she was giving me back for buying her a kids meal @ Chick Fil-A. When I go in Sephora now, she is the main hook up, packing me up with goodies.

Point: Think outside the box when buying!!


Review:Nature Girl and Rich Hippie Products

Nature Girl Organic Rose Botanical Body Lotion- An awesome, nurturing moisturizer that took little too much time to soak in. But once it's in, it has staying power.I love the packaging with graffiti on a simple bottle. It boasts rose and other floral extracts but the smell was slightly dull. I think it will work good for this summer when its hot and I don't want to smell perfumey.

Nature Girl Nature Groupie Rosemary and Mint Hydrating Body Wash- The body wash is 100% better than the lotion! The scent was true to the description, minty and oh so refreshing. Because it doesn't boasts a lot of the chemical solvents that other body washes do, it makes very little suds. To me that's okay, I always think, more suds, more dryness.

Nature Girl Love Organic Sugar Scrub in Lemon Peel- Loves it!!! The Scrub has these lumpy sugar pieces( Brazilian brown sugar) mixed with organic sunflower,jojoba,and calendula oils. And I'm not a big scrub fan but this one is now my go to scrub for summer skin preparation.

Rich Hippie Organic Perfume in Bliss- I love the name "Rich Hippie"!!Sniffing it out of the bottle does it no justice!I applied it and it totally developed on my skin into this fresh green scent. Bliss is also a great smell when mixed with Nature Girl Rose Botanical Lotion.

visit the websites @ and !!


Finally...Girlfriends on DVD!

The Girlfriends DVD Season 1 will be released on February 27, 2007. It will also include the never seen pilot that shows that Jill Marie Jones and Persia White were not part of the original Girlfriends.


"Cuz I'm Simply Heavenly..." Happy 30th B'Day Jocelyn!!!

Okay...she is going to mad about this pic(at her baby shower). But she was pregnant and I was post baby fat butt.But we are still FABULOUS!!!
At my baby shower with CeCe( in the purple shirt and she was pregnant too! lol!).
Happy Birthday #9(Cloud Nine)!!
Love yo' LS,