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Review and Look:Sephora Colorful Palette in Chromosome X...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This Sephora Colorful Palette in Chromosome X was *gifted* to me. *Thanks diva!* I was so excited to work it!

(sheer plum sheen with multi-colored glitter, rich copper shimmer, vibrant minty turquoise shimmer, soft buttery gold shimmer)-Sephora...

Well, one eye is applied dry and one is applied wet or foiled.( want to guess which is which?) The colors are very sheer...packing them on didn't seen to give me the 'pop' I wanted. So when I foiled the colors on the other eye...It came out PERFECT. I love this palette!!!

Lips are MAC Om with clear gloss...oldie but goodie:)

Review: Cover Girl Lip Stain in Coy Coral #430...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Inspired by Kia to purchase this...I copped Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain in Coy Coral #430.
Where do I start? lol!! Well, as you see its a marker. Like those markers my kids have that they leave the tops off of..then are mad that they are dried up?
*Mental note:Hide this from Kel*

This is CG Outlast Lip Stain on bare lips. I just basically draw'd it on. It went lips aren't too dry. Has a strange smell...

Added a clear gloss.
Overall: I probably will never use it again because I found that the color I picked was too bright...something I wouldn't wear out. But, I'm intrigued...I saw a bronze colored one and I might get that one...see how it works. But its nothing on a brown girl like me without a gloss. Unless you like that matte, dry look. It also stayed on me FOREVER. I washed my face, use makeup remover on my lips to get it off and brushed my teeth...AND it was still on?!!!

N.O.T.D: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lightening

Happy Monday....some you will have one!!

Well, this is a NOTD, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lightening, I created this weekend. I had allergy problems and "monthly" problems but some how that didn't stop me from painting my nails!! lol

The NOTD was inspired by this Ksubi tank that I saw in Elle magazine. I think Rihanna rocked this yellow with smiley faces mani before or was it Solange?

That wonky smile courtesy of Revlon Black Lingerie. I could find but Nubar Nail Art in Black. I plan on investing some of those SH Nail Art pens.

Then I bling'd his ass out!!! Like they do it in the country!!
Alas, cousins...this SH Insta-Dri formula in Lightening is crap. It was chipping the next morning...This is three coats...its super streaky too. Punk ass yellow polish. Sorry for all the, not really.*shrugs shoulders*

Rural Glamour F.A.Qs: A "Dupe" Request....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hey cuzins!!! I had a "dupe" or "Duplicate" request from my lovely traveling bug Soror, Meredith. She really wants this quad that I did a Shopping My Stash F.O.T.D with called Catwalk Prowler. Well, it was from a LE L'Oreal collection in 2005 called Pink Panther featuring Beyonce and is not available in stores( a couple are on Ebay), I couldn't even give her mine because I threw it away! So, asked me to choose some colors similar to those in the palette...

Milani Beach Sand( for the light gold color...but I think I have something darker to dupe that color in my collection...will check again:))
The copper half of HIP Duo in Saucy
The dark pink half of the HIP Duo in Playful

And MAC Romping(it in the Hello Kitty Too Dolly Palette)
Any suggestions for other dupes for the Catwalk Prowler Quad...Let us know!!

N.O.T.D. Milani Sweetheart, My New Hair Sealant Formula, and A Special Request granted by FabFindsUnder$50

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

N.O.T.D. Milani Sweetheart...Thanks Miss Kim!!!

My new hair sealant: olive oil, coconut oil and pure shea decadent!!!I feels amazing to seal with and I've been putting it on the boys hair, too...going to make whipped shea butter next. Nunaavane on YT has a great recipe for this.:)
And look what Kim from FabFindsUnder$50 did for me!I sent her pic of a shirt I thrifted and she gave me tons of advice on how the work it!!! Thanks again, Kim...check it out!

N.O.T.D: Revlon Chocolate Truffle...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Revlon Chocolate Truffle... looks good enough to eat!!


Weekend Edition of Shopping My Stash:Wet N' Wild Ultimate Expressions Eyeshadow Palette in Fantasy Island...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

* many of those Wet N' Wild thingys you got?*

I swear this is it...I think. I found this last night...digging through the stash. It's the Wet N' Wild Palette in Fantasy Island.

Okay...The UNC Tarheel blue color in the upper right corner is the bizness!!!

I did that in the inner corner and the dark green in the middle on the outer corners. The brow highlight in the Vanilla-ish color at the bottom middle.

