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Jamie's Weight Loss Diaries....#8 Weigh In....

Friday, March 04, 2011

***Thursday is Weigh In Day...I weigh myself ONCE a week. I can't jump on the scale every day, all times of the day, when I feel fat, before a date....too much on my medicated brain. lol! Once a week is good for me. I'm a born again scale person. I'm  just now embracing the scale. I avoid it all thru my teens and twenties....***

March 3, 2011

-1 lbs

Down to 224lbs

(15 lbs lost since 12/30/2010)

Considering my period has been on ( TMI:)...I lost one pound!! I'm just happy for progress.

I had rough week of eating because of the hormone changes my body goes through every 28 days. Either I'm not hungry or I'm craving BADLY. One night for dinner, I didnt have a taste for nothing, so ate an apple. An apple. smh. Yeah....I'm ready for my appetite back.:)

I'm 15lbs lost for the 40lbs of the year. I have mini goal of hitting 20lbs down by June 1 then I'll buy something new to celebrate.

Fresh Coat: China Glaze Crackle Glaze NOTDs Part 1....

 Here we go!!

I finally got my China Glaze Crackle Glazes in the mail...yes, I ordered them online ( click HERE for the super fast Amazon seller I purchased from) after visiting one Sally's and they were not there.Why put myself thru the BS of hunting them down? Plus, gas is higher than the heavens!!

First ( above): Kleancolor Concrete Gray and

Broken Hearted consistency is too thick and it didnt crack right. I've read other reviews like that about Broken Hearted...

 Second: Sinful Colors Bamboo and China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Fault Line.....

Fault Line went on perfectly and cracked well. It wasn't as nearly as thick as Broken Hearted. I got this idea of the purple on green duo from Lip Gloss Gossip's use of Fault Line:).

Third: Kleancolor Pastel Pink and China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Cracked Concrete.

LOVES IT!!! The pink and grey combo is my favorite and Cracked Concrete also applied well....

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming next week!

Do you own any Crackle Glazes....which ones?

Review: Maybelline FIT Foundation and Pressed Powder in 355....

Hey Everyone!!!

Intially, I was immediately turned off from the Maybelline FIT display in my local Wal-Mart. Why? The color section was lightest, light, lighter.....skip to one lone dark color.:(

So, I got online did a little research, listen to my twitter beauty buddies, and found out that some colors on my display were missing. But still....I'll get into that in a sec.

I purchased 355 ( Coconut) foundation and powder since it looked like the closest color to my skin. It is the darkest color in the collection believe it or not.

FIT Pressed Powder in 355:

I really like this pressed powder over the foundation. Its gives my skin a virtually flawless finish. I apply it with a kabuki brush and buff it out. The only problem I have with it is that it not a "flat" powder, meaning its not matte. FIT Pressed Powder has a bit of a sheen, glow to it. Its almost like a bronzer ( the collection has a bronzer but this is not it). If you were lighter than me, it would be a great bronzer. When I get oily, a couple hours later, I look super oily because of the glowy texture of the powder. I prefer a "flat" or matte pressed powder.
FIT Foundation in 355:

I also like the foundation overall. It has a light to medium coverage and matched perfectly. Its a teeny bit too dark, but for a drugstore foundation its the closest I've gotten in a longgggg time! The only negative would be that I dont like that it pours out of a glass bottle. In today beauty innovation....this should be been in a tube or a pump. The packaging is too old school and I tend to get to much product out when I'm just trying to get a dab.


Maybelline did really well with the FIT regimen. Tweak the packaging of the foundation and add some darker shades and it would be perfect in my book. If you can find your color in this, buy it!