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Rural Glamour: Real Talk...The Trouble with Drugstore Makeup....

Monday, March 16, 2009

So....I was watching a very popular beauty/makeup YouTuber do a video on drugstore makeup. She expressed that she loves high end makeup because she knows she can go straight to the counter and try it on and make her decision without the do or die chances( you never know if will work on you or not) you get when purchasing drugstore makeup.

Ok...I understand that. It makes sense. But what if you can't do no better and ds makeup is what you can get now?...

The reason why I say this is that she seemed very condescending in the vid as she reviewed the ds products she picked up.Ok...she might not have no financial problems going on or she's just a shopholic like a lot of us...but it just made me....MAD.

There are alot makeup and beauty product obsessed chicas that:

1) can't afford the high end

2) mix and match

3)just frugal...$15 lipgloss is simply crack prices to them

I'm a #2....most of the time...then I'm #1.:)

But I was furious...don't look down at DS has its good and bad like alot HIGH END makeup...that's all some us( alot of us) can do right now. You know how many YT videos or blogs
I check where YTer or blogger gives a negative review on the $300 worth of HE makeup they bought? Seriously...half of the Hello Kitty reviews were blah.... AND...

As my mother would say "What ain't going on your house today...will be going on in your house tomorrow"

I'll see her at CVS and with her Extra Bucks.

PS...I clicked on unsubscribe... Thoughts?