Super Rave: CK IN2U for Women....

Monday, June 02, 2008

I get really obsessed during the summer over smelling extra fabulous. First, it gets hotter that hell here.Second, you sweat regardless of the extreme A/C you sit under all day because you don't want to go outside. Third, the A/C in my car...stays on the blink.

So when I went into the Westgate Mall Belk *gasp!*( I was looking for the boys some sandals...) I found myself buying FULL PRICE CK IN2U. I love it! It's so fresh and sweet and I felt clean in it. Check out the notes:

Defined by the spirit of today’s youthful generation, this bold, authentic fragrance opens surprisingly with redcurrant leaves, Sicilian bergamot and pink grapefruit fizz underscored by sugar orchid and white cactus. Red cedar, neon amber and vanilla soufflĂ© complete this fresh, flori-oriental fragrance

Now I'm needing that lotion to match...:)


Pic and quote:

BigGyrl Fab Outfit 06/01/08.....

Happy First Sunday!!

I know, I didn't look happy. I took these pics after Morning Service. After Grandma made me mad in church! Sad, I know. I just couldn't shake it. But here goes:

Top:It's Fashion( like three years ago...)
Tank:James Perse via some outlet store in Pineville,NC that I can't remember the name...
Pants:It's Fashion
Belt:Simply Fashion
Bracelets:This N'That
Vintage Hair Pin: Goodwill

I can't wear earrings right now because my right lobe hurts. Probably because of all the cheap earrings I wear. So I settled for a vintage pin I found at the Hillcrest Goodwill.