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6 Lessons Learned In Beauty in 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted wrap up this year in beauty a little bit differently. Instead of doing my favorite products and blah blah blah, I thought telling you about what I learned this year in beauty would be a bit interesting...or messy. You call it, gerl!

In no particular order of importance:

1) Never endorse a company or website you have never ordered from. NEVER.

 I know with all the MAC collections that were released this year, people were scouring for lipsticks, blushes, highlighters, etc. So when I found out that you could order MAC limited edition and regular stock items from Belk Department Stores online,, I thought it would be good idea to let people know. I've been a Belk customer for a lifetime, so I trusted that the online was just as good as store. I tweeted about it and my tweet got favorted a couple of times.

 I placed an order of the Riri for MAC fall LE lipsticks on a couple of weeks later, since they were miraclously available. I placed the order, I got a confirmation of order sent to my email, but I week later, I had not received a shipping confirmation. Turns out that Talk That Talk was on 'back order'. But when I placed the order, it was not. I spoke with someone in customer service that told me that the color was on back order and to wait for shipping confirmation.

 ANOTHER WEEK passed, no comfirmation. So,I call customer service and was told that I would not be receiving TTT or any other color I ordered from that collection because it was sold out. The warehouse and online service are not on real time, so if it says its available online, it might not be available in the warehouse. Long story short, no lipsticks, I was offered a 20%off coupon to use online (no thank you!) as a lame compensation and that was lesson learned...NEVER endorse a company or website you have never ordered from.


2) I am OVER the Limited Edition product chase!

 Maybelline, MAC, Wet N Wild are just a few companies who pulled major stunts with LE collections. I get it, limited edition=limited numbers. The buzz was crazy over certain collections and the companies ate that up. Plus, some LE collections never even made it to some regions.

 Maybelline Holiday 2013 with the matte Color Tattoos?...never even made it to my area.

 Nude Awakening 8 pans from Wet N' Wild?...They sent two of each pan in the display, Total of four a store.

 Stunts pulled. I am not wasting another tank of gas or another month of Saturdays chasing palettes and lipsticks. Its not fun when you can't find something or its sold out and you have to resort the hussle of Amazon and Ebay to finally retrieve that limited edition gold. Or leave the 4th Walgreens that week looking for eyeshadow that you just read on IG was only were released at CVS. I will just allow the universe to shift in my direction and if I come across a product I'm looking for, I will receive the blessing!

3) Mascara goes bad.

Mascara goes bad. Cheap mascara goes bad. Expensive mascara goes bad. When they do, it irritates your eye, making the day miserable. Take a sharpie, put the date on the mascara, then at around two months, throw it away. Or you will forking out $30 for a prescription eye cream over a $7.75 mascara. At least I still have my sight.

4)Let's talk $10+ mascaras at Walmart, Target, CVS and other drugstore and mass market stores.....why?!

So you are saying that the10th new mascara your company has released  this year that suppose to lease with give me clump free,bombshell, butterfly lashes.  For only the retail price of $9.99 at Walmart? oh.

5)Don't compare yourself to people on the internet.

I watch several different You Tubers who can post up to five or six hauls a week. No shade. High end, Low end...doesn't matter.  Comments are always on fire about the way they shop. Welp, here's the thing, it's their money and they can spend it as they please.  But that doesn't mean that your drugstore, coupon clipping ways are any less than theirs. You are not them and they are not you! Don't compare yourself to people on the internet because you don't know how their lives really are!! You don't know what is hiding behind stacks of palettes, and they doesn't know what lurks behind your three palettes.  Watch and enjoy or don't watch and save your sanity.

6)Shop your stash.

I've been preaching the Shop Your Stash gospel for years. Whether you have the ends to shop or you are scraping by, go through your beauty stash every while and then. I uncovered just last week, two brand NEW mascaras, from the last beauty clearance sale CVS had. What was that? Before the summer started? Foolishness!! But I got new mascaras, and eyeshadows and lipsticks I forgot about without stepping in a store. I love shopping my stash!!

