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How To Prepare for 2015 In Money and In Style!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!

Can you believe that 2015 is right around the corner? People always say that the year “goes fast” but 2014 actually did go fast, at least for me.  I’m always ready and awaiting a fresh new year with a fresh new start. Each year, I get better at learning from hard times and taking those lessons and making some better out of them. Growing financially mature is one of the main lessons always in my life. I've been through alot money wise, I often think “I must be getting prepared to me a millionaire.” Lol I learned that there is nothing embarrassing about your struggle, at least  learn from it.

Planning for an awesome 2015 financially is what I’m starting for the New Year. It’s not enough to just say, “I want to save more”.  I need a plan of attack!! Here are some ideas I've got going in my Notes section of my IPod. I’m always keeping running lists, inspiration and ideas in that area and it’s naturally convenient as well.

#1- Cleaning out my handbag, wallet, receipts, bill folders- I can be a bit messy sometimes, but once heard an motivational speaker say to treat your money, no matter much you have, like you want it to treat you. Getting organized and putting forth effort to staying organized, like cleaning your purse out once week is on my to do list.

#2 Setting a savings goal and creating a plan of attack- My biggest issue to date financially is saving money. I feel like if I can destroy the thought of “I can’t save money very well” I will be able to do so much more. I've currently started to challenge myself to save and it has been going well.  I have a big goal for 2015, to save a set amount so that we can move into our own place. I want to be prepared to move and move the way I want to (new furniture, professional movers) and I need put the money aside as much as possible. I’m working on that plan of attack too. I will become a great saver!

#3 Speaking financial greatness into my life- If I don’t tell myself, that I can save, I can spend wisely, I can budget well for my family, I will be able to support my family abundantly….then who will? Speaking those positive phrases over your financial life can help you become to fiscal diva you want to be. All this is coming from a woman who has been unemployed on and off for 5 years, single mom of twins, living with a parent with currently $65 in her pocket. WE will be great in money and style!!!!!

Capital One 360 BlackFriday Sale can help you on the road to financial savvy and style.  Check out these awesome offerings to start right now at New Year financially:
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 Visit the site to start right now on your 2015 financial goals!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Style Friday: My Fall/Winter Fashion Wishlist!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

Here's my Fall/Winter Fashion Wishlist. I just LOVE this weather....until we got a Southern snow and I'm stuck in the house for three days because of two inches of snow.:(

"Shoeties" or "Booties"
Jeans ( at least two pair)
Demin vest
Black blazer
Chambray shirt
Large, HUGE Slouchy black hat
Moto jacket
Combat boots
New Winter Coat
Black Tights
Black heels or pumps
Black Cardigan

As you can see, I need ALOT of basics. I don't how this happens. I think its because I don't buy alot of clothing. I love fashion but my clothing budget is super slim. Plus, I buy jewelry and makeup before clothing. Finding things that fit and look good and I actually like is such a challenge with my size and height sometimes. So earrings and makeup almost always fit! LOL! But I don't give up, I can look good at any size. Things are looking up and I'm finding some great pieces at some good prices! I'll keep you updated and follow me on Instagram, that's where I post alot of my mini, itsy bitsy hauls. lol!

Quick! What Should I Buy? Holiday Guide 2014: $.99 E-Books From Delphine Publications......

Hey Everyone!!!

Here's an awesome Black Friday sale deal for my readers and book nerds. Delphine Publications is having a $.99 E-book sale available on these book titles on Amazon and Nook. I just read Splitting Karma and I'm in the middle of The Words I Didn't Say. If you are anything like me, just chilling in the house watching movies and eating this holiday, grab one of these $.99 deals and get ready dive into some interesting characters and their lives!!

Check out the list of $.99 books below and follow Delphine Publications on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, stay tuned for my book reviews of Splitting Karma, The Words I Didn't Say and Hate The Way He Loves Me. 

5 Ways To Save Money On Cosmetics!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

I wanted to share with you my top five ways I save money on cosmetics. Sometimes, I splurge and buy what I want but most cases, I'm looking for an awesome deal on makeup, high or low end. Here are few ways I get this done!

Improve your application technique....

Each year I set "beauty resolutions" and most of them are technique goals: how to contour, how apply lashes, how to do a smoky eye, etc. I've done this goal setting for years and with each goal reached, I noticed I could use cheap makeup and bang out a look that would rival any high end makeup look. It was all because my technique got better. When the application got better, I could use any brand and do a great look. Improving your makeup application can save you money in the long run!

Chill... don't be so heavy handed.....

