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Church of Target Announcements...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Today at Target...

I saw some new L'Oreal products:

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara- CG Last Exact knockoff.I would think that CG had a patent on that brush.

L'Oreal True Match Bronze Glow- Comes in a mini size bottle like its original foundation.

L'Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Blush

New shades of H.I.P lip gloss( about eight of them)

H.I.P. Color Truth eye liner pencil( four shades)

I only got the mascara. Will give a review on it later!!


Experiencing Dreams....

Today at 11:10 am I saw Dreamgirls.

It was


Religious Experience!!!!!

That damn movie better win super big at the Oscars and the Golden Globes("Golden Globe" is my #2's line name:))!!! I'll can't even really write paragraphs about it, so I'll do my usual ADHD snippets.

Beyonce-Did I good job acting and her performance in even musical scene was crazy. I didn't see much of parallel between her"beyonce" and Deena. It was very different in my opinion. Catch her smoking a Newport,yall!!

Jamie Foxx- Didn't show any of his corny-ness. Even in Ray he was funny but he was not funny in this movie. His character reminded me, believe it or not,alot of my kids' father.

Eddie Murphy- He was funny,though. James"Thunder" Early was serious.

Anika Noni Rose-I'm such a fan of hers now. I love her evolution in the movie.

Keith Robinson( CC White)- Remember him as Lil Dee Dee's boyfriend on Half and Half? He is Delicious!!! Cute and can "sang"! My perfect combo.:)

Jaleel White- Yep,Urkel is up in that piece for a minute. Looking sexy.

The music- the musical numbers,especially the big production ones were out of this world. They make want jump out of your seat and scream like you are in them. Every last one Ms. Jennifer did alone were like all eyes on her!

The fashion and makeup- The movie's costuming especially when they got to the 70s was breathtaking. Of course Beyonce's wardrobe was on point. But Jennifer's...I would have worn every single, umpire-waist caftan,wooden earring and necklace,glossy plum lip on this planet. There is one scene that Beyonce's wearing this bowl-cut wig with this striking turquoise eyeshadow. That shadow will be rocked by me soon!! But you can't overlook the eyeliner, thick line, thin line, full eye. Must do black liquid eyeliner...soon.

Last but not least...

Jennifer Hudson- That woman is out of this world. She acted, she cried,she bullied,she begged,she lost and she won. She gave me a new belief in winning in life. What I got from her story is lay down the pride and CHANGE.:)

Go see it now!!'