I've always been iffy with light blues...but I'm excited to work the other colors out in this palette.:)

Rural Glamour: My Skin Care Regimen...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Here it is as promised...My skin care regimen!!
*Disclaimer* I'm not a dermatologist or an esthetician or a expert just a beauty addict.*
First...I change products all the time...hey, the life of a beauty addict. If it looks good and won't hurt my pockets I'm game. Spring is here and Summer just a couple...days away( here down South, it going get hot real quick), so I wanted to clear my skin up really good so I would not have to wear alot of makeup. I stay hot but I gots to look good!!
At night:
-I remove my eye makeup...still looking for that perfect remover...right now its Wet N' Wild Eye Makeup Remover.
In the Morning:
-I wash again with the Cream Cleanser
-I do a mini facial( ck out Mischo Beauty for the steps I use...thanks Kitiya!!) every week on Saturday.
-I carry blotting sheets to control the oilies during the day. CVS makes a dupe of the Clean and Clear ones that love.
-For blemishes( don't get them like I used to, I think age has to do something with) I use on the spot Clean and Clear Persagel with some Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask on top overnight. It works like a miracle.:)
*Watch for CVS for BOGO Free on L'Oreal skincare...they do them alot...that's how I got both moisturizers for $19.99*

N.O.T.D: Essie Chic Boutique...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Essie Chic Boutique
I got the inspiration to dig around my nail polish stash for Essie Chic Boutique after seeing a very similar color on Serena and Taraji in this month's Essence.

My color is bit sheer...I wish knew what color that was on their nails!!! More Nail Dupes coming soon this spring and summer!!

Shopping My Stash: Urban Decay Wallpaper Palette....

I've done a post on this palette,Urban Decay Wallpaper Palette, before but no FOTD with it. The glitter scares me but I had fun re-rediscovering it this morning...maybe another FOTD with it tomorrow...hmm...
I used Asphyxia,Smog and Chopper.

Oh...The lipgloss I'm wearing a lipglass from MAC called Foolishly Fab I picked up at the CCO about a month ago..
And I have no foundation on in these pics...I look so "clear"...but I have a new regimen with some new afforable skin care products straight from the drugstore post very soon.:)

Shopping My Stash: Wet N' Wild Ultimate Expressions in Sand Castle and Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine in Fresh...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This quad... Wet N' Wild Ultimate Expressions in Sand Castle...showed up as I was putting up some clothes that had been laying in a chair in my bedroom. It was in the pile!!! When I first bought it...I thought it would be an awesome neutral palette but in true fashion, I didn't know how to work it...then:)

I also ran across Sally Hansen Lip Shine in Fresh this morning...Hello? I forgot this is the best nude I've ever used!!!
I did I work it? Well, cuzins, This is the nude/neutrals/naturals palette to cop if you only got 5.00( I think its 4.99) Fire! Fire!!! Fire!!!!! lol!!! They still sell it...It's still on the Wet N' Wild website. I'm wearing about four of the colors in the palette. Great pigment, great blending quality...Love Love Love:)


N.O.T.D:St. Patrick's Day Mani...

Happy St. Patrick Day!!!
Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Jumpin Jade,Revlon Black Lingerie and NUBAR Nail Art....

Rural Glamour: Real Talk...The Trouble with Drugstore Makeup....

Monday, March 16, 2009

So....I was watching a very popular beauty/makeup YouTuber do a video on drugstore makeup. She expressed that she loves high end makeup because she knows she can go straight to the counter and try it on and make her decision without the do or die chances( you never know if will work on you or not) you get when purchasing drugstore makeup.

Ok...I understand that. It makes sense. But what if you can't do no better and ds makeup is what you can get now?...

The reason why I say this is that she seemed very condescending in the vid as she reviewed the ds products she picked up.Ok...she might not have no financial problems going on or she's just a shopholic like a lot of us...but it just made me....MAD.

There are alot makeup and beauty product obsessed chicas that:

1) can't afford the high end

2) mix and match

3)just frugal...$15 lipgloss is simply crack prices to them

I'm a #2....most of the time...then I'm #1.:)

But I was furious...don't look down at DS has its good and bad like alot HIGH END makeup...that's all some us( alot of us) can do right now. You know how many YT videos or blogs
I check where YTer or blogger gives a negative review on the $300 worth of HE makeup they bought? Seriously...half of the Hello Kitty reviews were blah.... AND...

As my mother would say "What ain't going on your house today...will be going on in your house tomorrow"

I'll see her at CVS and with her Extra Bucks.

