3 Drugstore Mascaras, 3 Quick Reviews! Wet N Wild, Covergirl and L'Oreal......

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hey Everyone!

Over the past couple of weeks, I've bought three drugstore mascaras and I need to talk about them.:)

Let's get started!

Wet N' Wild Mega Plump Double Menace Mascara- This mascara was $3.99 at Dollar General. It has two brushes, one for the top lashes and one for the bottom. I didn't like the brushes on either end. They didn't pick up my lashes good for neither volume or length. The formula was very black and dark which I like but too thin. It barely looked like I had on mascara. Skip this one.

Covergirl Flamed Out- I actually got this mascara, brand new, still sealed in the package at Goodwill for a $1. Number one, it's water resistant which I don't what this means. Is it waterproof? Confused. This mascara didn't work will with my lashes either. It has a spoolie type brush and my lashes do not care for that kind of brush. Skip this one.

L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza- I LOVE Voluminous Butterfly, so I knew I would be all into Intenza. This was $9.87 at Walmart. A cool $10 mascara. Took me a month to figure out how the brush is suppose to lay and pull on the lashes. The brush has a flat side with short bristles and long edges with short bristles. I was most mad about Intenza because I spent $10 on it and didn't know how to work it. Once I got the hang of it, I realize my lashes are not here for voluminizing mascaras. They have officially quit the volume business. I will say, I still dig the L'oreal mascara formula that seems to be the same across the board, just different brushes.

Govern yourselves accordingly. Think of your lashes before you think of yourself!!! 

Tell me, I'm ready to dip back in the high game of mascara. What's your favorite high end mascara??

Target Plus Size Clothing Haul via Goodwill!

Hey Everyone!!

I slid into one of my favorite Goodwill stores the other day and came across some great Target finds. If you didn't know, most Targets donate to Goodwill. The merchandise( most of it) is brand spanking new. I've seen stuff that is still in Target in Goodwill. The Goodwills in this area put all the new Target stuff on "New Items" racks so there is no digging through sections. I've seriously had the best luck on these racks. I love Target's plus size lines and Merona line.


I know, I know, thrifting is not everyone's forte. This post is not to get you to thrift but to show my good shit off.:). You chose if you want to venture into thrifting. If you don't thrift, you don't thrift. If you do thrift, then you do.

Stank You.

 All of this for $20....Let's get into it.....
 Pure Energy Top in 2X, brand new that is actually too big. Are you saying the doll is finally out of 2X game? Come through 1X!!!
 Pure Energy Polyester Blend Shorts. 16-18. They have dressy quality to them, even though I bought them to sleep in. LOL! I may actually wear them out. They are above my knee! O_O
 Carolina Panthers Shirt 1X brand new( had the tags on it before I washed it) Perfect fit. Guess I will root for the home team this year. Expect emotional ups and downs via my social media messing with these Panthers. SMH.
 Ava & Viv top 2X. Well, well, well....look what brand has made it to the Goodwill already! Didn't the big girl bloggers just tout this brand a month or so ago?? It just came out like a month ago!!! I saw other Ava & Viv pieces too on those racks....

Basic Merona V-neck T-shirt 2X- It's too big but I think a couple washes and dries will bring it down a size.

Ah....I love my deals!!! Do you like Target clothes like moi?? Let me know in the comments!