~Review~ Laura Mercier White Magic-Holiday 2013.....

Monday, December 02, 2013

Disclosure: I received a product(s) for consideration of review. All opinions are honest and I was not paid for this post.

Hey Everyone!

I hope that your Thanksgiving was great!!

Along with the Holiday sets that Laura Mercier is offering this season, she also launched a color story collection, White Magic.

The Inspiration:
       White Magic brings a new spirit of enlightenment that is full of brilliance and fantasy
         Celebrating inner goodness and bright spirits with illuminating shades, Laura Mercier’s White                  Magic Collection creates a holiday sparkle

The Look:
        An enchanted look that’s fresh and luminous
       Light–diffused pastel eyes
         Skin glows with illumination
     Brilliant high-shine colour for lips

I received Nail Lacquer in Angel Wings and Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Mocha Myth
Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Mocha Myth....
Swatch of Mocha Myth....
Mocha Myth on my lips....

Mocha Myth is a beautiful nude for darker skin tones. Initially, when I applying it, it had a frosty tone to it but after wearing it a couple of times, the frostiness is barely there. Just like other Laura Mercier Lip Colours, the lipstick is hydrating, comfortable and plushy to wear. I love Laura Mercier Lipsticks. Never met one I didn't like.:)

Mocha Myth DOES have a couple of close dupes in the ye old drugstore/mass market store. MmmHmmmm....

Left: Mocha Myth
Center: Milani Naturally Chic
Right: CoverGirl Queen Collection in Mocha Locha

Mocha Locha is the closet in shade to Mocha Myth......
Finally, I received Nail Lacquer in Angel Wings. This is three coats and its super duper sheer. It's skippable. I'm sure there are other colors of this polish out there.

~Rural Glamour Holiday Giveaway #1!~ Win Accessories from mark. by avon!......CLOSED!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Disclosure: These products were sent to me for review/giveaway. I was not paid for this post and all opinions are honest and mine.

Hey Everyone!!

As we fall into the holiday shopping season, figuring out how to gift, how much it will cost and how will we afford it can make the season so rough. As a single mother, I know it all too well. So, how about an easy and quick giveaway courtesy of  mark.!!

Win TWO Accessories from mark. !

-Fits iPads and some tablets ( I own a Kindle Fire and the case is too big, just to give you an idea).
-Also doubles as a clutch!
 Inside the case......

-Borrowing a popular Art Deco motif, this gorgeous bracelet features layers of tiny gilded and shimmering feathers. 

-Goldtone metal with glass rhinestones. 

-Stretches to accommodate a range of wrist sizes.

How to win the case and the bracelet ( ONE WINNER)

1) Comment below one thing on your Christmas Wish List.

2) Include your email address in the comment.

3) US Entries Only ( Sorry, no International)!!!

4) Giveaway Ends November 30, 2013 ( This Saturday!!!)

That's it!!! Good Luck!!

~Review/FOTDs~ tarte Bow & Go 3-in-1 Gift Set.......

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for consideration of review. I was not paid for this post and all my opinions are honest

Hey Everyone!!

Holiday beauty gift sets bring me soooo much joy. They bring the best value for your coins and you get to try new brands or stock up on your favorite brands. The good folks over at tarte sent me the Bow & Go 3-in-1 Gift Set, exclusively sold only on QVC and for $49.98 ( three payments of 16.66).

Check out what you receive for 50 bucks....:)

 Four 1-oz Lipsurgence Lip Cremes in precious, promise, thoughtful, & wonder

 Two 0.056-oz smolderEYES Amazonian clay waterproof liners in fig and matte brown

Two 0.24-fl-oz lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara in black

16 0.0705-oz Amazonian Clay eye shadows. 

Tie it all together as a gift with the included gold ribbon!