PS...I clicked on unsubscribe... Thoughts?


Rural Glamour:Free Entertainment!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Check out new music and new short films on your iPod for free via iTunes.I copped these yesterday, there's only so much to watch when you have no cable and a DTV box( but no cable bill, yay!):

It's like 10 songs, its pretty dope...


Glamour Reel Moments( go to iTunes,Movies>Short>Films>Glamour Reel Moments)


Beneath The Surface...6 Months Celebration...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is my hair, first relaxer in 2 years on July 19, 2008.I started my hair regimen officially on September 11, 2008...
It was in bad shape even thought it looked good. After a major set back in October( I had large whole patch on my hair break off at the crown, but I've baby-ed back to health and it growinf back ), a great healthy regimen( focusing on the health of my hair the length.)

Here's it is!!! March 11,2008. I can proudly say that alot of health is back. The back and sides are longer than they have EVER been straggly ends. And this is 4 wks post relaxer...and the first time I flat ironed and curled it since I relaxed those 4 wks ago.

I figured some things out about my hair in those 6 mths... It likes co-washes, moisturizing/seal combo twice a day...little combing...hiding under a wig(lol) no pulling and tugging and air-drying. Sound like it likes what I did most of the time when I was natural!!!
I will have my new update regimen tomorrow and a GIVEAWAY!!! Stay tuned!!

Rural Glamour: Layering? Is it necessary?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I was thinking about layering fragrances as a sprayed my new Halle fragrance on for like the tenth time since I received it....
I thought to myself "Should I get the lotion to match when it comes out at Kohl's" "Nah, the scent is holding up just fine." So I asked Fashion Boy (also known by a new name...) "The Tattoo Kang" (self-explanatory)if I should buy the matching lotion. I snickered as watched him ACTUALLY think about it. Then he said,"If the scent is enough you don't need the matching lotion". Point for Fashion Boy...I mean The Tattoo Kang.:)
I have several lotions as you can see here with the coordinating scent. Sometimes I just wear the lotion and totally forget to put on the scent. Then I just do the scent, no lotion. depending on the scent, either or is just right...never both on me...So this "layering" it necessary and do you do it?
Another thing that crossed my mind...I read in, I think, January Bazaar 2009 SJP( Sarah Jessica Parker FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW) mentioned that she spritzes her daily scent three, four times daily....

N.O.T.D.: OPI Significant Other Color...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Hi Everyone!!

I did this mani yesterday while chillin' on my front porch watching my kids run and run and run in the yard!!
OPI Significant Other Color

I got this in the clearance bin, too, at Trade Secret. And I know why it was there. Wack. Sheer wackness...that's three coats you are looking at with my nail still showing plus it looks nothing like the bottle color( it goes on yellow greenish) AND the name is perfect because it was "significantly" Another Color. *sigh*

N.O.T.D: Ruby Kisses Caribbean...

Friday, March 06, 2009


I bought this a couple months ago during a random run in at the BSS. Paid 1.00 for it. So, while I was feenin' for Essie Mesmerize, in my own collection there was... its frugal, yet fab lil' sista Ruby Kisses Caribbean. I'm going to check the BSS again to see if they got anymore...I'm itching to do a giveaway on this:)

Review:Halle by Halle Berry...The Fragrance...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm so excited to be doing a review on Halle by Halle Berry, the new fragrance by Halle Berry! Here we go:


Top: Sicilian Bergamot Fig Leaves and Pear Blossom

Heart:Freesia Petals,Hibiscus Flower, and Ultra Mimosa

Dry Down: Sandalwood, Driftwood,Cashmere Musk, Olibanum Absolute, and Sensual Amber


I love this scent!!! I'm huge fan of fig and sandalwood, I love warm and woodsy fragrances, so this was an immediate hit for me. It smells very .very similar to my Prada Eau de Parfum( the original one released in 2004), but Prada is more Amber than fig . The packaging as you can see is gorgeous, very vintage inspired... Great for night or day, you don't have to just wear it at night.


Really none...other than, why would they introduce such a woodsy, warm scent right before spring? I normally don't wear anything with that oriental, warm smell to it once it gets hot. Maybe the chemistry of the scent changes for the better once the weather warms up and the skin warms up. I'll keep it out just to see how it does...I'll update:)


Great addition to your fragrance collection. Check it out!...It will be sold at Kohls and released this month.I've been wearing it every day since receiving it and feeling swexy:)...