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Fresh Coat: Color Club Ms. Socialite and Wet N' Wild Glitz....

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

 If it lasts...this will be my New Years' mani... LOL!

Color Club Ms. Socialite ( it has a homemade label because it didnt come with the name on it.) and Wet N' Wild Glitz. I'm truly obsessed with glitter polish these days. A sorority sister reminded me that "Glitter is Life". Exactly!!!

 With flash....

Without Flash

Hair Restoration....

Hair is so important to many people. Its our crown and glory, our outlet of perfection. However, there are many times where our hair is giving us  hard times with growth and scalp issues. When the scalp sheds more than normal ( normal is 50-100 hairs a day), it can be or lead to hair balding. Some hair loss clinics in seattle have found a solution to abnormal scalp issues like balding. There are services and products that can help anyone. The problem can be solved!!

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Hi Fam!


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