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Haul: CVS Winter 2014 Beauty Clearance.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hey Everyone!

I finally got to the CVS Beauty Clearance for Winter 2014. I played no games, people. I had my Master List ( Go to Nouveau Cheap and copy paste that thing!) and my budget. That's right...I wasn't getting a whole bunch of junk only to not use any of it. I'm guilty of that every single sale. I knew that I wanted was most of the Milani Clearance which was coming up at 75% off.

The 1st store I went to didn't have ANY MARKDOWNS done. NONE. This why having the Master List on deck is sooooo important!!! I grabbed what I wanted then went to the price check box and scanned to make sure it was all clearanced. The 2nd store had markdowns done.

Here's my haul:

Nail Polish Remover- $.50 a piece
Brow Kit- $1.75

Bronzer- $2.49
Power Lip Gloss- $1.62 a piece
Lip Gloss- $1.37 a piece
Lip Stick- $1.49
Lipliners- $.99 a piece
Eyeliners-$2.12 and $1.99

Sally Hansen

French Mani- $3.25
Glitter- $2.62

$28.74 ( before tax)

I did have any coupons or Extra Bucks but the $28.74 did put me put over in my Beauty Bucks so a $5 coupon should print Friday or Saturday ( takes about 48 hours).

Have you been to "The Sale" yet???

A Fresh Coat of Polish: City Color Candy Apple....

Hey Everyone!!

This past weekend, I attended my alumni ( Winthrop University) Homecoming and I wore on my nails and toes City Color Candy Apple. It's a creamy bright opaque red. I think I paid $.99 for it and bought it at Rainbow.