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Happy Halloween!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween.....1983...Me and My Daddy....:( ( I miss him...he was best trick o' treater!)

So, I was 6... and there's a back-up costume of Strawberry Shortcake on the table!! All Divas need back-ups!! lol!!

Have a Happy Halloween !!!


Committing and Tagging...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So...Today is a rough day. Headaches, bills, etc, etc, etc. But I was driving along, and noticed this car had a McCain/Palin sticker on the back of the window. Well, hell, this is South Carolina and McCain will most likely get South Carolina's eight wack-ass electoral votes, so this not a unfamiliar sight. Maybe down pass Columbia and the low parts of the state but definitely not here.

But look closely....the bumper sticker is attached on with TAPE from the inside of the window as if this driver might change their minds. Are you committed or what? Why is not on the outside, pasted on with the ready made adhesive like the others. Are you going to take off after November 4th? Then if not...commit to sticking it on the outside of the window!!! lol!

Get out and vote folks...for somebody.Hope to have to video footage of election day down here in the sticks for ya'll.

As for my hometown, We have a Mayoral Write-In race that has about 15 people running in it. I'm writing....NONE THE ABOVE AND NONE OF THE WRITE INS EITHER.

now on the tagging:

Here's the rules: Each player answers the question themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment letting them know that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve answered the questions on your blog.

10 Years Ago: (Oh, boy...1998)

1) I was a first semester senior at Winthrop University and first-class drunk

2)I was hoping and PRAYING that I would not kicked out of school because of all these "activities" that was going on *cough*Fall 1998*cough*

3)My first semester on DSU( Dinkins Student Union) and I was SGA Parliamentarian( so I got PAID for both positions)

4) Did mention the drinking that was going on?geez...

5) Having the best time of my life( no bills, no bill collectors...)

Things on Today's "To Do" List:

1. Pay Verizon...something. They going to shut me down...I know it.

2. Look for a sugar cookie recipe for the boys' cookies that have to take for "Hallelujah" Day on Friday.

3. Put the clothes in the dryer

4. Take some Aleve...stress headache

5. Find the winter hats that I bought the boys last year at the end of the season for this year.

Things that I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. Hire a top notch financial advisor( to set up trusts for the boys, will planning,investments, pay off my student loans and bills)

2. Donate anonymously to my church ( you know how church folk can be)

3. Shop like a mad!!

4. Give some to family

5. Shop some more...:)

5 Places I have lived:

1. Union SC

2. Rock Hill SC

3.( felt like I lived in...)Charlotte NC

4. ( some people think I live in ) Spartanburg SC( I don't.)

5. ( would like to live in) Greenville SC or (back in) Rock Hill SC( I luv da Rock!)

5 Jobs I have had:

1. Sales Associate

2. Merchandise Assistant

3. Customer Service Representative

4. Library/Reference Assistant

5. Stay At Home Mother

I'm tagging: Miss Kim, Hairlicious, Thick Misses,The Style Master, and Model Liberation.


Nailed Down....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I finally got it nailed hair regimen!! After about a month of research...I figured out what is going work for me to obtain healthy....(pause) long hair.:)

First, I set my goals:

1) work on the health and thickness of my hair

2) obtain healthy hair( no breakage!)

3) shoulder length, all the way around by May 2009, then push for Bra strap length for my 1st "hair-versary" (9/11/09)

So with that set, I got my plan of action, that so far, since September 11, 2008 has been working!

Shampoo(2x a week)(Tuesday and Saturday)

Pre-poo( 2x a week)

Deep Conditioner w/ heat( 2x a week)

Air-dry(99% of the time)

Co-Wash(1x a week)

Protein Treatment( 1x every two weeks)

Relaxer( 10-12 weeks)( currently 10/28/08...week 8)

Clarify( 1x a month)

Moisturize and Seal in sections (2x a day)

Dust every relaxer or when needed( since I'm fighting much breakage)

Drink plenty of water

Take supplements daily( currently Biotin, a multi-v,garlic...adding MSM soon.)

Protective Styles all the time!!!

