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Monday, October 23, 2006

I found this great piece in Jolie Magazine which is so great. I read it one day when I was feel "fab".I thought I would share it with my beautiful blogging friends!

Why not..
...Surrender your desires.
...Toot your own horn.You should be your biggest admirer!
...Wear you sexist lingerie to bed,even if you are alone.
...Buy the shoes,life's too short.
...Indulge in day of pampering at the spa.
...Visit a exotic location.
...Order appetizer and dessert.
...Set a sexy mood with music and candles,undres, then caress and explore every nerve and curve.Make sure to whisper your own damn name!!

Is hot in here?Lol!

Have a great day!



Beauty Week...

I going to finally break down and buy Kiehl's Musk because I can't take it any more!!!I love the way that I can layer it with my other warm smelling scents,ones with musk, sandlewood, amber,fig and get a yummy air around me. I wore it today with Stila Creme Bouquet.And it smells fabulous alone. Now I have samples and even a MUA friend of mine sent me a decant of it, but I need more! Maybe I'll finally get it on Wednesday on my excursion to the Haywood Mall to the MAC Counter.I want to scope out Nocturnelle. I've been lemming Magnetique l/g forever and raves about Endless Love and Beauty Sleep e/s have good over on the MUA.
Plus I know I'm definetly getting the Viva Glam Holiday l/s Palette.

CVS is also have one of the best sales of the year:
BOGO Free Revlon Super Lustrous l/gs
Milani BOGO1/2 off
Essence of Beauty Brushes BOGO1/2
Loreal HIP BOGO free(except the foundation). I will be posting a my haul from that by Thursday.

Have a great day!!

Oh Honey!!!

Today was rough one. So I came home for lunch to finally meet my Oyin package! When I got off work and got the kids bathed and asleep, it was time for a little indulging. I've have Oyin products in the past and love them. So here's what I tried tonight:

Oyin After Bath -I put some,just little in the bath water and on my skin after I got out.The consistency is almost like a gel, not runny like oil can be , which is beautiful. The warm water made the warm but subtle scent of Black Cedar Fig fill the bathroom. Great for cold night and dry fall/winter skin.

Oyin Honey Wash-I like this very much because its texture reminds me of Olay Ribbons Wash,Thick,sudsy but leaves a clean finish to the skin. I can't wait to use it again in the morning!!

Oyin Whipped Shea Butter in Black Cedar Fig-I topped it all off with this great butter. It's like butter too, you just take a little and it goes a long way. I put a little extra on my feet and slipped on some fluffy socks.

My next Oyin haul will be:

Fizzy Milk Bath
Greg Juice
Burnt Sugar Pomade

Good Night!!