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Fresh Coat: Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Pink Diamond.....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I swear, I'm always on the hunt for something product elusive. LOL!First it was the WnW Holiday Icon Palettes ( found 3 of the 4), then it was Sally Hansen polish at Dollar Tree. Well, I found the Nail Prisms at Dollar Tree! I don't even remember these but "vintage" Sally Hansen polish is like finding diamond and hitting gold all at the same time in the nail polish addict/beauty addict world!

The picture above is SH Nail Prisms in Pink Diamond ( excuse me, I need a fill-in, I push it as far as I can go before I get one. lol!)

Two coats of prismatic ( is that word?) fabulousness!! And it dries quick too! The holographic texture is BANANAS!!

Here's the Dollar Tree haul from Monday.....out of the four SH's  I got, two of them are same color, just different bottles.:)