LipSurgence Lip Cremes in promise, wonder, precious and thoughtful.....
 Swatches of promise, wonder, precious, and thoughtful.....
 Two tarte lights, camera, lashes mascaras in black and two Amazonian clay liners in brown and fig.....
 Swatches of the clay liners in brown and fig.....
 16 Amazonian Clay shadows....They come with a clear protective overlay that states the names....
 I didn't swatch all 16, but I wanted to give a idea of the matte and shimmers and how they swatch... There are nine matte shadows and seven shimmer shadows....
 Here are a couple of looks I played with using the shadows, mascaras and lip cremes....
 I'm wearing precious on the lips in the above pic.
 I'm wearing thoughtful on my lips in the above and below pics!

- KILLER DEAL for all of these products!! $50= four lip products, two mascaras, 16 shadows, two liners!??! If anything, buy it for the deal!

-I really like these lip creams. I have the lip balm sticks and the matte sticks but the lip cream sticks are the best. They feel like a light weight lipstick with plenty of pigmentation. All four colors are wearable on my skin tone which sealed the deal of love for me!

-My favorite high end mascara is lights, camera, lashes so I felt like God blessed me in abundance with two of them. lol! I could give a church shout of praise right now! I like the quality and bulge-proof of the liners but I really don't know if I will use these colors. I have a fig colored one from tarte from an old set and I don't use brown liners. I guess putting a brown liner in the kit makes it an "universal" color for all skin tones since black can be harsh on some skin tones. If you like brown liner, you will be very happy. I would have preferred a black liner, though.

-The shadows, like most tarte shadows, in my opinion are hit and miss. I have had many tarte shadows in the past and its like, they almost have it: with the variety of shades and formulas( like matte, shimmer, satin) but when it comes to a palette, its not fully consistent. You will get some heavy, smooth shadows like the dark mattes in this palette then you will get some flimsyones like the shimmers, in this palette. However, out of 16 shadows, I don't like about 5 of them. So, its a wearable everyday palette for a good value. Plus, I would have loved a black matte shadow in this palette to deepen the crease and outer v of the eye. You almost got it with the shadows, tarte, I see your growth!!

Go to to order Bow & Go or catch the presentation of the palette at 12 midnight Monday November 18,2013 and 9-10 am and 6-9pm November 18th, as well!

~Review~ Custom Fit Artificial Nails from Custom Nails Solutions

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for consideration for review. I was not paid to write this post and all opinions are honest and mine.

Hey Everyone!!

I have a lonnnngggg over due review for you today! You all know, I love nail polish and for a long times, years ago, I wore acrylic nails. I had several sets but I will admit, most of them never seem to fit my nails beds. I would have to endure all the sawing, filing and drilling to make my curved nails look decent. Needless to say, I've been kicked the acrylic nail crack!

So when I was approached to do a custom set of nails by Custom Nail Solutions, I was down! No acrylics and with a very natural look.

I was first sent the Impression System to do a "mold" of my natural nails. It reminded me of getting a mold of my teeth for braces. lol!

I sent the molds off in a pre-paid box and around two weeks later, received my kit and custom nails.

 Here's what came in the kit:

1 Set of Custom Nails
1 Bottle Soak Off
1 Soaking Dish
1 Nail Dehydrator
1 Adhesive Debonder
1 Nail Protector
1 Nail Cleanser
1 Nail Brush
4 Pink Cuticle Sticks
1 Nail Stand with 10 Plastic Dowels
1 Application Instruction Sheet
Pink Maintenance Kit Bag

 I ordered the 6MM Squaoval Classic. There are many options for shape and color of the nails.

 The application process.....
 Finished process....


One of the reasons it took me a while to get my thoughts together was I was torn on how I felt about the nails. I wore this set four times since receiving it in July to give it couple of chances.

1) I love the quality of the nails. They are not ordinary press ons. They are sturdy and haven't broken or split at all.

2) I thought the process of applying them and making the molds was overwhelming for a at home process. This is more of a professional application. I did them by myself and it was nerve wracking hoping I would apply them correct. I also think that if they were professionally applied, they would have stayed on longer. The directions actually call for someone to help you with the application. Watch this video to see the process of application.

3) The service, shipping and packaging was great. Everything you receive is explained to a T, step by step.