I'm pretty sure I can reach my goals with my hair. I set goals when I wanted to strengthen and grow my nails and clear up my face and they worked. It just takes consistency and faith! I've never, ever have had long hair in my life. Even as a little girl, my hair was considered short in standards to my cousins and school mates. I've worn my hair natural, short, bald, braids, weaves, you name it( except color..I've only colored my hair twice in my whole life...). So I right now, I'm trying to make it work relaxed and healthy and by the looks of hair communities like K.I.S.S and Hairlista, it can happen!

pic: me, the back of my head after an air dry and a mini curly bun!( currently mid-neck length in the back, ear length in the front.)

The Next Phase...Vlogging!

Friday, October 24, 2008 on You Tube....Subscribe!!!

N.O.T.D. Nicka K Purple Magic...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hi All!!

I'ts been truly a long week... I had 3 job interviews...BLESS THE LORD GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD!!! But I'm so drained, emotionally drained. I need a good weekend ahead to cure it all.:)

Here's NOTD I did earlier this week, I took it off for the interviews because they were all professional settings * Hallelujah!*.

Nicka K Purple Magic...It looks black doesn't it?

This in the sunlight...Now its purple!


Pearls:The Fragrance...New @ Carol's Daughter...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Looks like Carol's Daughter got a new scent arriving soon. Hopefully it smells just as good as my Ecstasy and Almond Cookie. Click on this link to sign up for your email update when it comes out!!

N.O.T.D.: Ruby Kisses in Reflection...

Hey Cuzins!
I wore this Friday,Saturday, and Sunday with no chipping! I changed it to something neutral last night for my upcoming job interviews I have tomorrow...keep me in your prayers!!!:)

Ruby Kisses Reflections


My Pretty Pink Box!!

Ah...don't love when beauty goodies arrive in the mail?
Well, on Saturday, after a morning of hi jinks, comedic surprises and shenanigans by the Spencer and Kelton, I was gifted by the US Postal Service a My Pretty Pink Box! It's full yummy samples and full size products from .mark, TuBella, e.l.f., PRAI and many more. I sat down with a cup of hot cocoa while the boys took a nap and played with all my goodies:)
You can order one NOW at! It's a steal of deal( with my stamp of budget approval) at 8.99 with shipping included and it a great way to try new beauty products without bouncing checks or going into your depleted savings account! Ah, the beauty of saving a buck....yes, it can be beautiful!:)
Also check out the myspace page and the blog for My Pretty Pink Box and sign up to receive e-mail updates on what new each MONTH in the box.

Oh well...

Friday, October 17, 2008

It always rains when I wear these:(

Weekend Girllllll....!

Have a great weekend everyone!!! I know I will.:) I'm just so happy about my life and my God in it!!
Love yall XOXO
Oh...check out this cute clutch at Anthropologie. I constantly stalk their site and love the crap out of the store in SouthPark Mall in Charlotte.

Review: Northwest Scents Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The very cool peeps over at Northwest Scents sent me some goodies to try and review. After raving that I NEEDED the Peppermint Hair Oil, I received the Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner... yay!!
The Peppermint Shampoo is so refreshing and makes me ready for the holidays. I also tried it as a body wash....Honey, perfect!! It's almost like a clarifying shampoo after one wash, my hair and scalp felt super clean. Probably because:
"Peppermint: Peppermint essential oil invigorates the scalp, and leave it tingling, and feeling cool and refreshed. Peppermint essential oil also helps to relieve itching and other scalp problems."
The Peppermint Conditioner, I immediately put this on Co-Wash patrol and its almost gone!!! I love it, but it would fantastic if were a bit thicker as a deep conditioner. I also put a tablespoon of the Peppermint Conditioner and a cup of distilled water in a spray bottle to help in my moisturizing and sealing at night routine and the combo of the two works great. And I wake up smelling like peppermint.
Northwest've did it again!!!:)

N.O.T.D.: Love My Nails Frosted Purple and Diva...


