~Fresh Coat~ Kleancolor Mocha....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

 Well, I had to take off my beautiful Facets of Fuchsia and do something more conservative for the job hunt hussle I've been on, which seems like forever. But its ok....I think Kleancolor Mocha is the perfect neutral for only a $1 at the BSS. That's two coats, opaque. However, it takes FOREVER to dry, which is very true of  most of  Kleancolor creme formats. I put on a quick dry top coat and it was still crazy sticky two hours later.

 I've been asked how to keep my nails from chipping. For me personally, its a matter of nail polish formula, some do last longer than others. One of the best tips I learned in keeping my nails chip free for a couple of days is too make sure you paint the free edge of your nail so that polish is sealed at the edge.

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Me this morning....I'm so tired right now....lol.:)