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N.O.T.D.: O.P.I. Clubbin' Til Sunrise...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009!! It's orange but it going to be badder that mutha on a tanned Diva. Yes, a Diva gets a bit warm and toasted in the summer, especially if I'm outside.

OPI Clubbin Til' Sunrise, perfect pedi color...will work into Fall if need be.

Buy it.:)


Shopping My Stash: Milani Runway Eyes in Beach Sand and Bronze Doll and Stila Trio....

I've reviewed these before... Milani Runway Eyes in Beach Sand and Bronze Doll. And I didn't like them. But, the other day I was in CVS and saw that Milani has introduced some more colors to the Runway Eyes singles that were gorgeous!( They never have a BOGO free...Wassup with that Milani?) I thought of the ones I ALREADY had and decided to dig them up and and use them AGAIN but with a wet brush as one commenter had told me on the first Runway Eyes Post...
Spell it with me....LOVE!!! So much more intense and satin-y wet. It kinda went on like a really great quality cream shadow.
Excuse that hard

Yesterday, I unearthed a Stila Trio( with no name? Any body know) that I got from Marshall's. I can't..well won't buy Stila full price, because it always shows up at Marshall's or TJMaxx.

Like... no love....Anybody want it or wants swap for it...its yours. I got so many lavender/purple combos in collex its really dumb to own another.

Its Stila...not usual...

Review:L'Oreal H.I.P. Color Presso in Ritzy,Swanky, and Stylish...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

$12.99 a piece...

The reason I tell the price first is because I got to explain how I got all three( which would add up to 38.97) for 15.98...

*One was part of a BOGO Free at Walgreens..I bought Color Presso in Ritzy and got a HIP Kohl Liner in Black for Free.(12.99 before tax)

*The other two, Swanky and Stylish were a BOGO Free at CVS and I bought them with $10.00 Bonus Bucks I earned..$12.99+$12.99-$12.99=$12.99-$10.00=$2.99 before tax)=


Deal? or No Deal? lol!! H.I.P Color Presso Review begins now....


-Cute and pretty and innovative...I had to have them in my stash!! The three colors I got are gorgeous...

-The color payoff is even swell, very true to the color you see and the mix it becomes and it has the signature HIP lipgloss "cookie" scent to them...

-Travel Friendly..2 Color Presso=4 lipglosses!

-you don't have to use both at the same time...I like the pink side of Swanky by itself!


*L'Oreal...uh don't try to hustle the Diva. Those Color Pressos are ya'lls OLD HIP Brilliant Shine Lip Glosses in a NEW PACKAGING. SERIOUSLY...If you have like ten or fifteen of those old HIP Lip glosses in the Colour Juice package like me ( I picked them up when they discontinued them at 75% off), you might want to re-think re-buying in the form of Color Presso. I did realize it til I had bought the other two what had happened. HUSTLED.*


-It never comes out evenly on both sides at the same time no matter how you position your fingers, hands.. I squeeze one color out first then the other color on top of the first color and swirl it with a lip brush. Should I be going through all that for a $12.99 lip gloss?

-Uhmmm....$12.99.Same explanation as the HIP Kohl Liners...L'Oreal...stop it! geezz!!


Buy it..on a BOGO Free...but remember what I said( go thru your old HIP glosses so you won't dupe).I'm not going get any other BTW...


Review: L'Oreal H.I.P. Kohl Eyeliner in Black....

Monday, February 23, 2009

I've had this little trinket,L'Oreal H.I.P. Kohl Eyeliner in Black, for about a month. I just wanted really get my thoughts together on it. Well, fortunately my thoughts are pretty short...because all you want to know is..."Should I buy one or not?" Right? That's what I'm thinking when I'm TRYING read thru a long review on a product....
-It's the intense black.But in order to get that intense you must be prepared for fall-out( I get on that later)
-The line it gave was good, smoky and velvety...oh.... It's good for that smokey eye look I'm sick of.:)
-Cute packaging!!!
-The selection of colors were gorgeous and tempting to snatch up but...
-At my CVS and the nearest Walgreens they were $11.99...I mean there are MAC eyeshadows and liners at the CCO CHEAPER than that. WTH L'Oreal? Ya'll getting little too bossy for ya britches. Folks start raving..."Oh this HIP joint is the poor girl's MAC" and ya'll raise prices...geeezz...
-FALL-OUT!!! It's basically a loose powder on a stiff tip applicator...I don't know how to get it on with fall-out. I even dusted the thing off...still all over my cheek it went.
Don't buy it. Not for 11.99. Not even on a BOGO Free( like I did)....

N.O.T.D. O.P.I. Plugged In Plum...

Ah...A 60% off goodie I got at Trade Secret @ Prime Outlets. O.P.I Plugged In Plum. It's just a basic plum color. I wore a navy blue dress yesterday and thought that it would be a great combo...

Shopping My Stash: L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow Quad in Catwalk Prowler...

Happy Monday!!! or lets make it a HAPPY MONDAY!! lol!!

