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Revisted: MAC Royal Assets:6 Cool Eyes....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I ALMOST 'Shopping My Stash-ed' MAC Royal Assets:6 Cool Eyes Palette but I didn't:) Lets' revisit it instead!!
Ah, I love this palette...Best exchange ever made at the CCO......

I used( after I figured out how to read the colors on the back of the palette...that ish is confusing)... Shadowy Lady, Queen's Jewels, and Modern Heir....

I tried the highlight trick in the inner corner of the eye... works! I'm still growing ya'll.:)


N.O.T.D. O.P.I. Barefoot in Barcelona....

Hey peeples!!

I have about three more colors to show you of the OPI Espana 2009 collex. Prepping for Halloween got me all jacked up and my kids got to nerve to ask me to dressed up for trick or treat...**shaking my head**

This is Barefoot in Barcelona...pretty creamy mauve nude...perfect for day time, office jobs where you have to be conservative( wish I had one of those...). Reminds me of something my Aunt Maxine wore. She always wore a mauve or pearly pink color on her nails which were naturally long and strong.:)

Two coats does the job:)


My Love Affair With Jewelry:Santee Palette+Statement Necklace...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hi Folks !!

Today, I'm starting "My Love Affair With Jewelry " Series over again. I love or expensive...bangles, earrings, necklaces...the obesession goes on and on.

I got this Santee Palette a while ago for $3 and thought went great with the 'Statement' necklace that I made myself. Yes, I made it!!! Can't believe it....Its starter, meaning I do more of them because I like the bibbed necklace look and that I need to figure out the beading pattern I like.

I actually used old beads that I've own for years..back when I made jewelry. I think it came out well.:)
PLUS....I just wanted to show off these vintage boots I found for $2.99. They were a size 9 and they fit up my calves....GOD IS GOOD!!! lol!


Rural Glamour: L'Oreal Color of Hope Quad in Petals of Promise + Infallible l/g in Color of Hope

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Normally, I don't get caught up in the 'Pinkwashing' of October. And I will explain....

For YEARS, companies have been promoting pink everything in October for "breast cancer awareness and research". I'm very skeptical about where the money is really going. My favorite is when a company will say " A PORTION of the process will go to Popular-Named- Breast Cancer Association".

But at any rate...Breast Cancer...any Cancer is REAL TALK. Over the last five years, I've lost my father, great aunt and one of my best girlfriends to Cancer. I miss them deeply and battle is far from over. I have to put it in the Lord's hands that these companies are doing what is ethically right and giving the "a portion of the proceeds" over to Cancer research and awareness.

I picked up L'Oreal Color of Hope Quad in Petals of Promise and L'Oreal Infallible in Color of Hope to honor my Daddy, Aunt Maxine, and Gabrielle James. Gab AKA 'G-Money' would have loved this gloss, even though she was a die hard MAC!
My Dad would have been like "Peaches, you buy TOO much makeup". lol!
My Aunt Maxine would have said " Its pretty, you got a boyfriend or a job yet?" lol!

****I love you Daddy. I know you are watching me and the boys. I miss you insanely****Aunt Maxine, I hope that I made you proud. I will continue to honor your legacy as live in the house you built for our family.****And Gabby J, girlfriend, there aint day goes by were I just want to pick up the phone and call you, I'm still holding it down..."Smiles All Around"***


Wet N' Wild Craze pt.2 with Morbid &Sheild plus WnW Fantasy Makers in Black Magic....

Here's part 2 of my Wet N Wild Craze Polishes...First up...Shield...
Two coats. Glossy. Glittery. Perfect Holiday Gold.
Then its Morbid...A blue-green shimmer. Two coats.

*****Bonus!!!!! I topped Morbid with two coats of WnW Fantasy Makers in Black Magic. Its like confetti glitter...sorta holiday too.:)lol!****


NOTD: China Glaze Fortune Teller...

Monday, October 26, 2009

This is the first of a 'couple' of Halloween NOTDs so stay tuned!!!

Ever since I messed around and wore WnW Craze in Glitz...Ive been crazy over glitters. Today , its China Glaze Fortune Teller....a beautiful black jellylike polish with tons of orange glitter....
Two coats are perfect. I don't want to take it off!!! Its genius!!! Best nail polish this year! Real Talk!