Ok...Rural Glamour is not turning into a nail blog...I promise!!! I'm just feeding an addiction.:)

I just did the next to middle finger with the Diva color. I likes...:)


A little n/p haul...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Like a needed to spend $8 on myself...:)
They were $1 a piece from the BSS and Wal-Hell. Hometown here is getting a brand new Wal- Hell very soon. Hopefully the cosmetics department is better in the new one. I'll be there when the doors open just to scope it out.
Debate tonight...Let's pray for both Obama and McCainiaic:) That wasn't nice...I know. Forgive me!
Now Let's pray for both candidates. There!!

N.O.T.D.: MAC Whirlwind and Ruby Kisses Baby Blue...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I came up with this while watching DWTS last night. I love me some Warren Sapp!

Review:BeneFit Show Offs!!!

Hi cousins!!!

I got these BeneFit Show Offs via MUA Swap with a great swapper. They were brand new, never used.

I'm fan of BeneFit. There's a counter in Haywood Mall Belk in Greenville and they are super nice all the time. Matter of fact, I once got a job as with BeneFit at the Columbiana Center Mall counter in Columbia but had to turn it down. The move to the Metro just wasn't going to be right thing for me and boys( then 7 month old babies).:( I know...but better things come with faith...

I got Miss Moon, High Roller and Meringue
Here's my Sunday Best E.O.T.D. with High Roller and Miss Moon
Full face...( those earrings don't go with the flash from the camera...wore them!)

The Show Offs are bit more powder-y in consistency than say a MAC pigment but pack a punch of color so I didn't have to do alot of layering of the color to get a strong color...Miss Moon is like a MAC Vanilla which I have and never ever use.


Too Cute...

Monday, October 13, 2008

This weekend I saw an Omega with a Omegas for Obama shirt I can have one!


N.O.T.D: Trade Secret Nail Lacquer in Courtney for BCA Month!...

One of my web addictions is the Makeup Alley Nail Board and the "nailies" over there have christened this week Breast Cancer Awareness N.O.T.D. Week. Here's my entry:

Trade Secret Nail Color in Courtney...

Review:Maybelline Colossal Mascara in Glam Black...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hey ya'll!
I told you yesterday that I got Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara along with XXL Extensions. So here's a mini review:



I thought the brush was huge on the end of the wand! The mascara its self was a bit thin in consistency. I didn't get super thickness but its a good stand by of mascara. I need to curl my lashes the next time I use it...

AND I took Kim's advice and did two coats of XXL Extensions and one coat of Colossal...

Super Tip, Girl!!!

This pic is the combo of the two.

*If if looks like I don't put mascara on my lower lashes...I don't...personal preference, I guess.:)*


N.O.T.D.: Ruby Kisses Mocha...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Now...that's better! After a week of nail color mistakes I hit the mark with a Beauty Supply Store jewel, Ruby Kisses Mocha. Only $1, too. It reminds me of a nail color my Great Aunt Maxine always wears...

This is for you Aunt Mac!!


Review:Maybelline XXL Extensions in Very Black...

I picked this up at CVS with my 7.50 in Extra Bucks. Then I got Maybelline Colossal Mascara in Glam Black for 1/2 off. So I think I got both for about $4.00.( I need to look at the receipt). Kick rocks Recession!!
My HG Mascara is Maybelline XXL Intense Volume and Length Mascara.XXL Extensions reminds me alot of it. First, there's the primer brush, which my lashes like.They can't go a day without primer. Then there is the mascara..



Great length but no volume. I like thick and long not just long. That sounds SOOOO nasty...ohhhh! lol!

Great mascara. Buy it...'cause ya Cousin said so!:)


RG's Cheap Tricks: Neutrogena Wave...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ya'll remember when I said I hated that Neutrogena Wave. Waste of my money? Well, a week or two ago, Kitiya over at Mischo Beauty wrote that great review on the Clarisonic Brush. I immediately started lemming it...BAD! lol! But she sold it to me by saying she used it "to assist in exfoliation"....

I started to think..."I got one of those Neutrogena Wave thingys under the sink...maybe I could used that to aid in scrubbing my face..." And that's what I did, I went home and went a digging in my stash under the sink and unearthed that Wave.

And I have been using since and its a great a substitute FOR NOW for the Clairsonic.. My hands and nails are not covered in scrub and my skin looks better after each steam and scrub day(Tuesday and Saturday Night)*Updating Sephora Wishlist now*


Christmas Wishlist already?....

