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Review: Faith Hill Parfums...

Friday, February 05, 2010

I should know country music. I’m from South Carolina…Up Country or Upstate South Carolina at that. But, I don’t. I’ve spend most of my life ignoring it because its every where you go. Every store, restaurant, standing outside pumping gas at the pump is playing country. I only know Faith Hill from magazine covers and that she sings country( I don’t know a single song she sings). So, when I received Faith Hill Parfums, I was taken aback from what I found…here’s the dealio…


-sophisticated notes, It immediately gives you aura of the classics in fashion. I felt like putting on black sheath and kitten heels

-Perfect Sunday go-to-meeting scent. It’s a “good suit” scent

-the powdery dry down to filled my spirit…AwesomeryJ


-the packaging so bland…overly simple, like throw the perfume in a bottle and tie a ribbon around it. You can do classic and sophisticated, without being paper bag plain.


-Love it. Would’ve passed by it in a store and never gave it a glance…but Faith Hill Parfums just taught me that you have open up eyes as well as your nose to find a treasure. Faith Hill Parfums is a super treasure!!


***press sample provided by Coty...thanks!!**

Review: Tarte Natural Complexion Collection in Deep **NEW**

I think I have achieved “complexion perfection” with the Tarte Natural Complexion Collection in Deep. I have never had so many options to even and smooth out my skin tone in one kit for only $54. How is that possible for a brown girl like me? Well, Tarte offers the collection in fair, light, medium, and now deep for the brownest of girls. It includes

-Clean slate natural face primer

-the eraser 4-1 natural concealer

-ReCreate natural anti-aging foundation with Wrinkle Rewind Technology SPF 15

-Provocateur Pressed Mineral Powder with SPF 8

-Mineral Powder Bronzer

-Foundation Brush

You don’t have to use every product every day….mix and match. I doJ There are so many combos:

-Clean slate primer+ReCreate Foundation+ Pressed Mineral Powder= full coverage finish

-The Eraser Concealer + Pressed Mineral Powder= great natural day time look

-Pressed Mineral Powder + Mineral Powder Bronzer = quick-out-the-door look

-The Eraser + ReCreate+ Pressed Mineral Powder = complexion perfection

The Complexion Collection is only available via Sephora for $54. Four products and one brush…even I think that’s deal.:)

***press sample provided by the good folks at Tarte…Thanks!!***


Review: Clairol Professional Jazzing....

I’m always wary of hair color. My motto is “ if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I love my dark hair. But since becoming natural, I’ve looked at other options to bring out my curls and try a new style. Color is an option… finally!!

I was sent Clairol Professional Jazzing Hair Color in Cherry Cola and Ebony. I’ve seen Jazzing in my local BSS, so didn’t feel like I was putting some foreign brand on my hair. Here’s the 411….


-Semi-Permanent but it lasts way more than the 3-5 washes. I was surprised at the longevity of the color

-Pleasant smell.

-Easy to handle with the small bottle

-Great color. My hair is pretty dark but the Cherry Cola tint was a pretty red-orange


-It’s a professional product. So the directions are not outlined like it was a home product, even though you can use it at home. I found this confusing when I didn’t know if to put on gloves or not.

-Again, I wasn’t sure if I should shampoo before or after or both. The directions only say, “Apply to towel dried hair in sections. Use protective cream around hairline. Keep off scalp” The hair color semi-virgin in me was super confused.


-If this is to be marketed as a home product, more directions have to be included. As far as a product, I like it. I’ll do the Ebony soon, and maybe pick up the Cherry Cola for a summer color change.


Review: Beyonce Heat...

I remember the first time I smelled J.Lo Glow, Jennifer Lopez’ first fragrance. It was fire shut up in my bones. I didn’t immediately think, ‘This is how J. Lo smells!’. I thought, “I want the lotion to match, this is awesome!”

One day, I’ll have my own signature fragrance…I don’t have name for it or anything but instead of representing what I like and who I am, my fragrance will be something that capture your heart and fill your spirit. Celebrity fragrances are not based on that lately. Its all about them. Beyonce Heat is the perfect example of Beyonce. Let me explain…


-the notes are diverse… the list reads everywhere from peach to orchid.

-the scent reminds you of nothing you have smelled before. She hit that nail on the head.

-The bottle is pretty, even though I wouldn’t do the graduated color up but reversed it and did the color going down. It would’ve look more refined that way. But she was going for the look of “Heat” *stares*

-The dry down is my favorite part…smells like clean, fresh soap.


-The first spritz will knock you out. The top notes are super strong

-Too much comes out of one spritz. Overkill. She should look into that.

-After 15 minutes, Heat reminded me of oil sheen, like Dudley’s or Design Essentials… high end oil sheen **giggles**


There are so many levels to Heat, it’s not even funny. First, it was too much, then it smelled like hair salon, and finally I liked it. Beyonce, you think? She sometimes does that to me! Lol! If any, she nailed the essence of her. So, if you are a ‘Stan’ or a fan, scoop it up. It will fill your spirit. **looks around** Overall, I like it. I would like to see her do something not so kitschy and popular but more refined, classic, and romantic. Don’t act this is the only scent she’s going to do! Lol!

***Press samples sent by the good folks over at Coty…thanks!!***