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My 1st "Nappiversary" Week!: What products I'm using NOW....

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

 Ok....I'm going to do a run down of the products that are working for my hair right NOW. NOW as in, if sometimes happens and I need switch it up, I can do that. One important lesson I learned over this year is that I can't play "product junkie" with my hair.Things go down hill when I do that, so when I find what works I don't stray away.

Shampoos and Cleansers

Organix Cocoa Butter Shampoo:  I used this weekly for my shampoo. Its a moisterizing shampoo.

Bee Mine Shampoo Bar: I use this bar to clarify every three weeks. If my hair feels heavy with product, I'll use it when needed.

Suave Daily Defense Conditioners: Co-wash condish, once a week

Hair One Hair Cleanser: Just bought these  and haven't use them. Trying see if they work for my co-wash.;)
 Conditioners and Treatments

Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor: I'm currently using this every week to get my hair back in shape after wearing wigs most of my 1st natural year.

Bee Mine Bee-U-Ti-Ful Deep Conditioner: I deep condish once a week and go between this one and two others depending on the needs of my hair. Sometimes I need a light protein, a heavy moisterizing, or a heavy protein. Bee- U- Ti- Ful is my heavy moisterizing treatment

Bee Mine Avocado Cream Balanced Conditioner: My light protein. I do 20 minutes with a plastic cap under the dryer with all deep conditioning

Burts Bees Raspberry and Brazil Nut: I use this as a medium to heavy protein deep condish.

Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer: I use this only after I do the 2 Minute Reconstructor and after I Deep Condish.

Motions CPR Triple Action Leave-In Conditioner: This is my creamy base Leave In that I use with the Kimmaytube Leave In Recipe
Daily Moisterizing

I moisturize and seal twice a day. My hair can handle it and needs twice a day M &S.

Spray Bottle with water: to make my hair pliable when M&S and added moisture.

100% Glycerin: Its been working miracles for me so far. I put about two tablespoons in the spray with water and I get the softest hair.

Palmer's Olive Oil Hair Milk: Best daily moisturize I've used this year. Its light so you can build the moisture you need in layers.

Water Bottle with a tablespoon of Bee Mine Avocado Cream Condish Mixed In: I use this when I feel my hair need a little daily protein

Eco Style Olive Oil: I use this gel for my edges. I dont do raggedy edges. lol
The Oils

I used oils to seal the moisture in. I normally do a Coconut and Olive Oil mix but recently I picked up Grapeseed Oil and Avocado Oil to add to the mix.

Everything I use is for MY hair's needs and might not be for your hair's needs. I have very thick, tightly coiled hair that loses moisture very easily.

Stay Tuned for "What I Learned Being Natural  This First Year"!!

My 1st "Nappiversary" Week and more!

( Me: November 11,2009 after the BIG CHOP!)

Yes! It has finally arrived! My Nappiversary ( One year relaxer/chemical free) is in a two days( November 11, 2010) and I've already straighten and "length checked' my hair and I can't wait to show everyone the progress pictures. I plan on celebrating all week with different posts about my journey, my products and hair in general! I feel like having a party for my hair! Check out the picture above. I had just cut all of my relaxed ends off after 10 1/2 months of "transitioning".
Also I have new review goodness coming up featuring CSN. They sell everything from barstool, shoes, office supplies and  everything in between. With over 200+ stores to choose from, its the ultimate online shopping experience. Of course I will be giving you the scoop. How cute are these shoes!

Stay Tuned!