Review: Maybelline New York Smoky Surprise Trio

Happy Monday!!!

I picked up Maybelline New York Smoky Surprise ( from the Poptastic Collection) in Walgreens w/ a$1 off coupon which was on the display. It features a black matte w/ bits of glitter e/s, a dark beige-y brown satin e/s, and a white satin eyeshadow.
I thought I would take pictures with no flash on this one because with the flash...the picture is more true the colors.
Complete look. This time, I followed the 'diagram' and placed the colors where Maybelline told me to. It creates a very "easy" smoky eye...

The black is on the lid, the brown in the crease, and white on the brow bone.....
I like it. This Maybelline Trio is a winner!

What I like it that you get three easy colors to do a smoky/evening/ going out/ eye with. You can turn to these palette only for that and gives you a complete look. I get a lot of my friends ask me how to do a smoky eye. I would high recommend Smoky Surprise. Maybelline should put this in their regular line up....
****The only con I had was that the black was a matte with chunky glitter. The glitter could be excluded. The 'brow bone" color could be also a tad it bit more nude. The 'crease color'( beige dark brown) could have been a bit more blendable, maybe a matte would have been better.****All in all, it a great score:)


Review:Maybelline Stylish Smokes in Emerald Smokes...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finally, I picked up one of the Maybelline Stylish Smokes. I got Emerald Smokes. Why did it take so long? I have no history with Maybelline Eye Shadows. I own none. And I wasn't getting caught up in another smoky eye "kit". I heard these urban tales and myths of the Stylish Smokes being "highly pigmented" and "MAC dupes" after much debating and a little Amazon Associates money coming my way, I picked it up. There.:)

I did this look this morning. It comes with a face chart but I didn't follow it.**Kanye shrug**
Okay, I don't get the "highly pigmented" part. I was building color out of control to get this intensity! I was seriously baffled at this claim. I admit its a pretty green smoky look, but I got shadows that can do this. I do like that golden brown 'lid' color though...that's original.
Eh, I don't think I want another one of the quads but I'll hold on to this one.:)

***Is there a reason why this isn't listed on Maybelline's website?***

NOTD:Wet N' Wild Rock Solid in Mystic Quartz....

Today I'm wearing Wet N' Wild Rock Solid in Mystic Quartz. When I first saw the color in the bottle I was thought it was gorgeous. But this look is THREE coats and I can still see my nail underneath. Total Balloon Boy Hoax of a nail polish. Then I remembered that in the past I have owned a Rock Solid, some holiday LE color, that had the same THREE coat problem and that's why I never owned anymore of these.

***Wet N'Wild, you can discontinue these Rock Solid, now and expand the Craze polishes to more colors...Love, Jamesy:)***


Review:NK Duo Diamond Eye Shadow in ND09 Lux.....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At my local BSS, right under the NK HD eye shadow section, are NK Duo Diamond Eyeshadow. There are about 13 shades...duos for $2.49 a piece. So I picked up ND09 Lux, a bronze/gold duo shade....
The pigment is nice...when I swatched ND09 Lux, it was this glittery texture.....
This is both colors...the darker bronze side on the lid into the crease and the gold crease to almost the brow bone...They are really glittery, probably better used wet. I'll be honest, it took me a month before I bought one, fearing too much glitter. But, the color is the intensity I like....

Rural Glamour: Curls Transitioning Diva Kit....

As you chicas know, I'm transitioning out of my relaxer to my natural, yet AGAIN! lol! I'm currently and officially 16 wks post relaxer....whew!

My lovelies over at Curls(remember my reviews on Joy To Your Curls Kit and Contest?) have introduced a Transitioning Diva Kit, filled with great products to make the relaxer to natural journey alot smoother... Alot of women are coming out of the chemical processes these days and its great to know you can get every thing you need for the ride in one kit. The Transitioning Diva Kit includes:

Step #1 - Cleanse your delicate tresses with Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream without worry. This super hydrating, sulfate free cleanser with gently cleanse without stripping essential nutrients. ( LOVE the Cleansing Cream!)
Step #2 - Give your locks a spa day! Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea conditioner is the deep treatment your transitioning tresses need. Formulated with natural botanicals, exotic extracts, and nourishing emollients designed to moisturize, condition, and strengthen.
Step #3 - Prevent breakage by restoring elasticity & keeping your tresses moisturized, daily with Quenched Curls Moisturizer! This super hydrating, detangling leave in conditioner/moisturizer is now formulated with sunscreen to help protect your hair from damaging UV/UB rays.
Step #4 - Curls Milkshake is the perfect product for transitioning. The pure coconut makes this ideal "new growth smoother" as it natural softens and relaxes kinky hair and helps to "bridge the gap" between your natural and relaxed tresses.

