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Get It Right Now!!! Clean Summer Escape Eau de Parfum

Thursday, April 28, 2011

We are not always able to purchase a whole new summer wardrobe but one the best ways to upgrade your style is with a new scent!

Clean Bath & Body Collection is introducing  Clean Summer Escape for the summer. Its like bottled up tropical vacation. If you can't get to an tropical island, you can definitely spray it in Clean Summer Escape!

Let's take notes ( which is my favorite part of perfume)

Top: Crisp Bergamot, Beach Grass, Mandarin Orange
Mid: Water Lily, Summer Peony, Beach Honeysuckle,Orange Flower
Base: Cotton Blossom, White Sand Accord, Driftwood, Coconut Water

White Sand Accord and Driftwood??? Yes ma'am!! They are actual notes that can be found in light, floral fragrances.

When I spray this, I automatically pick up the Summer Peony and Honeysuckle and White Lily which gives me a sweet light floral scent. The Bergamot is subtle as it dries, but its there to create a bit of warmth like an island sunset. The final finish combines the floral with the Orange Flower and Mandarin Orange.

This a must buy for your summer scent wardrobe. Its unique, fun, and fresh for 2011. Get it right now!!!

Disclosure: This item was sent to me for review. I was not paid to do the review and the all views are honest.

Rural Glamour Beauty 101: Tips for Chip Free Nails!

Hi Everyone!

I've decided to spill it....spill everything I know about beauty, makeup, hair in "Rural Glamour Beauty 101". Most of things that I learn about beauty I learned in books, online, you tube and other bloggers. I want to help others too!

The first in the 101 series is my best tips on chip-free manicure. Whether you get the done at a salon or at home, I find that these tips help me extend a mani for at least four days, even with the cheapest formula polish.
Kleancolor Neon Nail Lacquer 6 Colors Set


Polish the free edge of you nail, no matter how long they are.
- Take you polish after each coat and go across the top of the nail. Each coat across the top builds a barrier between water, lotion, oils that cause polish to chip.

Playtex HandSaver Gloves: XL

Use rubber gloves when cleaning and washing dishes. 
-We dont have an electric dishwasher, so I'm the dishwasher! lol! I wear rubber gloves to wash dishes and when I clean the bathrooms or any other surface with a cleaning agent that might effect my polish.

Essie Ridge Filler .5 oz.

Use a base coat, a ridge filler and fast dry top coat EVERY time you do your nails. 
-Its so easy to just put on a coat of polish so your nails can look finished, but the layering of the correct polish can give you a longer lasting  manicure. First, make sure your nails are clean and oil-free( use nail polish remover) before you apply a base coat. Then use a ridge filler coat to create a smooth nail finish for the colored polish. Last, always apply a top coat to seal in all the coats and color. And don't forget to do each of these coats across the edge of your nail!!

For the Divas who go the nail salon:

I know how it feels, you get a beautiful salon manicure and a hour before you are about to go out, you are already chipping!!! Talk about pissed!!! Here's some steps to help you prolong that mani.

-Bring your OWN polish-
 Seriously, bring your own polish. Tuck it in your handbag, cap on tight, and take it the salon with you. Why? Because, more than likely, the polish you pick there is not new and is either thick or has been thinned out with thinner to use the entire bottle. This will hurt the longevity of you manicure....and pedicure. So, just BYOP.:)

-Bring you own top coat, a fast dry one-
 I hate putting my hands under those UV lights and fans( that dont really work and take too long) I so bring my own fast dry top coat. Plus, some salons thin out top coats with thinner too, making them useless to keeping you chip free.

-When you get home, take your polish....and go over the edge of your nail-
So you can give the manicure an extra day of longevity!

Have any questions??? Let me know in the comments!!!XOXO