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Mega Mark. Haulage!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Between a Mark. holiday magalog and several Avon Outlet mags I ended up recieving my biggest haul yet. I don't even know when I going to be able to try this stuff!! Here we go!:

Self Sanctuary Moisture Milk in Grapefruit Ginger and Fig Basil
Toute Sweet Whipped Cream Eyeshadow in Fluff and Flou
Toute Sweet Sugar Dipped Lip Gloss in Creme Caramel, Marshmellow, and Sugared Almond
Lip Vanitease Glossy Lip liaquer in Baby Doll and Boudoir ( to the the left...LOL)
Self Sanctuary Illuminating Candle in White Tea
Hollywood Pink Flamingo Bath Gel
Blush Paint in Amused,Delighted and Excited

Mark. Holiday 2006:
Be Scene Blush Creme Cheek Color in Flushed and Fizz
Go Out Gloss Lip Shine in Blush and Merlot
Winkink Felt Tip Eyeliner in Night
Face Xpert Flawless Touch Makeup in Deep
Snap To It Custom Color Palette in Mega


Diary of a Nouveau Nappyhead Part VI

I have two more hair products to review from Oyin Handmade, Honey Hemp Conditioner and Grand Poo Bar.

Oyin Grand Poo Bar- Grand Poo Bar is Oyin's answer to shampoo with out the harsh detergents such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. Because my hair is still short I just rubbed the bar over my wet hair. It immediately lathered and rinsed out beautifully. One wash and my scalp felt fresh. Plus it seemed to be unscented which I think all ethnic hair shampoos should be. What's the point of hair smelling like strawberries when it doesn't last? Plus that's just one more alcohol based ingrediate to put on your precious locks. I will continue to use this in between No Poo. I'll use the Grand Poo Bar every other week.

Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner-In my opinion the best conditioner I've used yet! I slathered it on put on a plastic cap and left it there for about an hour. My hair was felt silky soft and stayed that way all week. I can't help to think it was the Honey Hemp Conditioner that did it. You even have an option of not even rinsing it out, which I almost didn't do!


Super Rave!!: Loreal HIP Flawless Liquid Makeup

I finally used my Loreal HIP Flawlesss Liquid Makeup in the past couple of days. The reason why I hadn't gotten around to using it was because I'm so love with my Queen Collection Foundation. As you can see I am not a foundation snob. I left that back on steps of 764-201 when my mom came and packed me up to moved me back home. I knew that $25 plus foundations were going to cease. Around that move,I was digging the last particles out of my Becca Foundation stick. After trial and error, I devised a plan on how to pick a drugstore foundation. But I get to that later.

Loreal HIP Flawless Liquid Makeup in Cappucino-I admit being a little skeptical about this foundation. I didn't know if I wanted to try a "high intensity pigment" foundation. But after I"Grand Hustled" a free one, I thought that I wasn't losing any money. The range of colors come in either yellow undertones and red undertones. I pass that first test because I knew which one I had all ready. I started at the darkest color and put three swatches on my jawbone.Cappucino blended the best in the store. At home I put it all over and surprisingly it works great. It soaked right in and gives a medium coverage, enough to give eveness but doesn't look like a mask. I do like alot!!

Because every foundation I do own now is drugstore I feel the need to share some of my buying a foundation from a drugstore tips:

1) NEVER buy a foundation that is packaged in plastic. My reason:If I can test it right there then I'm not going to buy it that take home and then it doesn't work.

2)Bring a hand held mirror. Not a compact mirror but I small mirror with a handle that will show your whole face in it.

3)Test belong the jaw line. Something I learned from makeup counters and magazines. It does give you the best idea for which shade works.

4) If it is day time, go outside and look it the foundation on your face to see if it is natural looking

5)If it doesn't work...take it back!

My Fav's from the drugstore foudation:
CG Queen Collection
Loreal True Match
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
Maybelline Even Fresh
Maybelline Pure Makeup
Loreal HIP Flawless Liquid Makeup


What I'm into now...November 2006

Just a list of current obssessions.It should be longer but I need a nap.:)

A fresh new magazine hanging out of the mailbox
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Vitamin E Tablets
The color Gray
Cover Girl Queen Collection
Fuji Apples
Incognito's New CD
MAC Viva Glam VI lip glass
Eating meals out of pasta bowls
All things Mark.Bohista
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Greg Berenhdt
Four Four Blog
Grilled Chicken Salads from Bantam Chef
My shrinking waist(yay!)
My crazy,fabulous job( minus the new dress code)
Lindt white chocolate truffles
Saturdays at The Fresh Market
Kiehls anything
Origins Ginger Body products
CVS Extra Bucks
VS Sexy Makeup
Kimora Lee Simmons and her ghettofab arse!
Oyin Handmade Funk Butter
Starbucks Maple Machiatto and Pumpkin Latte and Blueberry Muffin AND Banana Nut Bread