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~Rural Style~ Weekend DIY, Finds, and Vintage Goodies....

Monday, September 12, 2011

This weekend was great for me and the collector of all things vintage accessories in I did a bit of DIY "practice" and found something I've been craving at the most unexpected place. lol! Ready???

Found all these scarves at the local Sal Val for $.50 a piece, 30 minutes before they closed. I had been avoiding going in there all day and then at 3:30 decided to go in and boom....vintage scarf heaven.:)

Three signed Vera Neumann scarves...THREE...the stars were perfectly aligned for me that day, I tell you! Her vintage scarves are my absolute favorite pieces to score. She created the first "signature" scarf in history.
five other great scarves, some pure 100% silk, none signed, but beautiful prints and textures....
This scarf still had the vintage "how to" tag attached.....

I know...looks like a weird combo of DIY materials but blame it on PS- I Made This and this tutorial. Truth be told....nothing I've made out of that book, has materialized into anything decent. Seriously....
Did this with the hose clamps and cheap yarn...I can do this better on the plain bangles they sell at the craft store...which is what I plan on doing.
Got my practice on doing some friendship can blame Honestly WTF for that new obesession. I still got it, can still make them.:)

I'm been pining over wrap bracelets on Etsy and even found a great tutorial on how to make them on You Tube but by the time I buy all the materials to make them, hell, I can buy one. Well, stepped into Walmart for turkey bacon and Daily's Margaritas and found these for $2 a piece. Perfect fit and everything. smh.

~Fresh Coat~ Essie Case Study....

Happy Monday!!! I hope your weekend were great, my family! I stayed busy doing things here and there, so I can't complain.

So far, I've only picked up Case Study from Essie Fall 2011 Brand New Bag Collection. Essie NAILS ( literally) their fall collection. The last couple of Fall seasons from them have been right up my alley. Case Study is a taupe grey with a bit of green undertone. It looks hard to wear but I put it on my hands and toes....and I love it. I also like that Essie is now in drugstores, I got mine at CVS...and goes toward my Beauty Bucks...all $8 of it.:/ That's the gag...even though Essie is more convenient...its still $8. lol!

Still lemming Very Structured, Lady Like and Carry On from this collex.

Have you picked any of the Brand New Bag Collection? Let me know what colors!