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~10 Day You Challenge~: Nine Loves....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Of course I love my children and most of the time, my mother....but loving something or someone can be hard for me. I go hard on the loyalty...its almost a negative and can be a problem. I've been stuck in relationships, friendships, products for years because of loyalty. But are Loyalty and Love interchangeable? eh...discuss.:)

1) I love Buffalo Wing sauce. Pizza Hut's "Medium" sauce...mannnn....I could DRINK that stuff...What the hell is in it!??!

2) I love nail polish. This a hard love because I HATE expensive polish ( like in the $8, $9, $10 range) but I'm a slave to OPI.

3) I love the history of the interstate system, "dead malls", defunct retail stores, and supermarkets. The life of a quirky former history major.

4) I love thrifting but I LOVE new clothes. I will thrift because its fun, thrilling and necessary but I love the snap of a new tag coming off a shirt or scuff free shoes out of the box.

5) I love my Grandma aka Granny aka "Ms Ida Jane". She's been gone since 1996. I feel like she needs to be here. How would she feel about me being a mother and other things. She could cook, dress, cuss you out and never left the house without a fab pair of sunglasses.

6)I love Wikipedia and all of its untrue splendor. Ask any library assistant or librarian how they feel about Wikipedia. Coming from this former library assistant, it saved me alot of time from messing around in that dusty reference area.

7) I love the first day of school. I can't wait for it to come...its like Christmas Day!!!! I'm going drop them off soon as the doors open to that bitch. Yesssss!!!!

8) I love The case you don't know, they are a R&B group that's been performing since the 60s. I'm birthday mates with the two lead singers, its kismet. lol!

9) I love coffee. pressed. cream and sugar. maybe on ice. from Starbucks.

~FOTD~ Neutral Blues....

 Don't ask me why I got all this makeup on today....the whole thing just spiraled out of control and next thing you know I was contouring my face with bronzer.:/

The top of eye is a mix of neutrals from my good ol' Kleancolor Bombshell palette worth all of the $2.99 plus SC tax I paid for it. Earrings are Fulle Cirkle, of course:))).

 My lips are my favorite nude lipgloss of course...MAC lipglass in 3N ( available at some CCOs)
 The blues on the the bottom lid are from the Bombshell palette too...I don't have much of a bottom lid...My eyes are pretty no bottom lid. lol

10 Day You Challenge: Ten Secrets....

I saw this challenge on The Blarkness Chronicles and thought it would be fun because I'm serious uninspired for posts these days. Blame it on the Mid-July-heatwave-hell of summer I'm having.:( It always happens around this time of year, things get so rough for me. I can recall in summer craziness in the last 15 years around mid-July, real talk.

First up....Ten Secrets:))

1) I drive long distances with my iPod on, earbuds in. I don't have working speakers in my car so there no music, so when I have to drive a bit of  distance, say to the next city over, I listen to the music or podcasts on my iPod. I'm sure there is a SC state law against that. There is a SC state law against EVERYTHING.

2) I hate home pedicures. I rather go and spend $25 on mediocre one at a nail salon. I thought about doing post on home pedis but I hate them.

3)Quite as its kept....I don't like generic brand food. Nope. Doesn't taste the same.

4) Chicken wings are my favorite food. I could be a vegetarian if I could kick that chicken wing habit.

5)I love men in striped polo shirts. lol!

6)I get told that my real nails look like acrylics...really?

7) I really dislike what's on TV these days. Seriously, every show SUCKS.

8)I love to watch corny black romance comedy DVDs. My favorite one is Hav 90s:)

9) I'm in love with Sonic..I love that place sooo much, always have!

10)I'm starting to read books again, trying catch that bug again of sitting and knocking out reads in a day or two.