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CVS Clearance Haul...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I ran up in CVS looking for the new Revlon Photo Ready Foundation and rolled up on their annual or semi-annual cosmetic clearance!! I didn't have the patience to really get down and dirty and look and ponder, I had the little ones:) but I'll go back soon. Here's what I got:

H.I.P Paints in Secretive and Steely

Revlon Matte Eye shadows in Luscious Lime and Pink Innocence

Almay Pure Blends Eye Shadows in Cocoa, Sage, Steel, Oatmeal, and Lavender

Almay Pure Blends lip gloss in Nude

Revlon Beyond Natural Mascara in Black

Total with Tax:23.75

Poor lil' Christmas change is GONE. lol!