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Rural Living: ~ Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring From Your Fine Jewelers~

Friday, August 31, 2012

Inspired by love and the promise of marriage, an engagement ring symbolizes more than just a pretty ring. However, who doesn’t want a pretty engagement ring?  How do you pick it? What should you look for? Where is Jonathan's Fine Jewelers? Even I want these answers, for future reference, of course.  Instead of doing my classic online research on what tips you should have in selecting an engagement ring, I went to my Facebook page for the answers. My status read:

“Hi friends and family! I'm writing an article for a site on how to pick the perfect engagement ring and I would love some insight and opinion on this topic! Please let me know you would (or will) pick your perfect ring! You even hit my inbox if you don't want your business out there! Thanks!!”

Well I will say, that my Facebook friends and family did not fail me. I received an awesome outpouring of stories and comments that made my heart sing. So here are some real life tips on picking the perfect engagement ring!

1     1)      Consider her personality in choosing what ring she would love to wear.

“When Jacobee and I went to look at rings I had no clue what I really wanted. I decided on a princess cut bc in my opinion it looked "alright." Well. He did not get it. Instead he took his roommate and my roommate and picked out a ring, which was ten times better than my pick. It was the three diamonds across the top which meant today, tomorrow and always and a diamond band. #lovethatguy:)” --Roshanda

“I was so shocked he asked my roommate to go along to help. It was my style, my personality and the meaning behind it… very big on that kind of thing by the way was the perfect choice!” ---Roshanda

“Some guys know their girls style, esp if she's the type to throw hints by walking you into a ring store to show you what she'd want to have. Then again she may tell you what she wants by bragging about what one of her friends has on her finger. All the guy has to do is get the type that she says she wants.”—Jerrod

      2)      Stick with the money you have, don’t go in debt to buy a ring.

“I would think it shouldn't matter how much he spent on the ring. It's just a symbol. you definitely don't want to get credit to pay for a ring…..As proud as I am of the ring I wouldn't spend that much again knowing I can't afford what I'm buying. Credit means you either can't wait or can't really afford what you're getting in the first place.”--Jerrod

3      3)      If she’s happy with the ring, she will let you know, eventually!

 “Jamie do not listen to Jerrod... Though he did pick the perfect ring, pink in the middle and diamonds all over the band…but please tell men not surprise women and not give them time to settle into the ring;)”—Molly, Jerrod’s wife

“When he tells the story he says I didn’t give him the reaction he expected.. I tell him I just needed a minute to "see the ring on or settle into it"!”—Molly

There you have it.  Real life tips on how to pick your engagement ring! Thanks to my great WU Alumni friends Jerrod, Molly and Roshanda. 

Do you have a sweet or funny story on your engagement ring? Let me know in the comments!

 This is a sponsored post for Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, however, all the
         points and views are my own.