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Friday, May 27, 2011

  Happy Friday!!

In a effort to curve my coffee consumption, I've picked up my old tea sipping ways. The coffee was killing my stomach, I mean stomach aches for hours. I'm so happy that Village Tea sent over ALOT of tea for me to share and show to you all, so get ready tea, tea, and more tea!

First up is my current favorite of Village Tea, Smooth Jasmine Green Tea.....

Ingredients: chinese green tea, jasmine flower petals

Health Benefits: antioxidant rich, skeleton density support, heart health support

For a distinctively Asian flavor, our Smooth Jasmine Green tea is made with Chinese green tea and jasmine flower petals.

I know that Green Tea is suppose to be healthy but the jasmine flower petals and the aroma of this tea is what captured me from the first sip. I sweeten with either sugar or agave nectar, making this a truly divine cup of tea!

Noticed that chipped up cup? lol! Well, that cup is from Starbucks and purchased it in 2007. It became chipped in my old house, where the sink as made of pure porcelain. You can't toss glass in a pure porcelain sick, it is sure to break! But, this is my favorite tea cup. Now I want to collect more teacups!

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