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Mouth Stuffing and Makeup Application

Sunday, July 02, 2006


That GRE is behind me. I did my best and I felt confident.Or maybe it was that Venti Caramel Macchiato with a triple shot of espresso I had before I tested. I stayed up studying and talking to E-dub til about 3am and I had to be at the test at 7:00am. I got my verbal and quantitative back immediately and I'm waiting for analytical.

The night before we ate dinner at Rock Bottom in uptown Charlotte( they call it Uptown not downtown for some "classier" reason they say...) I had been there before and I had the best appetizer sampler for dinner. It was called a Savannah Sampler and it consisted of Barbeque Sliders(barbeque pork and slaw on mini buns) Asiago Crab and Shrimp Dip with crusty toasted bread and oh.... batter fried chicken strips.:) It was fabulous.

After taking the test we planned another resturant takeover at Red Rock Cafe'. We called this the hideout spot because if you don't live on that side of Charlotte you'll never know it's there cause it's back behind a Shopping Center.I had again an amazing entree',Will O'd's Quattro Formaggio(penne pasta in a four cheese blend sauce with chicken,bacon, roma tomatoes,mushrooms, and scallions) Oooooh, so amazing. After lunch we took off to Southpark Mall so that I can set up camp in Sephora. I saw all of fav salespeople including Val who used to help me at the Bobbi Brown counter in Belk Southpark. She asked if I would like "play" and I said"sure!" and I would like a really pretty pink gloss,not a raspberry-ish and no frosty looking ones. She sat me down and brought over Stila's Lip Glaze in Guava, Papaya and Watermelon. We played around and found that Guava was the number one pick.I absolutely love it! Val also turn me on to the Cargo Coco Palette. The colors are beautiful but most important that Cargo's eyeshadows are super smooth to put on and have a beautiful colors. This is my best buy in eyeshadow yet. I also pick up Sephora's Super Sheen Bronzing Mist.

I admit I miss Charlotte and Rock Hill but not enough to move back to Charlotte. Maybe Rock Hill. But I was glad to get home to see my bam bams and go to church. peace!