I believe "heavy handed-ness"( not a real word. lol) is a mental disease. It has nothing to do with the fact that you actually like a lot of product but a lot of times we are heavy handed with products and use to much because you just go out and buy more. We subconsciously think, "I'll run out, and I'll just get some more". I treat a lot of favorite products, especially primers and BB Creams, like they are limited edition. When you run out, you have RAN out and there is no more being reproduced!! Just think about that the next time you are about to over apply your loose powder or's "limited edition"!

Stash Shopping.....

Whenever I get the urge to shop and Navient/Miss Sallie Mae is on my tail, I go to the drawers...or makeup and shop around my own stash for makeup I haven't used in a while. Most of the time, I find brand new stuff. Then I don't need to shop for new stuff, when I have new stuff. This is especially effective with nail polish. There's always a bottle of new polish awaiting me in my stash!! Try it, shop your stash, I guarantee there's free and "new" stuff in there.

Stick to your "Holy Grails"

Stick to your "Holy Grails", products are faithful to your face and that you can't live without. You know they work and you know their price. But it's when you want to try something new, you tend to over spend, trying to find a new product or products when the Holy Grail product has been working all along.

Create a Wishlist

I have a running list in my Notes section on my iPad and occasionally a Pin products on Pinterest of products I want to try. Its really to organize my mind, so I can see what I want, what I've changed my mind about, and what I can't live without. The wishlist is sort a visual way of budgeting in a sense. I see what I want, if I want make the ends to get it, and how I will do that or if its all worth it. That way, it helps me save money on an impulse buy.

These tips have helped me so much!! Got any other money saving tips toward beauty you want to add? Hit me in the comments:).

A Fresh Coat of Polish: Rimmel Salon Pro 337 Purple Rain.....

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hey Everyone!

I picked up Rimmel Salon Pro 337 Purple Rain from Walmart one day, only to get it home and realize I have three other lavender shades that look just like it.  SMH!

I still went ahead and applied it with Orly Bonder and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Fast Dry Top Coat. That was Wednesday and today, Sunday, it finally started it chip. FIVE DAYS, NO CHIPS ON MY NAILS!!!!!??? I couldn't believe it!! LOL!

But, seriously, I don't know if it was the Orly Bonder technique I do or the formula itself, but for five days, I only had a slight tip wear. I never thought I was see the day I would have tip wear on my natural nails. I'm used to manicure destroying chips within two days tops.

I need to get more of these colors! Have you tried Rimmel Salon Pro polish?? What are your favorite colors?

Pin of The Week!!! My Fall Fashion Inspiration Lookbook on Pinterest.....

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

This week, instead of featuring one pin, I'm featuring a WHOLE BOARD. Yes, I'm featuring my Fall Fashion Inspiration Lookbook on Pinterest. I've been "liking" and "pinning" away on this girl for a few weeks now. It's so yummy and so full of my style that I often go to it in the morning or at night before a lay out my outfit of the day!

Some of  my fashion inspiration pins include:

I love the casual luxe style aesthetic. And I find inspiration in all shapes and sizes. :)

Come on over and bless us with your presence!!! Here's the link to the BOARD!!!

Haul: CVS Winter 2014 Beauty Clearance.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hey Everyone!

I finally got to the CVS Beauty Clearance for Winter 2014. I played no games, people. I had my Master List ( Go to Nouveau Cheap and copy paste that thing!) and my budget. That's right...I wasn't getting a whole bunch of junk only to not use any of it. I'm guilty of that every single sale. I knew that I wanted was most of the Milani Clearance which was coming up at 75% off.

The 1st store I went to didn't have ANY MARKDOWNS done. NONE. This why having the Master List on deck is sooooo important!!! I grabbed what I wanted then went to the price check box and scanned to make sure it was all clearanced. The 2nd store had markdowns done.

Here's my haul:

Nail Polish Remover- $.50 a piece
Brow Kit- $1.75

Bronzer- $2.49
Power Lip Gloss- $1.62 a piece
Lip Gloss- $1.37 a piece
Lip Stick- $1.49
Lipliners- $.99 a piece
Eyeliners-$2.12 and $1.99

Sally Hansen

French Mani- $3.25
Glitter- $2.62

$28.74 ( before tax)

I did have any coupons or Extra Bucks but the $28.74 did put me put over in my Beauty Bucks so a $5 coupon should print Friday or Saturday ( takes about 48 hours).

Have you been to "The Sale" yet???

A Fresh Coat of Polish: City Color Candy Apple....

Hey Everyone!!

This past weekend, I attended my alumni ( Winthrop University) Homecoming and I wore on my nails and toes City Color Candy Apple. It's a creamy bright opaque red. I think I paid $.99 for it and bought it at Rainbow.

5 Ways to Save Money on Hair Products.....

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey Everyone!

