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Beauty Hate?

Friday, February 01, 2008

I was trying not to comment but here it goes...

Obviously I was missing in cyber-action when the NYT article featuring Tia Williams and beauty blogging came down from high hell. After reading the article and several beauty blogs and comment sections, I finally decided to stand up for beauty blogging in my own good ole' Union County S.C. kind of way...

I started my blog in 2006 as a way to connect with the beauty and fashion community with my own voice. I'm 30 year-old mother that has had her share of health problems and financial hardship. It lead to me to move back home to Union after 10 years from the Charlotte/Rock Hill area. Still, I was beauty and fashion addict. I blog about my real life in beauty. I live an hour from a mall, a hour and a half from a "real" mall and two hours from a Sephora. But my mom has internet access and we recieve mail from the United States Postal Service:). There are women like me all over this world who can't buy $100 face creams and go to fashion shows on a whim but don't give up their obessession with all things pretty. We make due. I know I do and I'm more fabulous because I know how in my own way. I don't blog for free stuff. Believe me, I didn't even know how these bloggers were getting free products til one day I was reading a popular blog and she said that a package from L'Oreal was on her doorstep when got home. I was like, " They just sent her that to review?" Most ( about 98%) of my products I buy. I never do a review on anything I haven't used. I'm grateful for the companies who have sent me things. And I give bad reviews, ya'll know that! And shit, I got full time job and no internet at my house and will make time to come over Grandma's to blog about the 75% sale at CVS or what I spent my gas money on because I love it.:)


And if I was in it for ad revenue or free products, hell, I wouldn't have a blog. I make no money and every so often I get some emails or products sent to me. That chick over at the Times ain't nothing but another Gabby Union hating on bloggers. Hate on me! Please! I love it!( I reminds of my WU days...)

As Kat Williams would say, "If you got 10 haters now ladies, try working on getting 5 more by the summer!"

and BTW...I want a "beauty" room too, Julia. lol!


Combo 4,5...

I ran out of my bareMinerals foundation in Deep last week. And I know that if I can't even go over to Divas On Main to replace it, I'm going end up coming out of there with Tyler Candles, earrings, other beauty things and empty pockets. That place is so addictive that I can't go to Monsoon Noodle House for lunch without popping into Divas. But anyway, I dug out my bareMinerals Warmth and used that with the kabuki brush and layered it lightly with L'Oreal HIP Bronzer in Radiant for a amazing glow and flawless look. I was shocked, considering I hated it that Warmth powder when I first got it with the BareMinerals kit!


Building The Rural Glamour Beauty Empire...

I live with Alexander the Great, Spencer Alexander( twin #1) that is. Everything to him is "mine!!" even though he has a built-in best friend whom he shares everything with. The house is his "empire" ,except "Mommy's Room and Mommy's Bathroom". That's my empire. And I have been playing catch up since this summer when I went through a "beauty drought". Hell, I was broke!

But I'm back on the product prowl, grabbing up stuff left and right but on a budget. Like the Loreal HIP clearance at CVS. They discontinuing some product again and I grabbed lip gloss in Giddy and Honest for 75% off.

I also picked up Essence of Beauty Purple Fields Body Lotion ( you know I love lavender) EOB Sunset Fields Body Lotion and EOB Passion Flower Body Cream. They were Buy 2 get 1 Free, I had a $1 coupon for EOB products and $5 in Extra Bucks. So I got three lotions and two lipglosses for around $10.

I feel like a budget Empress! :0

Now, you wait til I get my income tax refund...But I'm going to get a new washing machine first. lol!