Something really cool about photography......

Monday, March 17, 2014

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

  People who love taking pictures with their phones, professional Nashville photographers and Nat Geo magazine, are all crazy in love with the art of photography. There is so much to see and to know about this art. Things are going wild in the world of photography and there are some really cool facts, it would be very nice for you to know.

Every two minutes, we take as many photographs as the people in the whole world did in the 1800s.  This is for you to understand how easy and reachable photography is today. We are so lucky to have the opportunity of immortalizing everything we want. The cameras on our phones are awesome and we can share our tiny creation with the whole world within seconds. When it was all only in the beginning, photography was a delicate luxury. Then it became a once a year thing. So, today we should really appreciate the fact that one wedding is supposed to have one thousand photographs and that one phone can capture everything you want.

In 2011 a survey has shown that in England, 76 percent of people were drunk in the photos they were tagged on Facebook. The survey shows only the fact that people let the cameras do their jobs when they are happy, relaxed and chill. This thing goes for everyone. How many times when being sober you tried to avoid the photographer, but when getting a little dizzy you were shining like a celebrity on the red carpet, in front of the camera. And as the best photographs are the ones that are taken when people do not expect it, the drunken pics are really awesome. Maybe you do not look like a princess, but at least you look real and funny. Happy people are making happy photographs.

  If you ever wondered what is the price of the most expensive camera in this universe, you should know that it is 2.8 million of dollars. It is a rare Leica camera, which was bought for this crazy money at an auction, in Vienna back in the 1923. A mad and rich collector of expensive stuff or just a passionate camera lover who is also rich, shows to the world that photography is precious and it deserves to be treated right.

 I sincerely don’t know if there are any photographs taken with that Leica treasure, but I know one thing, every camera, every photograph and every single photographer in this world are creating this beautiful art for us. It is an art of life, time and people.