While I was washing my hair on Friday, I had an idea. I always have ideas when I wash my hair! Anyway, I thought I would share how I save on hair products. I'm natural ( 5 years) and on a tight budget and those two don't always add up. If you have natural hair, you know that products can eat your pockets alive! However, I think my tips can work with any kind of hair.

Quick Disclosure: I'm not a hair professional, so if what you are doing is working for you, DO IT.

#1 Use regular conditioner as a deep conditioner. 

I can remember when I didn't even deep condition, now I can't go a week without "DC'ing". However, deep conditioners are almost always more expensive than regular conditioners. But some regular conditioners have the same benefits as deep conditioners. And they are cheaper. I use a regular conditioner as a DC, put on a plastic cap for 20 mins and wash it out. I personally have the same results with both products, done both ways

#2 Dilute your shampoo.

I have dry hair, so I co-wash ( wash my hair with a conditioner wash shampoo) but before I co-wash, I wash my scalp only with a sulfate shampoo. Sulfate shampoos clean my scalp really good but if I get too much on my hair, I can automatically feel the stripping. So, I dilute the shampoo with water. I pour a dime size of shampoo in my hand then I let some water in my hand, swish it around, then apply to my scalp. In one wash with this method, my scalp is clean and I've used less shampoo.

#3 Stop being heavy handed.

Be conscience of the amount of product that you are using so you can stretch it longer. One way I do this, especially with my moisturizer that runs $20 shipped, is that I apply a small amount and comb it through my hair. That way, my hair get saturated properly with the small amount of product I use. Then, I'm not over using it. I was amazed the first time I used a small amount of my beloved moisturizer and combed it through and the style after was perfect.

#4 DIY your product.

Need a conditioner or a leave in or a styling product? Take your self to Pinterest and search "DIY Name That Product" and I guarantee you will find a recipe that will help you make your own hair product and possibly save some money.

#5 Shop hair products in different places.

I've noticed that some really great quality hair products for all hair types with low prices are at Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, Ollie's and the list goes on and on. Don't regulate yourself to just Walmart and Target or online. Next time you are walking through the mall, stop in a salon and see what sales they are having on products. Or check around the beauty departments of your favorite department stores. Step out the box when shopping for hair products.

Share some of your tips on saving on hair products in the comments! I'm always looking for some good ideas:))

Style Friday!!! $5 Statement Jewelry at Walmart and Jewelry Haul....

Friday, November 14, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!

I'm doing a new segment on Friday called Style Friday and today I ran in Walmart and ran into $5 statement earrings!! Walmart is trying to catch up with Target! I've seen similar styles of those earrings in department and speciality stores running $10 and up and UP. I wanted to "clean house"( and I will.:)) but I'll be back! There were so many styles, I took photos so I can go back and choose. Trust me, these are going to nowhere at my particular Walmart. #ruralAmericaproblems

I was also looking for a necklace to complete an outfit ( it's the necklace on the black top below) and also picked up some $1 jewelry at a local boutique.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Let's Shop! Customizing Jewelry with Anjolee.....

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

From luxury to handmade to costume, I love jewelry. I think most of my old readers know that by now! The adornment of jewelry is ultimate style for me. I need to be in at least four pieces of jewelry a day and every piece must tie together effortlessly. Sometimes, I get a creative bug in my spirit and think of pieces I would like to make. Then I realize that even though I'm very visually creative, I'm not as handy with tools, glue and paint as I would like to be. That's when sites like Etsy and Anjolee come in.

Anjolee is a jewelry company that allows you to customize fine jewelry to your standard and liking. All of Anjolee pieces can be customized according to preference of metal type, diamond size, diamond/gemstone quality, and length/size. Plus you customize with gemstones and birthstones.

I've always craved a tennis bracelet and a pair of diamond stud earrings. For me, those are two classic pieces for a jewelry wardrobe. The diamond earrings can be dressed with any necklace and the bracelet can worn alone or layered with other pieces. Plus they both look decadent on the wrist and in the ears.

I chose to customize a pair of Royal Four Prong Diamond Studs, 14 carat White Gold with 1.46 carat weight. I thought the prong setting was gorgeous and unique!

I also played around and customized a tennis bracelet. I chose the Princess Cut Dreams Bracelet. It is literally the bracelet I've dreamed of since I was little girl looking through jewelry catalogs and going in jewelry stores with my Granny. It's 18 carat White Gold, 4.05 carat and I also selected the wrist size a little bigger than the 'standard' since I have thick wrists.

That was FUN!!!!

Visit Anjolee at to customize some amazing pieces for you or your love ones!

If you had a chance to pick a piece and customize a piece from Anjolee, what would it be? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was monetarily compensated and all the opinions are my own.

