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Spring Weave 2008?...

Monday, January 28, 2008

I love it!!!

I must be weave-licious like that for the Spring! Now I got to figure out how to do it myself...:) lol!


Combo #1,2,3,....

My cousins...I'm going through serious case of the "moodies". Hell, its PMS and I can't get my mind straight for nuttin'!!! And everyone is reeking the harvest of my personal hell. Poor Baby Loves, the kids, man are like, "Mommy!!! get it together" I need a good cry, laugh, tub soak, cookie, lip gloss, magazine, glass of Schmitte Sohne Riesling, a bulls eye pic of the plaintiff and some darts, and a nice brown skinned cutie with dimples in his cheeks to come give me some "sugar"( This last one won't happen...he got cut last week from the starting line up)!!! But my morning's saving grace is a yummy combo of Dr. Bronner's Lavender Soap and Archepelago Botanical Morning Mint Lotion. Now I need a evening combo, a lunch time combo, a broke as a joke combo....

Suggestions Please!!

Love Always,

Your 1st cousin( you know the one that is such a damn Diva all the time...)