I got a sample of Rare Minerals Skin Revival Night Treatment in a Sephora order last week and love it. Even though it says on the package it only has two days worth in it, I've been using the the pad since last Saturday. Ha! It gives your skin a matte look after you wash and moisturize, then it tingles a bit, and you wake up looking clear. If only I could find out if it does what it says it does...
What it does:
Naturally activated by your own skin, it effectively yet comfortably delivers benefits such as visibly-reduced lines and wrinkles, reduced sun damage, more refined pores, brighter complexion, softer, smoother texture, less noticeable redness, and clearer and firmer-looking skin. Containing no preservatives and zero irritants whatsoever, it's ideal for all skin types, including those with the most sensitive skin conditions, like rosacea.
pic and clip:

Awesome Tip...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I normally wrap my hair up in a scarf that I bought at a BSS that supposedly satin. But I just read a great tip on Hair By Kelli:

Use a silk scarf to wrap your hair. Try purchasing a ½ yard of fabric from a fabric store to ensure it is 100% silk. Satin is okay, however they have cotton threads which can cause dryness.

I hope Wal-Mart has some in their sewing department since that's the only fabric place in town.

Great hair tip!!


N.O.T.D: O.P.I Lourve Me, Louvre Me Not and Zoya Kamillah...

Hey folks...

I wore Louvre Me, Lourve Me Not on Sunday. I didn't like it. I think my nails are getting to long because every color I put on looks weird. Plus this went on sticky...Ew...

Did this last night. It's two coats of Zoya Kamillah and it's still sheer. I like to see no nail through the polish...

I didn't even clean my cuticles up...I'm taking it off today.:(

Must Have It Now...Again...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ever have cravings? Really bad?...Well my top weekend cravings are:

Sushi and a bottle of wine
Shopping for handbags and makeup
The bookstore( the smell of paper, Starbucks, new magazines)
Sex( Too much info I know...hell, I'm human)
Ruby Tuesdays Salad Bar
Shopping for books especially this one Domino Book Of always makes me want to SHOP.:)


Oh...How I love my Michelle...

I was over at Black Snob( my new fav political site) and saw these awesome barrettes ala Michelle Obama that are being sold on Etsy. How cute!!

But they are all SOLD OUT...hopefully they'll get some in soon:)


2008 Politically Pretty Challenge!....

Friday, October 03, 2008

Hi Cousins!!

My inspiration for the 2008 Politically Pretty Challenge was to create a face of hope, promise and change. I wanted the makeup and the expressions to convey the message of a new day is 'a coming!!! Intially, I was a Hillary Clinton supporter and even though I'm not that sure on Barack as politician I believe in his spirit and his plan. Yes We Can!!

Plus I got it BAD for Ms. Michelle Obama...that women is fierce!!!! lol!

You think Tyra would be proud of me? I was trying show "hope" in the eyes! "Smile with your eyes", she says...
And in the spirit of current times...The recession, no gas, and being broke...All the products I used are DRUGSTORE:


Burts Bees Tinted Facial Moisterizer in Dark

HIP Bronzer in Radiant

Milani Blush in Luminous


Revlon Beyond Natural Quad in Peach

The bronze color from WnW Lip and Eye Palette in Deck The Halls

Milani Runway e/s in Beach Sand

Maybelline Intense XXL Mascara in Black

Fingrs Face and Nail Jewels

WnW Brow Kit


L'Oreal LE Colour Juice Mixer in Treble

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The Fit with Brandy on MySpace...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

N.O.T.D:Sephora By O.P.I. Metro Chic....

It arrived yesterday.The infamous Sephora by O.P.I. Metro Chic.I took one look at it and shook my head. "It looks like pond water...that color is not going to be cute on me." But, I decided put it on and do a N.O.T.D. so that my RG cousins would see.

I'm not crazy about it. This is two coats and it went on smooth. Still looks like pond water on me. I don't understand the chic-ness of the gray polish but I lot of people don't understand the chic-ness I believe in navy blue polish.:)

Judge for yourself. Right now, Metro Chic is sold out on