I'm feeling alot going on positive and negative, but I rather not spoil the day worrying...:)

Dug up this lovely Quad sans the top,L'Oreal Wear Infinite in Catwalk Prowler, up last night in an attempt to do some Shopping My Stash posts...Do you cousins enjoy these posts? I do them because money is so tight it makes no sense to spend money on makeup when I got so much at home. Do ya'll shop your stashes?

I never knew how to work this quad. You know, I think that's why I have alot of eye shadow. It looks good when I buy it but then I don't know how to use it when I get it!( People who know me don't EVEN believe that)

Great Pigmentation!! I mean, seriously, L' don't make 'em like this anymore,man!!


N.O.T.D.: O.P.I. Feelin' Hot Hot Hot....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Can you say best hot pink on the freakin' planet???!!!!...

O.P.I Feelin Hot Hot Hot is so amazing...BUT it's thin in consistency and in order for me to get this ALMOST opaque look...THREE COATS...and could STILL see my nail underneath the color.

I still wuv it though, sometimes you love stuff even if it isn't perfect.


Review and Look: Tarte Spring Greening Reusable Straw Palette

Thanks to the lovely peeps at Tarte, I got to try the Spring Greening Reusable Straw Palette. I was immediately taken by its cuteness!!

But, I got seriously overwhelmed by the shades of eye colors. More than three colors in a palette gives me serious makeup anxiety. Just like putting on false lashes for a important evening out.:)....

I was browsing thru the Spring Sephora catalog for the 10 zillionth time and came across "directions" on how to wear the colors of the Spring Greening Palette...Really!!..they are in the latest Spring Sephora book!

No. Foundation. I did this look at like 10:00 pm...just playing around.

I did the peach color in the inner corners to the inner eye, then the lavender color from the inner eye out the outer corner. Then the best...the gold color under the lash line.
The colors were so-so pigmented, but in reading little more about the palette,I found out that they are mineral shadows and can be used wet. Great! I plan on rocking palette a bit more for the spring.
I didn't use the brush, it didn't look very stiff for me.
The lip glosses are a "thumbs down"( I'm actually wearing two of the colors in the upper picture) They just looks like clear gloss on me.
But, the fun part is that I plan on using the straw case as a makeup case this spring/summer in my straw bags. It just needs one thing....a mirror.

Rural Glamour: MAC Hello Kitty Too Dolly Look...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

1) I'm standing the side door of my house...taking a picture. It's got the best lighting. Check the "hell box" known as my stove. If you put ANYTHING it will burn it up!!

2) Yes,I bought some MAC. LOL!!!! First time in probably a year or more.

3) And that's a wig. "Old ye faithful" I called her. Watching Ateya videos got back in the wig game.

*sigh* I love this quad. I went ahead splurged. $44. whew. I agree with Makeup by RenRen said in her last video...I rather the packaging been pink or white...

Not the best blending but I about to re-up on my brushes. I got some old brushes and I figured out that I can get some good MAC or Bobbi Brown brushes via the CCO. One brush a month or One brush every two months...I got a MAC 213 brush for $15.75 last week.

I got the look from this You Tuber...Thanks! She also did one for the Lucky Tom Quad...

N.O.T.D:Playing Catch-Up...Milani Day Dreaming and O.P.I Hey Get In "Lime"....

I'm back....whew!! "Grandma's Free Internet Service" needed a new router, we had to wait for it to ship from AT&T, then get it hooked up. I tried to go to the library to use the Internet but they get time limits of like A HOUR. That is not enough time, sorry. But, Bless The Lord...we are back in!!

I wore OPI Hey, Get In Lime for a couple days and love it. So inappropriate for the winter weather we were receiving for a minute there, should gone with a dark berry or black or something, but I got this color at a Trade Secret Outlet Store at the Prime Outlets in Gaffney for 60% off( along with some other colors!!). I've found a new beauty haul nook in the TSOS!!

That was only two coats...Will be rocking this again for the spring/summer.:)

This was my V-Day mani...Milani Day Dreaming. It's part of a Valentine's seasonal collection I saw at my CVS. The best grey...not to murky on me...I liked it alot and got compliments on it.
Next up on the NOTD trail...My picks from OPI Miami Collection...Stay tuned!!

Review:Pantene Relaxed and Natural Daily Oil Cream Moisturizer...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hi Folks!!!

I have actually used Pantene Relaxed and Natural Daily Oil Cream in the past. Right after a lengthy post-partum depression that left me with no hair, I picked this up. I cut my hair down to it bare natural and used the whole bottle up over a couple of weeks. It smells clean, has a light texture that's great for building the right amount you want on your hair and works well with sealing oils... No negatives on this!!!Love it!!


Review: Victoria's Secret So Sexy Hair Products,Instant Detangler,Nourishing Conditioner, and Shine Serum...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Review time again!!!!

I got these So Sexy Products at Victoria's Secret for 3 for $24. That ain't bad...for three hair products. I always hear about the scent of the So Sexy products on the hair boards and sites. First, It DOES smell GOOD. It smells exactly like Victoria's Secret Body By Victoria fragrance, the original scent, that I don't think they make anymore. I loved that clean, fresh scent...

