~Adorn'd~ Wal-Mart Jewelry Haul

Thursday, May 26, 2011

 I mentioned on my last $1 dollar jewelry haul video...that I noticed Walmart was starting to stock some very cute jewelry but some the pieces were a bit on the pricey side...at least it was pricey of Walmart.:/

I picked up a couple of clearance pieces today, I wouldve gotten more but I was in a hurry...don't you hate that?

(above) a silver necklace set with matching earrings-$3
 Two sets of bracelets for $3 a set..I plan on stacking them all together. They look like pieces sold at Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters...
 Close up of one of the sets with a "Live Laugh Love" charm on it....
 Those charms are so adorable!
 I saw some earrings similar these on Etsy one time....the seller called them "willow" birds

Close up of the necklace...I love this letter envelope charm...I'm hopeless fan of snail mail.