A Fresh Coat of Nail Polish: Bonita Starry Night....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

I'm excited to start my Fresh Coat posts again. I have SOOOOO  much new polish, it's ridiculous. However, I was struggling with alot of ups and downs with my nails: the growth, then splitting, and peeling. All of these problems had me feeling so uncomfortable and not confident about wearing polish. I thought, if I didn't wear polish, no one would notice my nails being a wreck. I could see my Granny  getting me together for that decision!

I picked up two Bonita polishes yesterday at a Rite Aid. I've never tried this brand, but they had a beautiful fall color story display and the price was right ($1.49), so why not pick up a few colors. This shade is Starry Night, a green-blue with iridescent fine glitter. I only applied one coat and it was completely opaque. I wonder if all the Bonita polishes have that formula.

What you think about Bonita polishes? Let me know in the comments!

Pin of the Week!!! MAC Smoked Purple Dupe.....

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

Last week, I wanted to order MAC Smoked Purple. I wanted it but something told me to hit Pinterest and search for possible dupes. Guess what? I found dupes....and I owned both of them already.

Money saved!!! Thanks Pinterest!! lol!

Rimmel Rosetto #4, I believe was limited edition shade but you can buy it below.....

Wet N Wild 919B ( Vamp It Up) can be found at any drugstore that sells Wet N Wild.

Flower by Drew Barrymore Fragrances in Sultry, Radiant and Cherished Review + TWO DUPES......

Hey Everyone!!

Last week, I spotted the new Flower by Drew Barrymore Fragrances that I heard Nouveau Cheap talking about on her blog. I really like the makeup line, the few pieces of it I have, so I was excited to check out the fragrances. And just like makeup, I wear a variety of price range of scents, from expensive to body sprays. Just as long as it smells good on me.:)

I wouldn't call this a review because I haven't checked the scents with a body chemistry to see how they really smell on me. This post is more like a "first impressions" on how the scents smell to my taste. I found some very interesting things about them, including TWO possible DUPES!

"is a sensual and alluring oriental floral"

I do find Sultry sensual and spicy and I'm curious to see how it works with my body chemistry. I automatically wanted to buy this one on the spot. Sultry smell the most original out of the three.

"is a striking and confident sparkling floral"

I IMMEDIATELY thought Radiant smelled familiar. I kept smelling the scent tab and it smells very close, really close to Estee Lauder Pleasures, the original one. I wore Pleasures for years and years. It was the first high end scent I ever bought when I was in college.

"is a comforting and nuzzly powdery floral"

It smells exactly like Victoria's Secret Heavenly. Yep. A drugstore dupe of Heavenly.

I think I'll go back soon for Sultry in the rollerball.

Have you smelled the Flower by Drew Barrymore Fragrances? Let me know in the comments!

Pin of the Week!!! $1 MAC Dupes!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

Time for Pin of the favorite pin on Pinterest about beauty! This one is amazing! I've talked about NK lipsticks before in previous posts. They are pretty decent lipsticks found at your locally owned ( Not Sally Beauty Supply) beauty supply for around a $1. They are also online for a $1 on several websites.

It's not a secret that some of the colors are MAC dupes. I found a MAC Riri Woo dupe in a NK lipstick ( check out that post HERE). So this particular pin lists a handful of MAC lipstick dupes in NK lipsticks.

Click HERE to see that pin and pin it to your board for safe keeping!!!

Know of any other MAC dupes in NK lipsticks other than the ones listed?? Drop them down in my comments. Sharing is INDEED caring, love.:)

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Finding Deals....Beauty and Makeup at Burlington Coat Factory......

Hey Everyone!!!

My mother is a big fan of Burlington Coat Factory, which is one reason I never go in there. lol! However, since my kids' tutoring center is next door to  a Burlington, I find myself just popping in, to see what they have. Lately, their beauty section has been popping!

I would compare their beauty product section( specifically the Burlington in my area, your closest store may be different) to Ross or Marshalls. Since we are nearing the holiday season, the section has gotten a lot of sets and other gift giving goodies.

Here are a few photos of things I've found.....

I went back for that Philosophy lotion...and it was gone!! It was a steal for Philosophy at $14.99.

So, have you dipped in Burlington for makeup before? What did you find? Let me know in the comments!

Beauty, Life and The Kitchen Sink! Follow Me on Instagram!

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

I'm inviting you all to follow me on Instagram! I'm on there posting beauty, life, fun, food, memes, just having a good time.

My IG is ruralglamour

Now, my ish is private so I can make sure I don't get the spammy accounts. And I'm a control freak. I don't need no negativity or drama. Even if you are my relative.:)