So Sexy Nourishing Conditioner For Dry Damaged Hair- The formula is super thick, so I used it as a deep conditioner. It will be a great co-wash conditioner for summer!!!*Must stock up* It left my hair soft, more importantly my roots soft and manageable(I'm 11 weeks post relaxer)

So Sexy Instant Detangler- It feels more like a very light leave-in. I applied it after the conditioner. Of course , it maintained the continuity of the scent with sexy. lol!! I will probably use this and a little bit of oil mixed in for a thicker texture.

So Sexy Smoothing Shine Serum-I put this on after the Instant Detangler and blow-dried. Then, I put about a dime size on the hair before flat-ironing. Perfect. Works great with heat. Straightens well and the shine was simply wonderful. I even put some on my wig the other day and it gave it life, and Lord knows the wig needs life.:)

Consensus- Get all three...and stock up for co-washes for the summer. I'm going back for the Shampoo. Review soon!!!


Review: L'Oreal Skin Genesis Wet Cleansing Towelettes...

Review Time!!!

I finally got the chance to try out L'Oreal Skin Genesis Wet Cleansing Towelettes. Finally? Well, I couldn't find them down here in the U and FINALLY I saw them at Wal-Mart....

Positive-Cleans like washing your face with water and cleanser...I had no doubt my face with clean after using one. I carried them on the train ride to New York with me...very travel friendly. I love these travel friendly products!!!Makes me want to TRAVEL MORE!!

Negative- Only 25 in the pack? Suppose you used these twice a day, every day.They won't last a month! And I paid 6.88 for a pack. Not economy friendly....Hey, I'm a cheapskate, no...a RECESSIONISTA.:)

Consensus- Buy a pack...but wait til there's like a BOGO Free or 50% at Walgreens or something...That's what I'm going to do.



Review: Wet N Wild Eye Makeup Remover...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A couple days ago...Your Diva had to venture to New York to a funeral( R.I.P Aunt Maxine!!!) via Amtrak Train. Yep....I know.... It's possibly the worst way to go to New York from way down South(12 hrs) but last minute plane tickets are horribly expensive for your girl's handbag.
While I waited in Penn Station for my train, I scooted over to Duane Reade to see if there were any beauty goodies that I haven't seen down south. I saw and copped Wet N Wild Eye Makeup Remover. Its only was 2.99. Here's the scoop:
Positive: removes the eye makeup completely pretty fast...the formulation is light and non don't have to shake it up to mix it...small size for travel friendliness:)
Negative:Burned my eyes AND the skin around it! It also smells like green rubbing alcohol.
Consensus: I'll keep it. I'll put it in my pre-packed beauty bag for the next trip( that will hopefully not be on a train...whew!)

My Valentine's Present To Me...Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir...

I've been eyeing Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir for weeks and finally gave in and picked it up as a Valentine's Day present to Me!!! If haven't already seen or smell it this, its amazing. Very warm and light and you don't have to just wear it at night or for a date...Its the perfect all day sexy. Right buy the scent and get the lotion for $ I got free Godiva Chocolates with my purchase.:)

N.O.T.D. V-Day Mani #1...Love My Nails Crazy For You,Revlon Black Lingerie, and OPI Don't Toy With Me...

On Saturday afternoon, I got a professional mani ( the first in a LONG time) courtesy of my Aunt Bonnie( Thanks Auntie!!). Well, the next day it was already chipping...see that's why I do my own money wasted.

So, I did my first of three Valentine's Day N.O.T.Ds. Yes, three. Why not? I have nothing to sad about on V-Day!! Plus, I gives me a creative license to play around with all of the reds and pinks in my collection of polishes...

I used Love My Nails Crazy For You( got it at Wal-Mart),O.P.I. Don't Toy With Me( 60% off at a Trade Secret Outlet I found at Prime Outlets in Gaffney SC) and Revlon Black Lingerie...

I like it but I don't love it. It's cute...but I got other fun stuff coming your way, stay tuned!!!

Rural Glamour Spotlight: Double Saving Divas....

Monday, February 09, 2009

Hi Everyone!!!

So good to be back on the blogging "train" again...more details later:) Meanwhile check these great You Tubers by the name of the Double Saving Divas!!! They do topics on how to buy and save in the name of beauty. This video called "Walgreens 101" literally blew my mind. I didn't know about this hook up! Enjoy!


N.O.T.D.-Sally Girl Surf's Up and Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby...

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Here's a N.O.T.D I did on Monday....Sally Girl in Surf's Up and Sinful Colors in Ruby Ruby...

Look!!! Its the "blue"( because I can't remember the name) Revlon Matte Eye Shadow that I wanted...It took three drugstores...and I finally got it.:)

The white stripe in the mani...courtesy of Nubar.:)

Rural Glamour/Curls Contest Winner Is!!!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

And the winner of the Rural Glamour/ Curls Contest is.....


Please email me at your address so I can email Curls to send your gift!!!Thanks!

Thanks to all who entered!!!! More contests to come...Promise!