All for $64!


Review: Migi Nail Art....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The good folks over at Migi Nail Art sent me these nail art pens to play with:) I got a pearl white color,a white color, a green color, and a black color....

Each color comes with a brush and a for full nail color and the other for the art....
( with flash) This is the design I came up with last! Ya'll know I'm not this bold on nail design but I like it, its fun and Lord knows I need some fun in my life!!

(Without the flash)

-The colors are intense and opaque. I did two coats and got the look I wanted. I really like that white and black. There are like Wite-Out and Black Ink.

-The art tip is lends a different look to nail art. I love the "brush stroke" of nail art, using a nail brush, but with the tip you can be more "sketchy"....

-The dry time for both the nail color side and nail art pen is horrible. I did two thin coats of the colors and it took 30 minutes and it was still tacky. The pen art was even worse. Another 30 mins and it wasn't dry. I finally put a Quick dry nail polish on it and smeared the art but I didn't care. I just wanted it dry. A hour on dry time is ridiculous.

-I'm sure I'll used them again but doubt an serious investment in them. I researched and found an entire set, all colors( 5 set package) is in the $100 range. Not the the ever-so-often-nail-art enthusantist! But they do have like neon color and primary color sets for $24.99. I could live with the neon set.:)


Review: Physicians Formula Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin Facial Makeup Remover Towelettes

I very excited to finally find Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Facial Remover Towelettes....

.....and find it in all places, my local Wal- Mart. My local Wal- Mart is like a low grade super center. Its doesn't have a Auto Center, Seafood Counter, Mickey D's or any kind of restaurant. The beauty department still has a full displays of Max Factor and Iman( that looks untouched).


-The wipe or "towelette" works great with removing all of my makeup...except my eye makeup( see Cons)
-The towelette was moisturized just enough. It wasn't sopping wet.
-Smelled fresh. Great scent

-The container sucked. Each time I pulled out a towelette, the top would come off. Then I would have to pull the next wipe back thru manually. That made me sooo mad....

-You only get 25 wipes for like 8.38. Not cost effective.

-It didn't get the my eye makeup off very good. And I'm not just talking mascara, like my eye shadow was still on my eyes after a good four strokes over them.

Pass on it. I actually took the thing back. I can buy a box of baby wipes cheaper and they would be more effective.


N.O.T.D:Wet N' Wild Craze Nail Polish in Glitz and Nocturnal...Part 1...

Monday, October 19, 2009

I found Wet N' Wild Craze Nail Polish at was damn near it was two shelves above the floor on the regular display on the side of the WnW display.

This is Glitz...I wore it Saturday...this pic is three coats with a flash....
Natural light( w/o flash)...its pretty. I don't own alot of glitters.( this is 1 of 2)....
Next up...Nocturnal, a creamy black blue that I thought was black in the store and eggplant when I got out in the car....can you "Balloon Boy Punk'd"???! ( btw, that's two coats)

Sorry for the messy application...Awesome color...Its creme navy a drugstore. Reminds me of something OPI or Essie would make and charge 9.00 for it. I will be wearing this alot this fall and winter...
Without flash...:) You'll be can kinda get away with one coat with Nocturnal. Real talk.


Shopping My Stash:MAC Azreal Blue....

Hey Cuzins!!!

Well, I dug MAC Azreal Blue pigment from the crates the create a eye look that would match my Sunday dress. I guess ya'll have guess that by now...that I match my eye shadow to my
MAC Azreal Blue sample( from Ebay..back when they could sell loose piggie samples on there) NK HD #3020 and #3008...
Azreal Blue is right above the crease, in between #3020 and #3008....that #3008 is the bizness...its looks like a dark vanilla but is a matte light vanilla that just blends everything together...

I love blue eye shadow.... excuse 'dem busted eyebrows. I need a beauty assistant. Something or someone to remind a Diva of all scheduled "maintenance".