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Review: Victoria's Secret So Sexy Hair Products,Instant Detangler,Nourishing Conditioner, and Shine Serum...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Review time again!!!!

I got these So Sexy Products at Victoria's Secret for 3 for $24. That ain't bad...for three hair products. I always hear about the scent of the So Sexy products on the hair boards and sites. First, It DOES smell GOOD. It smells exactly like Victoria's Secret Body By Victoria fragrance, the original scent, that I don't think they make anymore. I loved that clean, fresh scent...

So Sexy Nourishing Conditioner For Dry Damaged Hair- The formula is super thick, so I used it as a deep conditioner. It will be a great co-wash conditioner for summer!!!*Must stock up* It left my hair soft, more importantly my roots soft and manageable(I'm 11 weeks post relaxer)

So Sexy Instant Detangler- It feels more like a very light leave-in. I applied it after the conditioner. Of course , it maintained the continuity of the scent with sexy. lol!! I will probably use this and a little bit of oil mixed in for a thicker texture.

So Sexy Smoothing Shine Serum-I put this on after the Instant Detangler and blow-dried. Then, I put about a dime size on the hair before flat-ironing. Perfect. Works great with heat. Straightens well and the shine was simply wonderful. I even put some on my wig the other day and it gave it life, and Lord knows the wig needs life.:)

Consensus- Get all three...and stock up for co-washes for the summer. I'm going back for the Shampoo. Review soon!!!


Review: L'Oreal Skin Genesis Wet Cleansing Towelettes...

Review Time!!!

I finally got the chance to try out L'Oreal Skin Genesis Wet Cleansing Towelettes. Finally? Well, I couldn't find them down here in the U and FINALLY I saw them at Wal-Mart....

Positive-Cleans like washing your face with water and cleanser...I had no doubt my face with clean after using one. I carried them on the train ride to New York with me...very travel friendly. I love these travel friendly products!!!Makes me want to TRAVEL MORE!!

Negative- Only 25 in the pack? Suppose you used these twice a day, every day.They won't last a month! And I paid 6.88 for a pack. Not economy friendly....Hey, I'm a cheapskate, no...a RECESSIONISTA.:)

Consensus- Buy a pack...but wait til there's like a BOGO Free or 50% at Walgreens or something...That's what I'm going to do.