4) I was underwhelmed with the wear. Each time I applied them, I wore them all without missing a nail for about 2 days. I wash dishes by hand, wash hands alot and I just don't think that these nails or the glue or maybe the way I applied them can hold up to my lifestyle. I do so much with my hands that my poor set just was taking a banging.

I think Custom Nail Solutions is a great product and excellent concept for those who are kicking the acrylic/gel nail habit. The company and the product are top notch. They just didn't work for the active lifestyle of emotions I put my hands through! lol!

Visit Custom Nails Solution HERE and check out their Holiday Special!!!

~Holiday Gift Guide~ Laura Mercier Shimmer Effect Mini Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Disclosure: I was sent this product for consideration of review. I was not paid monetarily for this post all opinion are honest and my own.

Hey Everyone!!

Got another Laura Mercier Holiday Gift set for you today! It's call Laura Mercier Shimmer Effect Mini Caviar Stick Eye Color Collection. Caviar Sticks are waterproof, bulge proof eye shadow sticks. 

Discover Laura's latest sampler of four shimmering shades of Caviar Stick Eye Colour, a long-wearing, creamy shadow with an innovative, lightweight texture that glides on and adheres to the eyelid perfectly, leaving an even finish that lasts for hours.
• Pink Opal
• Amethyst
• Rosegold
• Sugar Frost
I used Rosegold on the lid and lower lid for this look.


I love Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks!! If you are looking for quick, long lasting, high quality eye shadow sticks, this is it! The set is $40 and is currently sold out on the LM site but check Macy's and Nordstroms site to see if you can grab this deal of set!

~Holiday Gift Guide 2013~ Laura Mercier Colour-To-Go Portable Palette For Eyes, Lips & Cheeks in Smoky Violets......

Monday, November 04, 2013

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for consideration for review. These are my own opinions and I was not paid for this post.

Hey Everyone!

I have another holiday makeup kit for you. This is one is from Laura Mercier and its called Colour-To-Go Portable Palette For Eyes, Lips & Cheeks in Smoky Violets.

 Here's the specs:

-3 Eye Shadows
-1 Tightline Eye Liner
-1 Bronzer
-1 Blush
-1 Lips Gloss ( in After Hours)

Avaible in Smoky Violets and Smoky Nudes

Price: $50

 Here are the swatches of the shadows and the liner. I didn't even realize that the dark shade was a liner!!! You will need to have a wet liner brush on hand to use the liner.
 This look I created with all the shades except the liner. The liner I used is from a brand I can't even remember!( Grrr!!:( )
I find the shadows to be soft and pigmented, simply, quality shadows. When you wear alot of low, low end makeup, quality just sneaks up on you like a thief in the night! You'll be like "Ohhhh...look that pigmentation!" LOL!

The blush is super light but it acutally works for a nice highlight. I used the blush and bronzer in this palette for a glowy cheek as you can see.

The gloss is nice if you like a basic nude lip. It doesn' really show its true fabulosity until its on top of a lip color. I paired the After Hours gloss with Wet N' Wild 902C or Bare It All, and its now my new nude lip to go to!!


Six Laura Mercier products in a portable, TRUE travel size palette for $50 is a STEAL. If you are a newbie to this brand or a fan with a budget, holiday time is the perfect season to stock up on some products that LM offers for a great deal. Go get this palette!!

~Fresh Coat~ Halloween Nails! Sinful Colors Black Magic.....

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hey Everyone!!!

I did a holiday mani! **Gasp!**

I don't like Halloween. Grown people wearing trashy or insensitive costumes and my kids acting straight foolish over candy given to them by strangers. I'm ready for the day to be over and hasn't started.

Best thing about tomorrow....I'm wearing blue lipstick( because its appropriate for the day) and this fun glittery duo on my nails.

 Sinful Color Black Magic and Nanacoco Cowboy Dance

I haven't bought a Sinful Colors polish in forever. They are notorious for creating a collection out of repromotes and calling it new. I hate that! But, Ms. Black Magic was calling my name, as usual. I used Nanacoco Cowboy Dance and Black Magic on top and it created smoky glittery fun.:)

What are you wearing on your nails for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!